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    1. t


    2. Use classes or decorators to encapsulate state rather than using stateful functions

      to encapsulate a state, or to encapsulate states

    3. Learn to identidy

      Typo: identidy -> identify

    4. which I’ve personally use and appreciated.

      Typo: use -> used

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    1. pθ(z)

      this should read \(-\ln{p_\theta ( \mathbf{z})}\)

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    1. In 2025 we plan to

      Surely this is a typo and should have said 2020? Nobody would make such a specific tech plan for 5.5 years in the future ... would they?

  11. Jan 2021
    1. I've reproduced, in a very simple way, what I would like it to do: https://svelte.dev/repl/2b0b7837e3ba44b5aba8d7e774094bb4?version=3.19.1

      This is the same URL as the original example given in issue description.

      I'm guessing what happened is they started with that one, made some changes, and then I think they must have forgot to save their modified REPL (which would have generated a new, unique URL).

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    1. pertenerte

      Corrección: pertenecerte

      (Aún estoy poniendome al día con el funcionamiento del sitio web, en cuanto sepa hago la corrección)

    1. Full Hessia

      This is using capitalization, but subsequent Theorems like Thm 1.3 do not.

    2. d

      final period in each item

    3. de


  14. Oct 2020
    1. “"

      Which character is this referring to exactly?

      It looks like the empty string, which wouldn't make sense.

      https://www.postgresql.org/docs/13/functions-matching.html only lists these 2:

      If pattern does not contain percent signs or underscores, then the pattern only represents the string itself; in that case LIKE acts like the equals operator. An underscore (_) in pattern stands for (matches) any single character; a percent sign (%) matches any sequence of zero or more characters.

  15. Sep 2020
    1. Example 13.1 Estimate the grit channel length necessary if the maximum depth of flow in the channel is likely to be 1.7 m. Assume grit settling velocity = 10 cm/s, and horizontal flow velocity = 30 cm/s. Use scale-up factor = 5.0.

      I think the answer should be 25.5 m. Typo.

  16. Aug 2020
    1. 1000 soft house less than R40 no air sealing needs 7 sq feet of vent 3-1/2 on the roof that’s 504 sq in that’s 10 of those square flat vents or 260 inches of ridge vent. Show less Read more 1 year ago (edited) 2

      1000 soft => 1000 sq ft ?

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    1. foo?.bar!.baz;

      I think they meant:


      because I think this is supposed to illustrate:

      Users who want to revert to the old behavior can add explicit parentheses around the left side of the ! operator.

  20. Apr 2020
    1. let page = document.getElementById('buttonDiv');

      duplication: As a result of duplication, they somehow ended with this line being present here but not in the downloadable file which is supposed to have the same contents as the snippet shown here.

      They should have updated their static page generation script/process so that their main document referenced options.js and their generator literally included the contents of the referenced file inline. Then there is no chance of the contents of the inline snippet and downloaded snippet diverging and not matching.

      Evidently, however, the contents of each are managed independently (in other words, there is duplication), easily leading to the contents diverging, as they did.

  21. Feb 2020
    1. as

      "as" is not necessary here. This is very minor mistake but since you are doing excellent job I am going to point out any mistake I find to contribute the project towards perfection.

    1. data is collected

      data that is collected, or data collected

    2. and applications to forecasting and estimation of dynamic causal effects.

      and its applications to forecasting and estimation of dynamic causal effects.

      The word "its" is necessary since it refers to the noun econometric techniques.

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    1. ref={props.innerRef}

      Shouldn't this be ref={ref}? So that ref is actually used and the ref setter function in RefForm that sets refs actually gets passed the ref from the input?

  25. Sep 2019
    1. A set is an unordered collection of zero or more immutable Python data objects

      Set in python is mutable as it provides an append function