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  1. Nov 2021
  2. www.freefairandalive.org www.freefairandalive.org
    1. To prevent any misunderstanding: the commons is not just about small-scale projects for improving everyday life. It is a germinal vision for reimagining our future together and reinventing social organization, economics, infrastructure, politics, and state power itself.
    1. Pluriverse names an understanding of the world in which countless groups of people create and re-create their own distinctive cultural realities, each of which constitutes a world.
    1. For example, whereas white American women may feel they must unfairly maintain the “purity” they are assumed to have been born with, American women of color and women from other cultures may feel they must attain purity, as it is not something they are assumed to have been born with within the sub-culture.

      oh shit

    1. a belief is nothing more than an idea that we have validated in some way


    2. their desire to change must be greater than their desire to stay the same


    3. knowing what makes us indulge in uncharacteristic behaviour is a huge catalyst for change

      that part

  3. Sep 2021
    1. Protocols created for the World Wide Web don’t take into account the possibility of local digital territories


    2. reinforcing local cultural identity

      I like this

  4. Aug 2021
    1. People experiencing limerence demand return.


    2. Scientists say that, one person can’t experience limerence and love at the same time because while the former is selfish and unsatisfying, the latter is rewarding and liberating.


    3. They might share the same storybook but can never be on the same page.

      damn thats deep

  5. Jul 2021
    1. if you belong to a dominant group (say, white folks), and you’re borrowing from a minority group whose oppression you benefit from (say, Black folks), then you need to be extremely careful, and probably get permission. If the group tells you it’s hurtful/offensive, it’s best to take their word for it. 

      this is racist. permission from who? black people in general? your black friends? black people aren't a monolith

    1. Trans people are “the best of both worlds.” Ew. Gross. If you’ve ever uttered this sentence, please go wash your mouth out with soap and possibly formaldehyde if you’re thinking about saying it again.

      I get this so often

    1. was a fan of [[cannabis]] it seems

      hell yeah

    1. accommodate the social and political order of the polis

      testing agora integration

  6. Jun 2021
    1. backlinks can be overwhelming: how to express which subset of them you are interested in.

      This is why I stopped using [[wikilinks]] for [[agora actions]] because my backlinks were oftentimes irrelevant

    1. This idea is important enough that I’ve given it a name. I call it the100x Multiplier. For those of us living in rich countries, you should expectto be able to do at least one hundred times as much to benefit other peopleas you can to benefit yourself.
    1. Startups, like the male anatomy, are designed for liquidity events.

      "male anatomy" these people don't even realize how cringe they are

  7. Jan 2021
    1. 7.5 USD

      I thought 250 sounded low but I guess they have tons of users so makes sense

    2. cited yearly value of a facebook user at 250 USD.

      It's interesting to think in terms of dollar value per person per year on something like facebook.

    1. A vscode extension -- like foam.

      How is this different/better from [[FOAM]]?