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    1. ref={props.innerRef}

      Shouldn't this be ref={ref}? So that ref is actually used and the ref setter function in RefForm that sets refs actually gets passed the ref from the input?

  4. Sep 2019
  5. Aug 2019
    1. whereCdk

      you haven't defined \(\Delta\) in the statement of the theorem

  6. Jul 2019
    1. as

      "as" is not necessary here. This is very minor mistake but since you are doing excellent job I am going to point out any mistake I find to contribute the project towards perfection.

    1. Don’t stop there, and get creative!

      Unnecessary comma. Maybe this would be better:

      Don't stop there. Get creative!

    2. Low calorie

      Should be Low-calorie

    3. ,

      This comma is unnecessary.

    4. --

      This should be a proper em dash.

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    1. in principle each other

      in principle cancel each other

    1. At left, an image with surface depth cues at 100% and interior depth cues at 50%. The image on the right has surface depth cues at 100% and interior depth cues at 50%.

      According to the description both images have surface depth cues at 100% and interior depth cues at 50%. It's clearly a typo.

  15. Oct 2018
    1. the autoposts from Twitter to Facebook were

      a hanging thought? I feel like I do this on my site all too often...

  16. Sep 2018
    1. numbers


    2. the line

      "points on a line"

    3. “related”.

      Should these quotes be `` (double backtick) '' (double apostraphe)?

    4. collection




  17. Aug 2018
    1. π

      This \(\pi\) should be mix as at the end of the sentence

  18. Jul 2018
    1. they are using what proposition A.1 is saying, which has a typo, it should be \(\frac{\Delta_k (t_j - t_{j-1})}{4} \exp (-t_{j-1} \Delta^2/2)\)

    2. max1≤k≤MMXj=1∆ktj4exp(−tj−1∆2k/2)−1∆k

      The \(\sum_{j=1}^M\) should be inside the bracket. The \(-\frac{1}{\Delta_k}\) is not part of the sum.

    3. t

      This numerator should be \(t_j - t_{j-1}\)

    4. 1

      A \(\Delta\) is missing here

    1. “pulls it back”

      minor quibble, maybe this should be surrounded by parantheses

  19. Jun 2018
    1. x3yif and only ifdxù3e y

      Maybe x and y (at least y) should be said to be natural numbers here, but then again it is fairly obvious from the context.

    2. Writedzeforthe smallest natural number greater thanz2R, and writebzcfor the largest naturalnumber smaller thanz2R, e

      I think both of these definitions should include "or equal to", especially given the immediate following example of x <= 3y if and only if ...

    3. s

      Not really a typo, but slightly confusing since s is also used for a different funciton in the same example in the following paragraph.

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