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    1. Mozilla’s RR RR is an advanced debugger that aims to replace GDB on Linux. It offers the full state recordings of the application so that you can replay the action backwards and forwards (similarly to Time Travel Debugging).
    1. I also recommend watching some talks by Evan Czaplicki, Elm’s creator, to give you an idea of how he and the Elm community think. These videos are really good: The life of a file What is success? The hard parts of open source
  2. Oct 2019
    1. Aspiring to canonicity, one fun project would be to take the most recent IPCC climate assessment report (perhaps starting with a small part), and develop a version which is executable. Instead of a report full of assertions and references, you'd have a live climate model – actually, many interrelated models – for people to explore. If it was good enough, people would teach classes from it;
    2. The Elements of Style
    3. Perhaps most prominently, the creator of the SuperMemo system, Piotr Wozniak, has written extensively about the many ingenious ways he uses memory systems
  3. Sep 2019
    1. Once HTML5 allowed rich interactivity in browsers, many libraries arose to provide interactive 2D plots for web pages and in Jupyter notebooks, either using custom JS (Bokeh, Toyplot) or primarily wrapping existing JS libraries like D3 (Plotly, bqplot)

      hmm, could probably use it in blog? Nice to provide an image too though, but I guess as long data is in JS, it's easy to reproduce?

  4. Aug 2019
    1. The question posed in the present headline was intentionally provocative. You cannot fall asleep faster, but you can fall asleep fast. All you need to do is to wait for the right time. Instead of trying to fall asleep faster, go to sleep later, and fall asleep fast.

      hmm. maybe try that? wonder if I could have sort of poly sleep one day per week?

    2. For more see Excessive sleeping.
    3. For a visual illustration of circadian and homeostatic components, see section Two-component sleep model in SuperMemo.
    1. Я бы выделила ребят из OBLAST, например, самарское community. Конечно, московский «Гост звук» и все связанное с ним, buttechno, и мне очень нравится такой лиричный проект «Творожное озеро» и «Тальник». Еще уважаю Влада Паршина.
    1. Here are a handful of languages intended for modeling, simulating, or designing physical systems:
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    1. The top-five-problems method – Richard Hamming’s algorithm for doing important work. Periodically ask yourself: “what are the top five most important problems in my field (and life), and why am I not working on them?”


  6. Jun 2019
    1. Add note to bottom of list that offers tip/link to add favorite journals. eg. "To add journals to your favorites, view and favorite journals with the 'Star' icon button to 'All journals'"

  7. Jan 2019
    1. Think something like “Photoshop for linear algebra”.

      TODO hmm. kinda like interpreter, which shows some context and suggests what you can do with an object?

  8. Dec 2018
    1. and thus also everything that “is”: the real, the world

      The concept of "World", "Real", "Reality" and their relationship to Being have to be defined in the book.

  9. Aug 2018
    1. The beer was just as cold at Dice Bar, a lively corner dive with worn leather booths and a homey atmosphere. I got a thick pint of D’Arcy’s Dublin Stout for 4.80 euros. A couple of new friends I made, Josh and Keith, took me to Grogan’s Castle Lounge, where we found a freewheeling gathering; we caroused and drank in the street with about a hundred other people. After a crawl that also included The Bar With No Name and Garage Bar, we collapsed at a table at Zaytoon, a busy late-night Iranian restaurant that’s something of a Holy Grail for Dublin barhoppers.
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    1. Kurssin julkinen TODO lista

      Eli asiat, joita Villen pitäisi saada valmiiksi, ennen kurssia tai ainenkin kurssin alkumetreillä

      • Luentolista ja lukemistot kohdalleen
      • Pistelaskuri

      Ja tsiljoona muuta juttua...

  13. Mar 2018
    1. p=="NFS" && state=="ESTABLISHED"

      how would those be implemented in practice? is it sufficient to add a couple of DTrace builtins, and if yes which are those?

  14. Oct 2017
    1. (see Exercise 1: Finding a data repository for your data).

      Need to create this or provide a link

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    1. use Evernote as a frictionless GTD list application

      How to use Evernote with the Getting Things Done system.

    1. Telescope system on moon, 有100 telescopes, 天文学家可以用它们拍照观测,每个观测任务可能会要couple hours和地球通信只能用radio signal,latency会很高;设计系统manage Telescopes, 要fault tolerant,任务调度,deploy update思路:类似long distance data center的manage, moon上多台app server负责控制telescope,每台server会与地球的master用radio作为heartbeat通信;如何deployupdate时,选一台active server发送file,然后分chunk,在moon上peer to peer的用gossip传播update

      Sys Design

      System on the Moon

  17. Aug 2016
    1. var biom = new Biom({ id: 'My Biom', matrix_type: 'dense', shape: [2,2], rows: [ {id: 'row1', metadata: {}}, {id: 'row2', metadata: {}} ], columns: [ {id: 'col1', metadata: {}}, {id: 'col2', metadata: {}} ], data: [ [0,1], [2,3] ] });

      When squashed into one line this is not legible

  18. Jun 2016
    1. There are alternative ways to implement a game loop in JavaFX. A slightly longer (but more flexible) approach involves the Timeline class, which is an animation sequence consisting of a set of KeyFrame objects. To create a game loop, the Timeline should be set to repeat indefinitely, and only a single KeyFrame is required, with its Duration set to 0.016 seconds (to attain 60 cycles per second). This implementation can be found in the Example3T.java file in the GitHub repo.
  19. Jun 2015
    1. You should suspect motivated stopping when you close off search, after coming to a comfortable conclusion, and yet there's a lot of fast cheap evidence you haven't gathered yet—Web sites you could visit, counter-counter arguments you could consider, or you haven't closed your eyes for five minutes by the clock trying to think of a better option. You should suspect motivated continuation when some evidence is leaning in a way you don't like, but you decide that more evidence is needed—expensive evidence that you know you can't gather anytime soon, as opposed to something you're going to look up on Google in 30 minutes—before you'll have to do anything uncomfortable.

      Keeping these suspicions in mind, how should we improve agile decision making?

  20. May 2015
    1. Baker, R.S.J.d. ; Corbett, A.T. ; Gowda, S.M. ; Wagner, A.Z. ; MacLaren, B.M. ; Kauffman, L.R. ; Mitchell, A.P. ; and Giguere, S. 2010 . Contextual Slip and Prediction of Student Performance After Use of an Intelligent Tutor. In Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization, 52 - 63. Hilo, Hawaii
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    1. metrics on annotations/comments

      We should compare these asks with our own needs for monitoring our public service at Hypothes.is.

  22. Feb 2014
  23. localhost:3000 localhost:3000
    1. The Hypothes.is team will most probably provide an api for these types of use cases eventually

      Find where hints are given to this in the Hypothes.is GitHub issue tracker

    1. Age?

      todo: display as years/months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds instead. See the code of this template on Wikipedia for an implementation approach.




    1. Oh, and get insanely rich would be a nice touch. :)

      wtf! I should definitely remove this.

  24. Nov 2013
    1. Québec a refusé le droit de parole à des groupes citoyens et à des organismes critiques du recours aux pipelines et de l’exploitation des sables bitumineux dans le cadre de la commission parlementaire qui étudie le projet d’inversion de l’oléoduc 9B d’Enbridge. En raison des délais très courts entre l’annonce de la tenue de la consultation et son début, d’autres n’ont tout simplement pas eu le temps de se préparer.

      Il me semble avoir déjà vu ça quelque part