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  1. Feb 2024
    1. import java.swing.*;

      This should read javax.swing.*; (maybe) I have no clue why IntelliJ never seems to be able to import anything correctly from this book. (not the book's fault I feel :D)

  2. Jan 2024
  3. Dec 2023
    1. he was about two miles away from the murder scene

      The suspect was charged with voluntary manslaughter - not murder. This suggests that the prosecutor believes it could be a shooting in self-defense. If it's self-defense, then by definition, it's not a "murder scene".

    1. According to Fleps and the Six-Point Safety Plan for Norfolk Southern, wayside detectors will now be no farther than 15 feet apart. Before East Palestine, the average distance for wayside detectors was 20 to 25 feet apart, in line with the industry recommendation.

      The detectors will be 15 miles apart, up from the 20-25 miles apart they are now. Not feet.

      That'd be crazy to have a detector every 15 feet. 🤪

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  7. Feb 2023
    1. then select Close

      While there is an [ X ] close button for this window, the buttons at the bottom right are OK, Cancel, and Help. There is no close button.

      I'd update the docs to say Cancel instead,

    2. verify the server name is the instance of SQL Server containing the SSISDB catalog, and the path shows SSIS Tutorial Deployment

      My path said /SSISDB/SSIS Tutorial and there didn't seem to be a way to change it - that field was visible but disabled (grayed out).

      After pressing the Connect button to the right of Authentication, the Path changed to match the documentation and became editable.

    3. On the Select Packages page, you should see all six packages from the SSIS Tutorial. In the Packages list, select Lesson 6.dtsx, then select Next.

      At this step I encountered the following error: "One or more selected packages are not ready. Review the Status column for more information."

      The Status column said: "Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ComponentVersionMismatchException: The version of Get Error Description is not compatible with this version of the DataFlow. [[The version or pipeline version or both for the specified component is higher than the current version. This package was probably created on a new version of DTS or the component than is installed on the current PC.]] at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ManagedComponentHost.HostCheckAndPerformUpgrade(IDTSManagedComponentWrapper100 wrapper, Int32 lPipelineVersion)"

      I was able to resolve this by changing the value Configuration Properties > General > TargetServerVersion from SQL Server 2022 to SQL Server 2019.

      Thanks to a hint found here: https://johnkilleenblog.wordpress.com/2019/10/08/ssis-script-component-mismatch-error/

    1. On the Select Properties to Export page, in the Objects pane, expand Variables, expand varFolderName, expand Properties and then select Value.

      There doesn't seem to be a way to toggle any of the checkboxes in this step with VS 2022.

      When I navigate with the arrow buttons, checkboxes appear, but pressing space or enter, or clicking on them has no effect.

  8. Jan 2023
    1. Proofs Book Errata

      This page is difficult to print to PDF formatted correctly. Workaround is to select all text and paste to text editor. The large graphic serves no purpose here.

  9. Dec 2022
    1. select Build Solution

      This doesn't seem to be an option in VS 2022. Instead it just allows you to build the project with SC_ followed by a long line of letters and numbers like a GUID but without spaces.

    1. On the Provider and Logs tab, in the Name column, select Lesson 3 Log File. After you have created a log provider for your package, you can optionally deselect it to turn off logging, without having to delete and re-create a log provider.

      To turn it on and off you need to know to select the checkbox and toggle the checkbox with the spacebar.

    2. On the Details tab, in the Events column, select the PipelineExecutionPlan and PipelineExecutionTrees events.

      No matter where I click in the package tree, ell options in the Details pane are "dimmed" as the note describes.

      There is an alert at the bottom of the window that says: "⚠️ To configure unique logging options for this container, enable logging for it in the tree view."

      EDIT: We discovered that selecting the checkbox and hitting space un-mutes the field, then the checkbox can be toggled with the space bar.

      With it toggled OFF, you can then go to the Details tab and toggle the settings as required, then go back to the Providers and Logs tab and toggle it ON.

