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  1. May 2022
  2. Apr 2022
  3. Mar 2022
    1. The Assault on EmpiricismFrom crime to climate change, the hostility of ‘movements’ to data is making it impossible to address real-world problems
    1. Earned Legitimacy Learning Cohort How governments are rebuilding trust with communities
    1. All Too HumanThe powerful are subject to the same flaws and follies as the rest of us.
  4. Feb 2022
    1. Effect of Offering Care Management or Online Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training vs Usual Care on Self-harm Among Adult Outpatients With Suicidal Ideation: A Randomized Clinical Trial
    1. Eyes on Evidence II 31 January, 2022 An assessment of the transparency of evidence usage in the Government of Canada
  5. Jan 2022
  6. Dec 2021
    1. Willingness to Share Research Data Is Related to the Strength of the Evidence and the Quality of Reporting of Statistical Results
  7. Nov 2021
    1. GTAA Season 3 Episode 17: Slavoj Žižek on Communism (& Kant Was Not a Critical Race Theorist)
  8. Oct 2021