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      We are a web and app development company that brings digitization to your company in a customer, employee, and management friendly way. Our aim is to become the technology partner to potential startups & enterprises.

    1. I made a blog explaining everything about How much does it cost to make an app in 2019-20.

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    1. EPush Notifications

      Web push notification services are the best way to deliver time boud content to customers about your offerings even they are out of your browser. Whenever a user subscribe to your notification, Push notifications will be delivered from the website on Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser.

    1. Times have changed and today various mobile technologies have enabled startups, SMBs and enterprises to build an app in their budget. Here is an article from explaining current app development processes and costs.

    1. notebook contains an actual running Python interpreter instance that you’re fully in control of. So Jupyter can provide auto-completions, parameter lists, and context-sensitive documentation based on the actual state of your code

      Notebook makes it easier to handle dynamic Python features

    2. Mathematica didn’t really help me build anything useful, because I couldn’t distribute my code or applications to colleagues (unless they spent thousands of dollars for a Mathematica license to use it), and I couldn’t easily create web applications for people to access from the browser. In addition, I found my Mathematica code would often end up much slower and more memory hungry than code I wrote in other languages.

      Disadvantages of Mathematica:

      • memory hungry, slow code
      • expensive code
      • non-distributable license
    3. a methodology that combines a programming language with a documentation language, thereby making programs more robust, more portable, more easily maintained, and arguably more fun to write than programs that are written only in a high-level language. The main idea is to treat a program as a piece of literature, addressed to human beings rather than to a computer.

      Exploratory testing described by Donald Knuth

    4. In recent years we’ve also begun to see increasing interest in exploratory testing as an important part of the agile toolbox

      Waterfall software development ---> agile ---> exploratory testing

    5. In the 1990s, however, things started to change. Agile development became popular. People started to understand the reality that most software development is an iterative process
    6. When I began coding, around 30 years ago, waterfall software development was used nearly exclusively.
    7. Development Pros Cons

      Table comparing pros and cons of:

      • IDE/Editor
      • REPL/shell
      • Traditional notebooks (like Jupyter)
    8. Exploratory programming is based on the observation that most of us spend most of our time as coders exploring and experimenting

      In exploratory programming, we:

      • experiment with a new API to understand how it works
      • explore the behavior of an algorithm that we're developing
      • debug our code through combination of inputs
    9. This kind of “exploring” is easiest when you develop on the prompt (or REPL), or using a notebook-oriented development system like Jupyter Notebooks

      It's easier to explore the code:

      • when you develop on the prompt (or REPL)
      • in notebook-oriented system like Jupyter

      but, it's not efficient to develop in them

    10. They switch to get features like good doc lookup, good syntax highlighting, integration with unit tests, and (critically!) the ability to produce final, distributable source code files, as opposed to notebooks or REPL histories

      Things missed in Jupyter Notebooks:

      • good doc lookup
      • good syntax highlighting
      • integration with unit tests
      • ability to produce final, distributable source code files
    1. Computers can only natively store integers, so they need some way of representing decimal numbers. This representation comes with some degree of inaccuracy. That's why, more often than not, .1 + .2 != .3

      Computers make up their way to store decimal numbers

    1. esnext: source code using stage 4 features (or older), not transpiled, in ES modules. main continues to be used the same way. Its code can be generated from the untranspiled code. Most module use cases should be handleable via esnext. browser can be handled via an extended version of esnext (see next section).
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    1. However, it did require us to think differently about the creation, maintenance, and sustainment of our components moving forward — an integrative process we call "storybook-driven development."
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    1. Training and Development Policy Wiki

      This webpage, under the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) .gov site, provides an extensive list of technology resources that can be and have been implemented into a variety of employee deveolpment programs. These tools allow for more personalized learning, active participation, collaboration, and communication.In the first section of the site, examples of Web 2.0 tools are listed that can promote collaboration and constructive learning. You can also find technologies that are used in specific sectors, such as the Federal Government and the Private Sector. Clicking on the links redirects you to additional resources on the tech tools, including how to use them effectively and professionally for employee training. Rating 10/10

