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  1. Mar 2022
  2. Feb 2022
    1. this section

      Should have probably written "this entire section (including the preceding code block and the one that follows)".

    2. speak

      "to speak"

    3. code blocks

      "blocks containing our flavored pseudocode"

  3. Jan 2022
    1. smart dimension

      Capitalize “Smart Dimension” for consistency of style.

    1. Plane

      For clarity, this is better lowercase to differentiate between design tree options and concepts like “Plane”.

    1. Designs

      lc “designs”

    2. Designs

      lc “designs”

    3. Graphics Card

      Lowercase “graphics card”

    4. any other like product you can think of.

      Redundant with the phrase “all sorts of products.”

    5. SolidWorks is typically used to design assemblies that work mechanically that are typically less than 200 parts.

      More simply, “SolidWorks is typically used to design mechanical assemblies comprising fewer than 200 parts,”

    6. systems

      Missing a space after “CAD”.

    1. You will learn how to start a new part file, the different file types, the user interface, different setting and view options.

      You will learn how to start a new part file, the different file types, the user interface, and different setting and view options.

  4. Dec 2021
    1. Two things that still need to be addressed in section 7:

      • the top module is special
      • an uncluttered root directory is good practice
    2. Next, we discuss the implementation strategy.

      s/.*/Let's discuss an implementation strategy/

  5. Nov 2021
    1. my word processor Author could already see extra metainformation on the macOS Clipboard when text copied from the Apple Safari web browser, that the text came from a specific web address etc
  6. Jul 2021
    1. It also typically goes hand in hand with another concept known as scratching your own itch. Building a product or service or website that you yourself would like to see in the world.

      Lots of punctuation mistakes in these two "sentences"—one being that this isn't really two sentences, since the second is a fragment, but it could be fixed by swapping the period for a colon or em dash.

    1. while still holding tab down

      Alt, you mean? (No Windows here; can't test, but it seems like that would be the right way to do it.)

    1. fake plastic human-interest

      The formatting of this link is messed up.

  7. Apr 2021
  8. Mar 2021
  9. Feb 2021
  10. May 2014
    1. Like the algorithm as proposed by Dwork et al, it can tolerant of up to 1 = 3 byzantine voting power.
      • strike "as"
      • s/tolerant/tolerate/
    2. Our algorithm is based on algorithm 2’

      Is this a typo or is this "two prime"?