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  1. Jan 2021
    1. social network.

      I like how in the story about how Flancians managed to get rid of walled gardens and in the corresponding [[flanbook]] Agora's node, you refer to the Agora as an entity for central coordination.

    1. syphons. The simplest came in the form of browser extensions. Whenever a Flancian used a targeted service X, the syphon redirected relevant data in the background to the replica X’.

      Don't close-source social networks in our world today provide such data export tools (either willingly or legally obliged)? How would these differ to these Flancia's syphons?

      Do we have examples of these syphons in our world? I haven't found a [[syphon]] node in the Flancia's Agora :(

  2. Feb 2019
    1. there being a Large Market-place, you may stand or sit with Ease and hear the Orations that are there Spoken

      The marketplace of ideas! This free flow of ideas nurtured democracy in ancient Greece, specifically in the "Agora," the center of the city-state of Athens.