    1. Digital Literacy Initiatives

      This website outlines digital literacy initiatives provided by the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS). The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) implements these intitatives to aid adult learners in the successful use of technology in their education and careers. Students have free access to learning material on different subjects under the "LINCS Learner Center" tab. Teachers and tutors also have access to resoruces on implementing educational technology for professional development and effective instruction. Rating 8/10

    1. 1Engaging Adults Learners with TechnologyThrough

      Instruction Librarians from the Twin Cities Campus Library created this instructional gudie as a workshop for implementing technology for adult learning. First, the authors describe key characteristics of adult learners as identified in the theory of andragogy. Examples of these characteristics include the need to know, learner responsibility, past experiences, and motivation to learn. The authors then suggest instructional practices and activities to meet the needs of adult learners, Finally, they provide examples of technology tools for effectively engaging adult learners. Rating 10/10

    1. ISTE Standards Transform learning and teaching.

      This resource is the website for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), which serves educators and professionals in the implementation of technology in education. The site provides open access readings, learning guides, and membership material for educators' development with technology. You can also find ISTE Standards for teachers, students, technology coaches, and educational leaders/administrators. These standards serve as the skills and knowledge each group should obtain for effective teaching and learning with technology.

    1. This article, developed by faculty members at NAU, provides research behind and practices for technology-infused professional development (PD) programs. The authors first emphasize the importance of designing professional development for teachers around how they and their students learn best. Many approaches to PD have taken a one-size-fits-all approach in which learners take a more passive role in absorbing standardized information. The authors in this article suggest the need for a more effective model, one in which teachers play an active role in learning in ways that they find most effective for them and their students. Technology can support this PD through interactive and learner-centered instruction. Rating: 9/10

    1. Advantages of Online Professional Development

      This chapter, "Advantages of Online Professional Development" describes the benefits of online teacher professional development (OTPD), which implements technology to deliver training and learning in an online environment. OTPD allows teachers to participate in a flexible, self-directed, and collaborative learning community. They can interact with other teachers synchronously and asynchronously, or take professional development courses at their own schedule.

    1. Training for Transformation: Teachers, Technology, and the Third Millennium

      This article emphasizes the importance of preparing educators for the effective implementation of technology in a rapidly advancing digital society. Institutions have taken measures to ensure that students are prepared to use educational technology and how that can supplement and enhance learning. However, it is also just as important to ensure that teachers are prepared and to consider how these tools impact their practices. This article outlines examples of training programs and models that teachers can use for technology implementation professional development. Rating: 9/10

    1. Top 10 Global DevOps Consulting Companies

      Are you wishing to develop the websites at global level? Here you can find top 10 Devops Consulting Companies that aim to deliver first class solutions forever. In addition to this, the expert developers able to provide the friendly services and thus get attention on familiar sources forever.

  4. learn-us-east-1-prod-fleet01-xythos.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com learn-us-east-1-prod-fleet01-xythos.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com
    1. To carry out the demands of education reform, teachers must be im-mersed in the subjects they teach, and have the ability both to communicatebasic knowledge and to develop advanced thinking and problem-solvingskills among their students (Loucks-Horsley, Hewson, Love, & Stiles, 1998;National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, 1996).
    1. A proper investigation is necessary for your app to be a success in less time. Hence, before diving into the food delivery app market, do proper research on the market, your potential customers, app platform, scalability, development company, and cost of the app.

    1. Create A Music Streaming App In 2019

      How To Create A Music Streaming App?

      Now that you know that music apps can make pretty good money for their owners, you are probably dying to make your own app and start making money with it. But it’s not so easy.

      Here is a step by step process –

      Validating your app idea Understand the target audience Copyright matters to consider Radio or on-demand? Sketch the prototype Creating MVP Choose the features How to make your music app secure The cost to create a music app like Spotify

    1. An emotional intelligence course initiated by Google became a tool to improve mindfulness, productivity, and emotional IQ. The course has since expanded into other businesses which report that employees are coping better with stressors and challenges. Rating: 7/10 Key questions...what is the format of the course, tools etc?

