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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Wiki Use that Increases Communication and Collaboration Motivation

      (Click on download full text to read.) Through a cooperative learning assignment, University students responded to a case study that implemented use of a Wiki. Results demonstrate that Wiki is an effective communication and collaboration tool (access, structure, versioning) for all individuals (introvert, extrovert). Recommendations and considerations for use in the learning environment were provided. 6/10

  2. Jan 2020
    1. Davidson appelle « action tout ce qu’un agent fait intentionnellement » (1982, p.5). Searle note qu’« il n’y a pas d’action sans intention » (1985, p. 105).

      importance de l'intention (corpus philosophique à l'appui)

  3. Apr 2016
  4. Mar 2016
    1. OER is only really OER (inasmuch as it depends on its openness) if it is a process, in movement, embedded in pedagogy, and deeply engaged in a reciprocal relationship with its users” (para 15)

      Process over product.

  5. Dec 2015
  6. Apr 2015
    1. For a long time, I’ve argued that the debate about privacy isn’t about privacy per se, but that it’s really about control. The first step is making people feel comfortable that they are in control of their data. The second step is building tools to help them monetize their own data.