    3. In the Containers pane, expand all nodes of the package container hierarchy, and then clear all check boxes, including the Extract Sample Currency Data check box. Now select the check box for Extract Sample Currency Data to get only the events for this node.

      When I completed this step, the nodes of the package container hierarchy did not have checkboxes. Also, the Extract Sample Currency Data checkbox did not respond to my clicks.

      There was a message to clear the parent, but since the parent had no checkbox, I was unable to do so.

      Drilling down resulted in checkboxes that "appear dimmed" as in the note below.

      This appears to be a bug or at least a lapse in the documentation.

      EDIT: We found a work-around. You can highlight the checkbox and tick it with the spacebar - but you can't select it with the mouse.

      On the Lesson 3 root node, under Select the logs to use for the container: I was able to select the checkbox.

      When I navigate deeper though, this option is unchecked and muted or grayed out with a message at the bottom reading:

      "⚠️ To configure unique logging options for this container, enable logging for it in the tree view."

    1. The entire first row of parking has been repaved

      It wasn't actually re-paved, it was just painted over with black paint, and new striping was added. You can still clearly see the old striping. Re-paving is a process that involves removing the old pavement and replacing it with new asphalt - a process that would remove the old pavement stripes.

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    1. NASA launches Artemis I

      NASA launchING Artemis 1... tomorrow. No need to lie unless you're the sort of people who have to lie about everything.

  13. Jul 2022
  14. Jun 2022
    1. In addition to the notesbelow, you can find a full list of updated endnotes and corrections atBuildingasecondbrain.com/endnotes.

      A few corrections based on my suggestions already... 😁




    1. Since one cannot prove that it is inaccurate, you cannot discount its possibility.

      False. Per Hitchens's Razor, "what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."

      Put simply, the responsibility for proving a claim rests with those making the claim. One may safely discount the possibility of anything that cannot be proven.

      See also "Russel's Teapot".

  15. May 2022
    1. Like all plants, the bulrush requires oxygen to produce energy. One solution is obvious: Send shoots skyward like straws to suck down oxygen to the roots.

      Plants don't require oxygen to produce energy (photosynthesis), they require CO2.


      Oxygen is generated as a byproduct of this, not a requirement.

    1. Repeat process until vehicle.

      I guess it's not a vehicle until you buff it repeatedly with Rain-X products.

  16. Apr 2022
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  18. Feb 2022
    1. Russian armored vehicles are loaded onto railway platforms

      They are loaded onto railway flatcars. The platform is the area in the photo marked by white lines - where passengers board trains.

      Journalists know very little about the world around them yet present themselves as authoritative.

  19. Jan 2022
    1. Duckworth and Seligman, 2005;

      He cites this article in line, but doesn't provide the details in the bibliography:

      Duckworth AL, Seligman MEP. Self-Discipline Outdoes IQ in Predicting Academic Performance of Adolescents. Psychological Science. 2005;16(12):939-944. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9280.2005.01641.x https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1111/j.1467-9280.2005.01641.x

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    1. import { prismaObjectType, makePrismaSchema } from 'nexus-prisma'

      import {objectType} from "nexus";

      as of "nexus-prisma": "^0.9.1"

  27. Jan 2020
    1. The YYY gate is similar to the XXX gate, but instead of 111s on the off-diagonal, it has iii and −i-i−i, so it takes ∣0⟩|0\rangle∣0⟩ to i∣1⟩i|1\ranglei∣1⟩ and ∣1⟩|1\rangle∣1⟩ to −i∣0⟩-i|0\rangle−i∣0⟩:

      Question for the creators: https://i.imgur.com/9XUDZPH.png

      I thought the answer to this was "both" since 0 is obviously a real number.

      Can you help me understand where my misunderstanding is?

      Thanks so much for creating this tool. I've been having a blast learning!

