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  1. Feb 2024
    1. “The skills-based hiring movement has gained momentum, as more and more employers committed to stripping degree requirements from their postings, replacing the proxy of a college degree with actual evaluations of candidate skill,”

      degree as proxy

  2. Nov 2023
    1. ProtoObject

      TODO inquire about ProtoObject. See post by Christoph Tiede entitled [Bug & design issue] Messages understood or not understood by ProtoObject on squeak-dev

      However, the crucial question is: What special messages should an instance of ProtoObject understand? On the one hand, the idea of ProtoObjects is to work as total proxies with a maximum amount of forwarding potential, which implies a minimum number of methods. On the other hand, certain aspects such as accessing instvars or executing messages are really identity-related. Looking forward to your comments :-)

  3. Oct 2023
  4. Jul 2023
    1. Çoğu IP araması, tek noktaya yayın yönlendirme şemasını kullanır. DNS, bir URL'yi sizi belirli bir sunucuya götüren bir IP adresine çözümler. Ancak Deno Deploy ve Cloudflare , bir IP adresinin bir bilgisayar havuzuyla eşlendiği herhangi bir yayını kullanır. Ağ (en azından bir WAN'da, yani internette) daha sonra adresi en yakın bilgisayara çözer. Genel olarak, bir istemci bir uç çalışandan bir uç işlevi aracılığıyla veya konuşlandırılmış bir kod paketinde bir şey istediğinde, ince bir ters proxy sunucusuna ulaşır. Bu proxy onu istemciye yakın bir sunucuya yönlendirir (bu durumda yakın, o konum için en hızlı anlamına gelir) ve istenen işlevi yürütür. Kodun gerçekten yürütüldüğü sunucu, kaynak olarak bilinir. Orada tipik sunucu tarafı işlevleri sağlayabilir: veritabanlarından veri çekin, dinamik bilgileri doldurun ve istemciyi ağır JavaScript yükleriyle yormaktan kaçınmak için bölümleri statik HTML olarak işleyin. Ubl, "Yerel makinenizde çalışan şeyi çevirin ve altyapıya yerleştirdiğimizde tam olarak aynı şekilde davranacak şekilde sarın" dedi. "Bu, uç fonksiyonları ürünümüzü daha soyut bir kavram haline getiriyor çünkü onları doğrudan kullanmıyorsunuz.

  5. Jun 2023
    1. Setting the proxy for Git

      git config --global --add http.proxy http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@PROXY_ADDRESS:PROXY_PORT git config --global --add https.proxy http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@PROXY_ADDRESS:PROXY_PORT

    2. Setting the proxy for other tasks


  6. May 2023
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  9. Jan 2023
    1. Using a modified version of Köhler’s method, recent research has found that in 2015 drain from the South through unequal exchange amounted to $2.1 trillion (constant 2011 dollars), represented in Northern prices (Hickel et al., 2021). Köhler’s proxy approach is limited in several respects, however. It relies on PPP figures that do not adequately account for the comparatively high prices of Northern exports; it relies on GDP figures that are affected by the low prices of imports from the South; and it compares Southern exports to prices across whole economies, rather than to those of only traded goods. All of this leads to underestimating the scale of drain (see Hickel et al., 2021).

      !- comment : recent history of calculating unequal exchange - The authors, particularly Hickel have tried to estimate the drain in the past using other techniques but the recent technique of EORA I/O tables proves to be the most accurate to date, revealing a true and larger figure that previous estimates

  10. Dec 2022
  11. Aug 2022
  12. Jul 2022
    1. What is Istio Service Mesh? Let's take a quick look at Istio internals. The Istio architecture can be classified into two distinct planes. Control plane: It consists of the istiod demon, and it manages and configures the envoy proxies to route traffic. The control plane also enforces policies and collects telemetry, and includes components like Pilot for traffic management, Citadel to manage security, and Galley to manage configurations. Data plane: It's made of Envoy proxies deployed as sidecars to our application containers. Envoy is a high-performance, lightweight distributed proxy. It controls all the incoming and outgoing traffic to the container it is attached to. We can use tools like Grafana, Prometheus, Kiali and Zipkin for monitoring and observability as they work well with the telemetry provided by Istio. You can use these or use your existing monitoring stack as well.

      What is Istio Service Mesh?

  13. Jun 2022
  14. May 2022
    1. an L7 proxy and communication bus

      L4 & L7 Proxy.

      L4 load balancers deal with individual connection flows (think TCP/UDP packets, plain bytes).

      L7 load balancers deal with individual requests (think HTTP requests, GETS or POSTs)

    1. The differences between the L4 and L7 proxy variants come from which level of the OSI model they deal with. L4 load balancers deal with individual connection flows (think TCP/UDP packets, plain bytes), while L7 load balancers deal with individual requests (think HTTP requests, GETs or POSTs).

      L4 & L7 Proxy.

      L4 load balancers deal with individual connection flows (think TCP/UDP packets, plain bytes).

