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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Let's annotate youtube videos (among other formats).

      BUT works only with videos that have either human or machine-generated transcripts.

  2. Mar 2021
    1. Hypothes.is sidebar

      @jborichevskiy Have you established an RSS feed to your site'scomments (see this howto comment), to receive notifications and reply to any any annotations posted to your site?

    1. Whisper.Backup.exportToDirectory("/tmp")

      Needs to patch the app before, as described above by @nomeata.

    2. sqlcipher ~/.config/Signal/sql/db.sqlite \ "PRAGMA key = \"x'$(jq -r '.key' ~/.config/Signal/config.json)'\"; attach database 'plaintext.db' as plaintext key ''; SELECT sqlcipher_export('plaintext'); DETACH DATABASE plaintext;"

      The sqlcipher bash-command to export Signal-Desktop's db as plaintext in Linux.

    1. importing databases from the desktop app. I have no experience with that yet. WIP

      This tool works with backup files generated by the Signal android application.

      TIP: use carderne/signal-export to export from the desktop db.

    1. I only use Emacs for org-mode stuff so far. For pretty much anything else I'm using VS Code.

      Emacs for org-mode, VSCode for anything else.

    2. There's a decent cheat sheet (https://orgmode.org/orgcard.pdf) that I refer to a lot.

      Orger-emacs cheat sheet, from a person still using VSCode.

    1. The first thing I do is list everything I need for a workstation in an orgmode text file. For why orgmode really works well for this -http://howardism.org/Technical/Emacs/literate-devops.html

      1st suggestion for maintaining my PC.

    2. Every couple of years I find myself facing the same old tired routine: migrating my stuff off some laptop or desktop to a new one, usually combined with an OS upgrade. Is there anything like the kind of luxuries we now consider normal on the server side (IaaS; Terraform; maybe Ansible) that can be used to manage your PC and that would make re-imaging it as easy as it is on the server side?

      Interesting suggestions on how to maintain reusably my PC?

    1. Literate DevOps

      Detailed instructions & org-mode code samples for how to mantain my IT.

    1. So, anyone who wants to work on this, take a look at zerver/management/commands/export_single_user.py and https://zulip.readthedocs.io/en/latest/queuing.html .

      Hints for how to export all user interactions in a zulip server?

    1. HOWTO useful to combine a [[foam]] garden with encrypted git repos in keybase.io.

      But needs further tweeks to make it work when the garden is served under GitHub-pages, because jekyll fetches recursively any submodule, and will chocke on the private repo.

  3. Feb 2021
    1. He pointed out that the Web still lacks nearly every one of the advanced features he and his colleagues were trying to realize. There is no transclusion. There is no way to create links inside other writers' documents. There is no way to follow all the references to a specific document.

      Shortcomings of today's WWWeb in comparison to what Xanadu has visioned.

    1. raise issues if something in the instructions is unclear.

      File bug after having configured [[promensia]]:

      • twitter-archive cannot work alone (without twint).
    1. Why does it bother me?

      An important list of pk2b & web-tag problems:

      • cannot search user activity & annotations; less so when offline
      • half-baked UX
      • cannot integrate apps, across platforms, desktop/mobile, cloud/local.
      • What if sites disappear (next chapter)?
    1. You have to interpret your sources and then rely on your own thoughts henceforth to get the maximum benefit. Collecting information does not increase your knowledge.

      Useful tip about personal notes.

    1. Merging distribute knowledge is an excersize on the abstractness of ontologies vs the practicality of schema-less graph knowledge.

      Maybe a bit vague (the article), maybe re-read it. But i really appreciate the boldness [[agora]] try to solve the same problem.

    1. To download all Telegram messages for [[promnesia]].

      Note: although archived, this program works ok.

    1. Modules to summarize user-activity into various clouds...if only it could export into Markdown?

    1. The author's hierarchical tags are delimited by dashes(-). I do it by dots(.). That's a convention we have to decide.

    1. some sort of search engine, over my personal data, with uniform and always available way of accessing it.

      That's something i've been longing for decades: list my interaction with a site.

    1. Obsidian is 100% free

      Obsidian is not free, neither opensource, but for "for free" (monetarily).