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  1. Jul 2020
    1. Service

      Service (complex query) - Example: acronym:"ipb" service_name:"Biblioteca Digital do IPB"

      (confirma os nomes please!!)

    2. Funding complex query

      Funding (complex query) - Example: funder:"FCT" funderID:"12345"

      (confirma o nome dos campos please!!)

    3. Author’s CienciaID identifier

      Author's CienciaID Identifier - Example: D41F-DF04-7EE8

    4. Author’s Orcid Identifier

      Author's ORCID Identifier - Example: 0000-0001-5804-2982

    5. type

      Entity Type - Include one of the options: Publication, Person, (include more?)

    6. type

      Entity Type - Use on of the values: Publication, Person,

    7. COAR Publication access rights vocabulary

      COAR Publication access rights vocabulary - use values: open access, embargoed access, restricted access, metadata only access

    8. Embargoed Date

      Embargoed Date - Use YYYY-MM-DD, or YYYY-MM or YYYY

    9. Identifiers

      Publication Identifier - A full url of the handle, DOI or URI

    10. Language

      Language - Use ISO 639-3, examples: eng, spa, por, ...

    11. License (Creative Commons)

      License (Creative Commons) - Use the URL or license acronym (CC-BY)

    12. Issued date

      Issue Date - Use YYYY-MM-DD, or YYYY-MM or YYYY

    13. COAR Types vocabulary

      COAR Types Vocabulary (version 2.0) - Include URI or value of the available options: http://vocabularies.coar-repositories.org/documentation/resource_types/

    14. COAR version vocabulary

      COAR Version Vocabulary - Use the URI or value of any of the version types: http://vocabularies.coar-repositories.org/documentation/version_types/

    15. Sorting order

      Incluir qual o campo do sort? ou juntar com o search sort em baixo?

  2. Dec 2019