      L7 load balancers deal with individual requests (think HTTP requests, GETS or POSTs)

  15. Nov 2021
    1. Rather, it is due to a growing reliance on proxy measures of research quality in the management of recruitment, promotion, tenure and funding decisions: these proxy measures are widely used because they are convenient, not because they are meaningful. The pursuit of a higher ranking in league tables for universities has also contributed to the problem.

      proxy measures >> convenient but not meaningful

  16. Sep 2021
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  18. Jun 2021
    1. I've been thinking more about how to best do this. The preferred way might be to use the same domain and have an application load balancer like nginx split traffic on the URL path (e.g. /api). This is for two reasons. Firstly, you might not necessarily want to cookie the primary/apex domain and have the cookie shared across all subdomains. You also might not want to do CORS because preflight requests add latency and CORS adds complication.
  19. May 2021
    1. Local development and testing has huge advantages, but sometimes one needs to test web applications against their real-world domain name. Editing /etc/hosts is a pain however, and error prone. Node Foreman can start up an HTTP forward proxy which your browser can route requests through. The forward proxy will intercept requests based on domain name, and route them to the local application.
  20. Mar 2021
  21. Dec 2020
    1. Original objects are never modified, but transparently wrapped by observable proxies.
    2. Proxy = observable(object) Creates and returns a proxied observable object, which behaves just like the originally passed object. The original object is not modified.
  22. Nov 2020
    1. Capacitor is a framework that provides developers a coherent API set to access various features on different platforms. By doing so, it also simplifies using those features. Especially for web APIs that are hard to use or require multiple steps to set them up, Capacitor provides an easy-to-use interface.
  23. Oct 2020
    1. Also known as an intercepting proxy, inline proxy, or forced proxy, a transparent proxy intercepts normal application layer communication without requiring any special client configuration. Clients need not be aware of the existence of the proxy.
    2. Intercepting proxies are commonly used in businesses to enforce acceptable use policy, and to ease administrative overheads since no client browser configuration is required.
    1. I saw object proxies being the solution to doing diffing so that this approach could compete in any scenario that a VDOM could
  24. Sep 2020
    1. To avoid these complexities, it was decided to introduce an additional, intermediate service, which was called Translation Proxy. Translation Proxy is an intermediate software between WPML and the software of other companies offering translation services.
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  25. Aug 2020
    1. The straightforward solution to integrate WPML with third party translation services was to do it via dedicated plugins. A separate plugin for each company offering translation services could do the trick. However, this approach had a few drawbacks. For example, WPML developers would need to update and test all these plugins whenever the WPML core plugins received an update, and vice versa; when the API used by the external service changed, you needed to incorporate the change to WPML and test it as well.
    2. WPML knows how to communicate with the Translation Proxy, and the Translation Proxy knows how to communicate with translation services. If a Translation Service company happened to change their API, we needed to only update the Translation Proxy.
  26. May 2020
    1. person's agent
    2. a person or thing through which power is exerted or an end is achieved : instrumentality

      Would this be proxy agency? Or is it different?

      On the one hand, I think it's different. instrumentality seems to have a subtly different meaning from proxy agency.

      But looking at their example sentence,

      communicated through the agency of the ambassador , it is striking how similar these ideas/words/meanings are: the ambassador acted on behalf of his country (proxy agency: acted => agency; "on behalf of" => proxy); the communication occurred through his actions (= he was the means, he was instrumental in causing that communication to take place)


      proxy agency is when an individual acts on behalf of someone else

    3. communicated through the agency of the ambassador
  27. Nov 2019
    1. To make governance more accessible to users, voting canbe delegated by anyone to other users or groups of users,such that if a user places no vote on a speci c proposal,their designated delegate's vote will be used in place oftheir own.
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  31. May 2018
    1. There are many resources available to help you and your health care proxy develop a care plan. These are merely suggestions to get you thinking about possible scenarios and topics to discuss. I hope you found this blog informative, and urge you to share it with anyone who does not have a health care proxy. We always think it will never happen to us, but what if it does? It's best to be prepared!

      The article highlights the importance of what a good health proxy looks like and how they go about helping a patient in their most sensitive moments of health and later on in their lives. Potentially, this could be a good chance for a client's wishes to be fully respected by someone who knows of their values and preferences. It also encourages the reader to be prepared incase they are faced with this decision some day. Many members of the elder population are asked about healthcare proxies during the beginning of any hospitalization. More awareness of what a health proxy is and what social supports a patient can count on helps to assure quality care and dignity in health and death.

    2. Further, a doctor, medical center, hospital, EMT, and even assisted living staff can make decisions regarding your healthcare, treatment methods and type of medical care to provide you if you are not married, over 18 years old, and do not have a health care proxy in place

      Medical decision making has very specific in rules to protect the rights of the patient. The rules can vary according to a patient's age, marital status, and wether or not they signed a health care proxy document in the first place.

    3. Who would decide what was best for you? Who would advocate on your behalf?

      This is a scary question that most people in the United States have to consider at one point in their life. Trust in the person in charge of making medical decisions is essential.

    4. Health care proxy: An advance medical directive in the form of a legal document that designates another person (a proxy) to make health care decisions in case a person is rendered incapable of making his or her wishes known.

      The medical definition of a health care proxy- a legal medical document that transfers power of medical decision making from a patient to a trusted person.

    1. The question each proxy should ask when making decisions on behalf of others is, who am I truly serving — the patient or myself?

      This article really high lights the potential negatives of the concept of healthcare proxies and provides real life scenarios to help the reader relate.

    2. When the patient is unwilling or unable to make medical decisions, the health care proxy is activated and he or she is obligated to make all health choices on behalf of the patient. These may be related to withdrawing or withholding life support, instituting artificial liquid feeding, attempting resuscitation and even whether or not to participate in autopsy and organ donation.

      Any decisions regarding the care and body of the patient are headed over to their health proxy, who assumes any medical decision making responsibilities from there.

  32. Apr 2018
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  35. Aug 2015
    1. It occurred to me that the ideal setup would be a router where the WAN's gateway was a system running a transparent proxy. Thus simply by connecting the device to the router, the transparent proxy software would capture HTTP and HTTPS traffic
  36. Feb 2015
    1. A "non-transparent proxy" is a proxy that modifies the request or response in order to provide some added service to the user agent, such as group annotation services, media type transformation, protocol reduction, or anonymity filtering.

      Hey look!!1! "group annotation services"!

      Here's one: http://via.hypothes.is/