    1. Palmer, P. J. (1998). The Courage to Teach : Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life (Vol. 1st ed). San Francisco, Calif: Jossey-Bass. Retrieved from http://search.ebscohost.com.libproxy.nau.edu/login.aspx?direct=true&db=nlebk&AN=26046&site=ehost-live&scope=site
    2. The disconnected life of a teacher

    1. How much does it cost to build an app is one of the frequently asked questions among business persons or startups. We have made an informative video containing all the aspects of the cost of app development.

    1. What does composition have to do with mocking?Everything. The essence of all software development is the process of breaking a large problem down into smaller, independent pieces (decomposition) and composing the solutions together to form an application that solves the large problem (composition).
    2. The process of learning effective TDD is the process of learning how to build more modular applications.
  5. www.salesforce.com www.salesforce.com
    1. Salesforce Chatter for Module 2 DB post and Paper For overall authentic Professional Developement in Higher Education.

    1. Hire WordPress Developers

      Hire WordPress developers & experts today. 100+ clients, 5+ years experienced WordPress developers, hourly, weekly, full-time hiring models. Hire us today.

    1. Flores examines the current research as it relates to distance learning. She explores technology integration and learning theory. Throughout, she stresses the importance of professional development for instructors to equip them to provide quality distance education.


    1. The article outlines the value of story-telling in professional development to improve faculty effectiveness. Identifying the problems with current professional development and their lack of efficacy, the authors argue the digital storytelling engages educational professionals, attracting them to online training.


    1. This manual, published by Hanover Research, outlines theory and practice of technology integration in the K-12 classroom and provides key strategies for professional development to equip teachers to successfully integrate technology.


    1. The authors present the benefits of coaching in professional development for educators in today's technologically advanced classrooms. Of particular interest is the explanation of the different methods of coaching: executive, coactive, cognitive, and instructional. They suggest that coaching provides more successful outcomes than single workshops and stress that finding the correct method for each situation and organization is crucial.


    1. The text documents a year-long research project into experiential learning in teacher professional development. Teachers participated in experiential learning themselves to then begin to implement it into their own classrooms to serve their students. By and large, teachers were receptive, had misconceptions addressed, changed their practices with their colleagues and students to develop more engaging and active classrooms. Essentially, a shift from teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning was achieved in small increments by using experiential learning and reflection to facilitate teacher growth thereby creating new pathways for student learning. Given the nature of the traditional methods predominantly used, this study seems to reflect some elements of transformative learning in which teacher conventions and ideas were challenged and adjusted through heterogenous groups and personal reflection. Rating: 9/10

    1. In Double-loop TDD it’s functional testing that drives our development. We write a functional test for testing that our application satisfy some user stories. When the functional test fails we move to write unit and integration tests which in turn drive how we code our components.
    1. Section 508 compliance is discussed to support instructors knowledge of section 508 and how to begin the process of ensuring instructional content is 508 compliant. Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act governs access of media to all persons whether they have a disability or not. Including captions, audio description, and accessible video players are vital to compliance. Compliance with 508 is necessary given that data that illustrates the percent of employees that have need for accommodations to support their learning. This brief article seems highly related to Universal Design of Learning. Rating: 10/10

    1. Author Douglas Lieberman provides insights into how to use text to improve learning. Suggestions for type of text, volume of text, animations, and graphics are discussed to maximize their usefulness and convey information to learners and/or facilitate discussion among learners. Rating: 6/10

    1. The Northwest Center of Public Health Practice's toolkit title "Effective Adult Learning: A toolkit for teaching adults," is . a highly comprehensive resource for instructional design for adult learning instructors. Sections include course or training design, objectives of adult learning, various tools to help in the process of course design, and brief overviews of adult learning methods and theory. The embedded section review charts make it easier for quick references. Rating: 10/10

    1. As you know, we ship the smallest thing to provide initial value and then we learn from your feedback and continue to improve the feature over time.
    2. most teams are flying blind on their estimates using past experiences and best guesses to offer a semblance of how long it’ll take to complete a project. It’s no wonder why estimates are often incorrect.
    1. The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) provides opportunities for professional development for adult learning instructors and organizations that serve adult learners. CAEL has launched its first live stream of the conference to allow people to attend remotely. While the conference has since passed, this resource could be useful to calendar for the coming year. Included on the is a blog, newsletter sign up, and resources for higher education, employers and workforce development. Rating 8/10

