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  1. Jan 2019
    1. this is in /srv/www/ on the host.

      This site actually gives somewhat clear instructions about which directories from which to run the commands. I think where I went wrong befire was using various directories that in the end did not match the actual installations.

  2. Dec 2018
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  4. Oct 2018
    1. This NGINX module provides mechanism to cryptographically bind HTTP cookies to client's HTTPS channel using Token Binding, as defined by following IETF drafts:
  5. Apr 2018
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  7. Aug 2017
  8. Jul 2017
    1. since lua-resty-redis can not be used in set_by_lua*, dynamic routing based on redis should be impelemented in the access_by_lua block

    1. In this configuration nginx tests only the request’s header field “Host” to determine which server the request should be routed to. If its value does not match any server name, or the request does not contain this header field at all, then nginx will route the request to the default server for this port. In the configuration above, the default server is the first one — which is nginx’s standard default behaviour. It can also be set explicitly which server should be default, with the default_server parameter in the listen directive:
    1. First, Nginx looks at the IP address and the port of the request. It matches this against the listen directive of each server to build a list of the server blocks that can possibly resolve the request.
    2. The main server block directives that Nginx is concerned with during this process are the listen directive, and the server_name directive.
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