      Tweet: https://twitter.com/technoplato/status/1221936419721138179?s=20

  28. Dec 2019
    1. .

      Further, I am grateful to the following people for telling me about errors and typos in the hardback edition: Nimrod Priell, David Marker, Giannis Kanellopoulos, Hiroki Takikawa, Jun Tsunematsu,Takuto Sakamoto, Shinya Obayashiand, Anna Ballarino, Arthur Spiriling, and the hypothesis user named arnaud.

  29. Aug 2019
    1. Figure 4.3: Schematic of the experimental design from Schultz et al. (2007). The field experiment involved visiting about 300 households in San Marcos, California five times over an eight-week period. On each visit, the researchers manually took a reading from the house’s power meter. On two of the visits, they placed doorhangers on each house providing some information about the household’s energy usage. The research question was how the content of these messages would impact energy use.

      In the figure, "3 week" should be "3 weeks"

    1. Figure 3.7: Demographics of respondents in W. Wang et al. (2015). Because respondents were recruited from XBox, they were more likely to be young and more likely to be male, relative to voters in the 2012 election. Adapted from W. Wang et al. (2015), figure 1.

      In the x-tick marks in the panel titled "State", Obama should be capitalized and Romney should be capitalized.

  30. Apr 2019
    1. Figure 2.2:

      There is a typo in the figure. The dates for "During Gezi" should be May 28, 2013 - August 1, 2013.

  31. Feb 2019
    1. American Association of Cancer Researchers

      American Association for Cancer Research

    1. Athey (2017), Cederman and Weidmann (2017), Hofman, Sharma, and Watts (2017), (???), and Yarkoni and Westfall (2017)

      There references to these articles did not appear in the hardback print edition. They are all from the same issue of Science: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/355/6324

    2. contests


    1. Write an email summarizing what you think is happening and recommend a course of action.

      Move this sentence into the paragraph

    1. inaccessible,

      This "inaccessible" should be removed. It is mentioned earlier in the sentence.

  32. Oct 2018
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  34. Apr 2018
    1. 10–27

      Equation 10-27 is wrong:

      • Resistors are in parallel, their noise does not sum.
    2. Adding this and the 100-kΩ resistornoise to the amplifier noise

      This is 3 terms (10 MΩ noise, 100 kΩ noise, and amplifier noise), but the equation only includes 2.

    3. 10–25

      Equation 10-25 has several errors:

      • The left and right side are not equal.
      • Resistors are in parallel, so their noise does not sum.
      • Resistor noise needs to be multiplied by gain to be combined with 113.1 μV output noise of op-amp.
    4. 10–23)

      Equation 10-23 is incorrect:

      • The noise of the resistors does not sum, since the resistors are in parallel and load each other. It would be equal to a single 50 kΩ resistor producing 4.0 μV.
      • The 113.1 value is output noise. The resistor noise needs to be multiplied by the gain to get the output noise, too.
    5. 0.1 F

      Should be 0.1 μF

    6. 0.1 F

      Should be 0.1 μF

    7. The noise calculations have many errors. See annotations on https://via.hypothes.is/http://web.mit.edu/6.101/www/reference/op_amps_everyone.pdf for details

    8. which is 100

      actually should be multiplied by the non-inverting noise gain, which is 101

  35. Jun 2016
    1. To deal with this by using exceptions, we're going to take advantage of the catch function from System.IO.Error

      The catch function is deprecated and when I tried this with ghci 7.10.3 got an error that System.IO.Error does not export catch. The replacement is the catch function in Control.Exception

    2. The bytestring version of : is called cons It takes a byte and a bytestring and puts the byte at the beginning. It's lazy though, so it will make a new chunk even if the first chunk in the bytestring isn't full. That's why it's better to use the strict version of cons, cons' if you're going to be inserting a lot of bytes at the beginning of a bytestring.

      I initially did not see the difference in the output of B.cons vs B.cons' here, both output a plain string.

      I think this is because of the Show typeclass implementation for Data.ByteString.Lazy which is used by ghci when printing values.

      If on the other hand I use :force <expr> which fully evaluates <expr> and prints out the resulting structure then I do see the difference.

    3. through the documentation