    1. Some of our main takeaways:CRDT literature can be relevant even if you're not creating a decentralized systemMultiplayer for a visual editor like ours wasn't as intimidating as we thoughtTaking time to research and prototype in the beginning really paid off

      Key takeaways of developing a live editing tool

    2. We had a lot of trouble until we settled on a principle to help guide us: if you undo a lot, copy something, and redo back to the present (a common operation), the document should not change. This may seem obvious but the single-player implementation of redo means “put back what I did” which may end up overwriting what other people did next if you’re not careful. This is why in Figma an undo operation modifies redo history at the time of the undo, and likewise a redo operation modifies undo history at the time of the redo

      Undo/Redo working

    3. Figma doesn’t store any properties of deleted objects on the server. That data is instead stored in the undo buffer of the client that performed the delete. If that client wants to undo the delete, then it’s also responsible for restoring all properties of the deleted objects. This helps keep long-lived documents from continuing to grow in size as they are edited

      Undo option

    4. An important consequence of this is that changes are atomic at the property value boundary. The eventually consistent value for a given property is always a value sent by one of the clients. This is why simultaneous editing of the same text value doesn’t work in Figma. If the text value is B and someone changes it to AB at the same time as someone else changes it to BC, the end result will be either AB or BC but never ABC

      Consequence of approaches like last-writer-wins

    5. Figma’s multiplayer servers keep track of the latest value that any client has sent for a given property on a given object

      No conflict:

      • two clients changing unrelated properties on the same object
      • two clients changing the same property on unrelated objects.


      • two clients changing the same property on the same object (document will end up with the last value sent)
    6. Every Figma document is a tree of objects, similar to the HTML DOM. There is a single root object that represents the entire document. Underneath the root object are page objects, and underneath each page object is a hierarchy of objects representing the contents of the page. This tree is is presented in the layers panel on the left-hand side of the Figma editor.

      Structure of Figma documents

    7. Even if you have a client-server setup, CRDTs are still worth researching because they provide a well-studied, solid foundation to start with

      CRDTs are worth studying for a good foundation

    8. CRDTs are designed for decentralized systems where there is no single central authority to decide what the final state should be. There is some unavoidable performance and memory overhead with doing this. Since Figma is centralized (our server is the central authority), we can simplify our system by removing this extra overhead and benefit from a faster and leaner implementation

      CRDTs are designed for decentralized systems

    9. There are many types of CRDTs

      CRDTs have different types, such as Grow-only set and Last-writer-wins register. Check more of them here

    10. CRDTs refer to a collection of different data structures commonly used in distributed systems. All CRDTs satisfy certain mathematical properties which guarantee eventual consistency. If no more updates are made, eventually everyone accessing the data structure will see the same thing. This constraint is required for correctness; we cannot allow two clients editing the same Figma document to diverge and never converge again

      CRDTs (Conflict-free Replicated Data Types)

    11. They’re a great way of editing long text documents with low memory and performance overhead, but they are very complicated and hard to implement correctly

      Characteristics of OTs

    12. operational transforms (a.k.a. OTs), the standard multiplayer algorithm popularized by apps like Google Docs. As a startup we value the ability to ship features quickly, and OTs were unnecessarily complex for our problem space

      Operational Transforms (OT) are unnecessarily complex for problems unlike Google Docs

    13. Designers worried that live collaborative editing would result in “hovering art directors” and “design by committee” catastrophes.

