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    1. Instructions for writting a new wildcard adapter for some site.

  7. Mar 2021
    1. Accepting PaymentsTracking RevenueCustomer SupportCollaboration and Internal CommunicationMarketing and SalesSEO and Content MarketingAnalyzing Web TrafficServer and HostingBilling and AccountingDesignData VisualizationPassword ManagementDigital Signatures

      Nice collection of programs or SaaS for:

      • Accepting Payments
      • Tracking Revenue
      • Customer Support
      • Collaboration and Internal Communication
      • Marketing and Sales
      • SEO and Content Marketing
      • Analyzing Web Traffic
      • Server and Hosting
      • Billing and Accounting
      • Design
      • Data Visualization
      • Password Management
      • Digital Signatures
    2. Nice collection of communication & producivity programs or SaaS.

  8. Feb 2021
    1. There is one situation where iframes are (almost) required: when the contents of the iframe is in a different domain, and you have to perform authentication or check cookies that are bound to that domain. It actually prevents security problems instead of creating them. For example, if you're writing a kind of plugin that can be used on any website, but the plugin has to authenticate on another domain, you could create a seamless iframe that runs and authenticates on the external domain.
    1. I normally try to figure out if that's a good solution for the problem before resorting to iframes. Sometimes, however, an iframe just does the job better. It maintains its own browser history, helps you segregate CSS styles if that's an issue with the content you're loading in.
  9. Oct 2020
    1. Wiki Use that Increases Communication and Collaboration Motivation

      (Click on download full text to read.) Through a cooperative learning assignment, University students responded to a case study that implemented use of a Wiki. Results demonstrate that Wiki is an effective communication and collaboration tool (access, structure, versioning) for all individuals (introvert, extrovert). Recommendations and considerations for use in the learning environment were provided. 6/10