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  1. Jan 2024

      @vickoly offers tips for newbies on how to thrive on the Hive blockchain, including asking questions, publishing quality content, engaging with others, enrolling in newbie initiatives, identifying a niche, participating in contests, and joining Discord to make friends and gain knowledge.


      Who: Newbies on Hive

      What: Tips to help newbies thrive on the Hive blockchain

      Where: Hive blockchain

      Why: To provide guidance and support to newbies and help them succeed on the platform.

      How: 1. Ask questions: Seek guidance from onboarders or reputable people on the platform. 2. Publish top-notch content: Share high-quality and original content that promotes the growth of the Hive blockchain. 3. Engage with others: Communicate and build relationships with other authors on Hive through meaningful engagement. 4. Enroll in Newbies Initiative Program: Join the @newbies-hive initiative to learn about the details and rules of the Hive blockchain. 5. Identify your niche: Find your area of specialization and share content related to it in respective communities. 6. Participate in contests: Take part in contests on Hive to earn rewards and overcome writer's block. 7. Join Discord/make friends: Connect with other authors and gain knowledge about Hive through community channels like Discord.

  2. Nov 2023
    1. Improved blank slate experiences: After a user signs in using a social media account, site owners have the ability to auto-suggest or auto-populate their settings with information held in their social account. This lets organizations create a first impression of convenience and encourage further use of their apps and site.
  3. Nov 2022
  4. Jul 2022
    1. pre-commit hooks

      This should probably link to the section below.

    2. one of the first steps of the process should be to come up with a customized plan or "road map" for ramping up. This should be regularly reviewed and updated during the process.

      It could be good to have a template for this somewhere to help organize goals, timelines, etc.

  5. May 2022
    1. Similar to the way in which oil field executives were invited to Washington, DC, to help the United States mobilize during World War II, the hyper-response will adopt a similar approach to the task of building a new material security net. Leaders in the areas of renewable energy, zero emissions and ecological design, resource eagles, defense, and other relevant research and development fields, as well as tradespeople, will be invited to plan and deliver one of the largest engineering and human training and employment feats in world history. OP NewNet will jump-start humanity’s fight back against the hyperthreat.

      to achieve large mobilization, a cascading social tipping point strategy can be fruitful, coupled with a conditional onboarding such as employed in the Simpol strategy: https://www.simpol.ph/ Conditional onboarding works because, like crowdfunding, nobody needs to make any resource commitment unless sufficient momentum is demonstrated.

  6. Feb 2022
    1. ndividuell pas-sende Zuordnung von Trainings und Dokumenten beim Onboarding eines neuen Mit-arbeiters

      Smartes Onboarding

  7. Jan 2022
    1. You could imagine employers shipping corporate laptops with pre-installed notes to make it easier to transfer (previously tacit) knowledge and thus improve the onboarding process for new hires.

      Using Hypothes.is as an annotation layer for internal company notes in a private space could be an interesting way for easing on-boarding.

      In some sense, this is a little bit of what the annotated syllabus is doing for students at the beginning of a course (in addition to helping to onboard them to the idea of social annotation at the same time.)

  8. Oct 2021
    1. Onboarding is one of our only chances to make a great first impression on employees. Training plays a large role in that experience. If someone’s just starting out at your company, and you don’t have an effective system that supports them in learning how to do their new job, they'll likely turn right back around and leave. In fact, a strong onboarding experience can boost retention by 82%.
  9. May 2021
    1. It’s the idea that when employees aren’t properly trained, integrated, or managed, they are operating at less than optimal efficiency and “team debt” is accrued. Each new employee that is added without being sufficiently trained and integrated increases that debt. If unchecked, team debt can reach a point where expansion must be halted in order to address the deficiencies of the existing system.

      really like the idea of Team Debt

      this also connects a bit to the talk that Rehana gave on how adding people to a team doesn't always increase velocity.

  10. Apr 2021
    1. What I like about some of the newer platforms (Ghost, Medium, Social Media platforms) is the way the default post and the menus themselves more clearly guide the user in their decisions about how to interact. There is a sense that the platform offers points of entry. Doesn’t hold the user’s hand – but welcomes them, points to stuff, and smiles at the user a bit more.

      Here's a great example of a person who wants some of the UI niceties provided by onboarding for new users. This can be incredibly important for people who are new to the platform.

      On the flip side, it's much easier to do for a social media platform like Twitter which only does one or two things. It can be far harder for platforms like WordPress which have a lot more complexity or uses and require personas or use-types to do this well.

    1. It is, however, very important that an Engineering Manager is clear with their employees about expectations and direction.


    1. With Stack Overflow for Teams being a flexible platform, we’ve seen customers use it for a wide variety of use cases: A platform to help onboard new employees A self-serve help center to reduce support tickets Collaboration and documentation to drive innersource initiatives Breaking down silos and driving org wide transformation like cloud migration efforts A direct customer support platform Enable people who are working towards a common goal, whether a startup or a side project, to develop a collective knowledge base
    1. We are continuing an overhaul of our default startup editor in order to provide relevant extension-contributed tips and walkthroughs, intended to make both core VS Code features and extension contributions more approachable to new users.
    1. This is the big, counterintuitive advantage of spaced repetition: you get exponential returns for increased effort. On average, every extra minute of effort spent in review provides more and more benefit.

      Could complex software documentation/help systems use this? Better than most modern onboarding. How would you used spaced repition subtly without annoyance?

  11. Aug 2020
    1. having a completely distributed team can make it very difficult for team members to get to know each other on a personal level

      There is lots that gets missed from the chance encounters of in-person interactions.

      I've found this to be a challenge when onboarding at a new company.

      Many of the ways we happen to meet people in a normal office environment can go away, the chance encounters need to become intentional ones.

      It can feel awkward reaching out to someone over slack to ask for something if you have never had any kind of casual conversation or interaction with them before.

    1. Course as community onboarding

      I like this idea - as when joining a community figuring out the 'rules of engagement' can be hard, and also

      • who to go for what
      • what do I need to know to start
      • how does this community work

      For team on-boarding, project on-boarding, etc - it can also guide people towards other courses / resources that may be more ongoing or of other types

  12. Nov 2019
    1. annotation

      Right here! You can annotate every single word/paragraph too! Just select the text and join the conversation.

  13. Oct 2019
  14. Apr 2019
    1. Powered by Data wrote 4 of the resources on this page. "Measuring Outcomes" is about admin data. "Understanding the Philanthropic Landscape" is about open data - sp. open grants data. "Effective Giving" is an intro. And "Emerging Data Practices" is a tech backgrounder from June 2015.

  15. Mar 2019
    1. Psychological safety is an organizational climate in which individuals feel they can speak truthfully and openly about problems without fear of reprisal.

  16. Jan 2017
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  18. Aug 2015
    1. If you really want to, you can go see the 21 reasons why you’ll love tumblr. But you don’t have to. You can just dive in.