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  1. Sep 2021
    1. unit tests. Unit tests test a unit of code, for example, a function

      Move definition of unit test to start and introduce that there are two kinds main kinds of unit tests. 1. sunny side - the function performs as predicts on normal inputs. 2. rainy side - the function performs as needed for non-normal inputs/circumstances (ie throwing an exception).

    2. is not something is not part

      repeated phrase

    3. allows

      remove allows

    1. code smells

      Order the code smells in the same order that you address them below.

    2. t


    3. Move away from Matlab idioms¶

      This looks like a header, but is not formatted as a header

    4. Use classes or decorators to encapsulate state rather than using stateful functions

      it would be helpful to expand on this suggestion

    5. an excerpt from real code from a function:

      broken link

    1. Professional programmers with decades of experience go on months-long retreats to acquire new skills.

      I think the link should be just for "month-long retreat"

    2. Fig. 1

      What you mean by "relevant to short term vs long term memory" may need a bit more explanation. I understand this as - Green things free up the your brain's resources as you are coding. Blue things ensure you can use your code far into the future without having to remember what you did months ago. Edit: I see you have a whole section on this. Link to it or say something like "more on this later".

    1. Be excellent to each other, learn from each other and give back to the community 🌠🌈.

      Yayyyy, warm fuzzies.

    2. It doesn’t have to be lonely¶

      Not a triggering title for grad students... >.< A slightly more informative title might be "Find your community"

    3. local environment

      What a nice way of saying "grad school can be toxic af"

    4. socially inept basement-dwelling dweebs

      .< lololololol sick burn

    1. eleventy

      Check if this is the right link. Maybe this instead: 11ty.dev

    2. writing


    3. usage:

      Are these three output boxes here on purpose?

    4. to

      need to or delete to

    5. I would argue that the second is better.

      I would argue that there should be both. Autodocstring in vscode makes it too easy not to do and they easily provide information to the user without needing to run the function first(via help() or nice docstring pop up view in IDE).

    6. add s

    7. y


    1. magics

      Add the definition of magics for those unfamiliar with Jupyter notebooks?

    1. this project

      the project for this book

    2. one project = one paper = one folder = one git repository

      I personally would love to see examples of this organization (perhaps in extras?) for a few different types of research projects - a modelling project, a project with many different experiments/data sets coming together, etc. Its especially unclear to me what to do when one experiment produces multiple data sets (behavior and recordings, spatial information and protein expression, etc) that need to be preprocessed separately and combined for final analysis