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  1. Nov 2022
    1. you’ll need to follow the instructions linked above to open the PDF in your browser and activate Hypothesis.

      But how can i locate my local-file??

      I regularly post a "master" page-annotation for each local-pdf citing all relevant infos, such as, its local filename, its author, year, title, etc, BUT this "master" annotation may not come up in query in my activities page!

      Could you retrofit the activity page to provide a link on each annotation to expand and show all other annotations on some resource?

  2. Nov 2021
    1. Hypothes.is sidebar

      @jborichevskiy Have you established an RSS feed to your site'scomments (see this howto comment), to receive notifications and reply to any any annotations posted to your site?

  3. Apr 2021
    1. Bookmarklet-as-extension on Firefox:

      • Works on restricted-CSP sites (UNLIKE plain -bookmarklet, but unofficial-add-on, below, does work).
      • Does NOT work on local PDF files (while plain-bookmarklet works when clicked, BUT impossible to work on mobile).
      • "Unofficial Hypothesis extension" works on restricted-CSP & online-PDFs, but NOT on local-PDFs.


      This bookmarklet, though good to have, is not strictly needed - enabling the other 2 works in all occasions (but mobile).

  4. Feb 2021
    1. Hypothesis client doesn’t load automatically on PDFs,

      You may upload and annotate local files using the "docdrop" service, which works for many kinds of files, word docs, exce & epub. They are all converted to PDF or CSV.

    2. Hypothesis web annotation in Firefox: cellphone and PC

      On Firefox-nightly for Android you may install any add-on, including the the "unofficial bookmarklet" from Hernawan, following the official procedure.

    1. For any browser, drag this button to the bookmarks bar, or right-click/control-click to bookmark the link.

      This bookmarklet does not work on restricted-CSP sites (e.g. Github, you may use the "Unofficial Hypothesis extension" for this), but it's the only method to work, when clicked, with local-PDFs.

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