      Worries of using a live collaborative editing

    14. We use a client/server architecture where Figma clients are web pages that talk with a cluster of servers over WebSockets. Our servers currently spin up a separate process for each multiplayer document which everyone editing that document connects to

      Way Figma approaches client/server architecture

    15. When a document is opened, the client starts by downloading a copy of the file. From that point on, updates to that document in both directions are synced over the WebSocket connection. Figma lets you go offline for an arbitrary amount of time and continue editing. When you come back online, the client downloads a fresh copy of the document, reapplies any offline edits on top of this latest state, and then continues syncing updates over a new WebSocket connection

      Offline editing isn't a problem, unlike the online one

    16. traditional approaches that informed ours — OTs and CRDTs

      Traditional approaches of the multiplayer technology

    17. it's important to be able to iterate quickly and experiment before committing to an approach. That's why we first created a prototype environment to test our ideas instead of working in the real codebase

      First work with a prototype, then the real codebase

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  6. Oct 2019
    1. I had to upgrade my other project from Webpack 2 / Angular 5 to Webpack 4/Angular 7 and it was a complete nightmare! I lost a ton of hours and can't really justify charging my client for the weeks worth of time to figure it out.
    1. In this post, I’m going to guide you through peculiarities of real estate web development and give you useful real estate website tips focused on the increase of conversions.
    1. Android and iOS

      Payment for mobile OS:

    2. Developing in the cloud

      Well paid cloud platforms:

    3. Finding a database management system that works for you

      Well paid database technologies:

    4. Here are a few very prominent technologies that you can look into and what impact each one might have on your salary

      Other well paid frameworks, libraries and tools:

    5. Frontend Devs: What should I learn after JavaScript? Explore these frameworks and libraries

      Most paid JS frameworks and libraries:

    6. What programming language should I learn next?

      Most paid programming languages:

    1. There are many dependable software developers in the world. They can build software of any complexity keeping up with quality standards. And today, we will cover top developers in Norway, which are excellent and reliable professionals.
    1. choosing a software development company becomes a real challenge. Especially when you’re putting lots of money, time and effort into the project and want a qualified team to take care of it. That’s why we’ve made a guide explaining how to choose a software vendor.
    1. It had started with the cans, the lining of them on the shelves, hurling them on the floor, brooding, fussing, repacking them in the boxes, and then the whole thing over and over again until hours after Ichiro had gone.

      This seems almost metaphoric for the camps that the Japanese experienced. is this besides the war that is causing madness?

    1. The Politics of Sustainability and Development

      This reading is to help you better understand the role and importance of literature review. Literature review connects us to a bigger community of scientists who study the same research topic, and helps us build up, illustrate, and develop our theory (what is happening between the IV and the DV?) and research design (how one plans to answer the RQ).

    1. Custom Mobile App Development Company

      At 4Life Innovations, we absolutely believe all roads lead to mobile, which is why we specialize in mobile app development services. Our mobile app development team comes with a full solution for mobile application development and working on various popular mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

    1. When we talk about abstraction levels, we can classify the code in 3 levels: high: getAdress medium: inactiveUsers = Users.findInactives low: .split(" ")

      3 abstraction levels:

      1. high: getAdress
      2. medium: inactiveUsers = Users.findInactives
      3. low: .split(" ")


      • The high level abstraction are functions that you create, like searchForsomething()
      • The medium level are methods in your object, like account.unverifyAccount
      • The low level are methods that the language provides, like map, to_downncase and so on
    2. Uncle Bob, in clean code, defends that the best order to write code is: Write unit tests. Create code that works. Refactor to clean the code.

      Best order to write code (according to Uncle Bob):

      1. Write unit tests.
      2. Create code that works.
      3. Refactor to clean the code.
    3. Sometimes it's interesting to explain some code (How many time you spend trying to figure out a regex pattern when you see one?), but, in 99% of the time, comments could be avoided.

      Generally try to avoid (avoid != forbid) comments.


      1. Become outdated, confusing your future self (Yesterday I lost some precious time because of an outdated comment)
      2. Could be replaced for some better named variable/function/class.
      3. They pollute the code unnecessarily.
    4. There is another maxim also that says: you must write the same code a maximum of 3 times. The third time you should consider refactoring and reducing duplication

      Avoid repeating the same code over and over

    5. decrease the switch/if/else is to use polymorphism

      It's better to avoid excessive switch/if/else statements


    6. The ideal is not to mix the abstraction levels in only one function.

      Try not mixing abstraction levels inside a single function

    7. In the ideal world, they should be 1 or 2 levels of indentation

      Functions in the ideal world shouldn't be long