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    1. ‘Running on Emptiness – The Pathology of Civilisation’John Zerzan (2002) All religions have problems with ‘unbelievers’, but that response is insignificant compared to their visceral hatred of ‘apostates’.

      !- Book Review : Free Range Activist !- Title : ‘Running on Emptiness – The Pathology of Civilisation’ !- Author : John Zerzan (2002) !- Website : http://www.fraw.org.uk/blog/reviews/023/index.shtml

      • All religions have problems with ‘unbelievers’, but that response is insignificant compared to their visceral hatred of ‘apostates’.
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    1. This book reminds me of me because I am funny. I like to joke around make funny faces and make people laugh. Yes I would recommend this book to reader’s ages 8-12 years old because it is hilarious and a good story. I think the drawings might interest the readers of this book.


    2. My Favorite part is when teenagers are in a truck and there is a teenager in the back of the tuck who sprays something at Greg and Rowley and it was Halloween night and they said they was going to call the cop on them. I found Greg intersting because he was funny and he took things seriously. He says funny things and he is a nice kid and he knows what is right and what’s wrong. The illustrator used black and white drawings and stick men. I thought the illustrations were funny and some of them made me laugh.

      Evaluation + characters

    3. This book is about the first day Greg Heffley went to middle school. Greg thought he was sitting between two morons in the first day of middle school. It was Halloween night and Greg is dad favorite holiday is Halloween. Greg and Rowley were running away from a people with a chainsaw on Halloween night then Greg mom came and ask what is going on here.

      PLOT: Is this enough? Have you read it? Does it really capture the essence of the book?

    1. I would recommend this book. I think a good reader would like this book because they would understand it more. It would interest the reader. The plot is weird you never no what's going to happen next. The setting is in Camp Green Lake and the mountains. The author writes with simple words and it is easy to read.


      What things DON'T belong in this paragraph?

    2. I really enjoyed reading this book because it was very interesting and it is a good book to read. My favorite part in the book is when they threw the shoes at Stanley because he fell funny. One of the characters reminded me of myself because I didn't know how to read like Zero, but now I do, and so does Zero because Stanley taught him. When I read this book I felt like I was there digging up holes and finding stuff underground.

      Evaluation + Characters

    3. This book is about a kid named Stanley Yalnats. One day he walked under the bridge and a kid had tossed some shoes off the bridge . They fell on Stanley and he fell when they fell on top of him. So about five minutes later the "'Police'" thought that he had stolen them, that's how he went to Camp Green Lake. When he went there he met a lot of people there. Their names were Zig-zag , Armpits , Zero , Twitch. They were good friends, but Zero didn't know how to read, so Caveman showed him. Stanley met them and they had to dig holes with his friends. About a year later Stanley left Camp Green Lake.

      Plot and characters. Is this first paragraph appealing? Does it capture the readers' attention? Why? Why not?

    1. I recommend this book because it has a positive story line. Lots of teenage girls would like this book because it is humorous but realistic. The plot would hold the interest of readers because it makes you laugh and think. I would also recommend this book to anyone who liked reading The Princess Diaries because it is by the same author.


    2. I really enjoyed this book. It was very funny and genuine. Samantha was funny because of her attitude and her "protests" like wearing all black. This book was very well-written. It goes into great depth about how we look at things in life and has great characterization. Samantha changed and grew in the book. By the end, she looked at art and love very differently. I felt this book was easy to relate to because it isn't perfect like a Cinderella story. It describes how life really is and is a very positive story.

      Evaluation + Themes + Characters

    3. Samantha Madison is an outsider. She dresses all in black because she mourns the loss of the art supplies at her school. She is in love with her older sister's boyfriend and the enemy of Kris Parks (the most popular girl at school). After saving the president's life, Samantha's world turns upside down. She is now the most popular girl in the USA and appointed Teen Ambassador for the UN. And the president's son just might be in love with her. Samantha learns a lot about life, love and common sense - but does SHE love the president's son?

      PLOT: What details are included? What is left out? How does the reviewer avoid giving spoilers

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    1. (See Hiltzik’s Dealers of Lightning for more.)

      Of "Dealers of Lightning", Alan Kay says:

      Its flaws are too much "Heroes' Journey" and a very complex and confused jumping around timeline (I had trouble myself orienting in some of the spots). But it also has a lot of good stories, of which a reasonable number are "true enough".

      He recommends Waldrop's "The Dream Machine".


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    1. 2019-9-1,再次找到第一次看吴军老师写的本质还有见识那种感觉,对科技演进的表述提供了另外一个纬度看历史发展的见解。对能量的使用效率,以及对信息的应用效率解释人类发展史的一切。但这足够么?是个问题。希望下次能够带着问题和其他的见解再读一次。不要让这种收获的感觉来的太简单了,不然就是对书对知识的不负责任!



    1. 左其盛推荐4星 沟通类书单,可以看,虽然内容比较散乱


    1. 可证伪这种东西是科学思维的基础,可以应用在所有学科上的


      左其盛推荐5星也是我第一次读这本书的原因 总的来说值得读第二遍

    1. 左其盛4星,我感觉就三星把


    1. 左其盛4星 看过一遍,做过批注,但是批注找不到了 没关系,再一个小时的事情。而且是可以作为日常出现沟通问题时找答案的一本书 但是就通读一下,梳理一下结构。梳理完了以后结合公司现状做个培训 p2把,找个书友一起看,一起输出

    1. 4星,值得看,且值得在摸清商业模式准备好融资架构的前提下,最早看的一本关于融资的书

    1. 可看,大概在年中的时候必看。 因为要设计公司结构了,前提是明确业务方向、目标、模型的洞察,以及对团队能力的深度了解。

    1. 网上找不到资源,已经在知乎上问作者要了。

      目测是一本好的入门书籍。 给人的最大的价值是区分好钱还钱,以及明确一些坑。

    1. 针对基金投资者的书籍,也针对那些已经ipo的或者将要ipo的证券部门负责人看会更合适。



    1. 有帮助,有一定的借鉴价值,但是总体来说要看的优先级不高


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    1. Tea cites Chavisa Woods’s recent memoir of sexism 100 Times, Andrea Lawlor’s Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl and Brontez Purnell’s Since I Laid My Burden Down as examples of books that have fearlessly and artfully tackled themes of power and gender relations, misogyny and sexual violence. “Right now, I think the [publishing] industry is responding to what is happening and saying: ‘Yes we really need these voices, we need these ideas out in the world.’

      So true!

      My review of Chavisa Woods's book is here.

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    1. efficiency has come to mean accomplishing a task with the least possible human intervention—a goal that often turns out to be self-defeating, particularly when efficiency becomes almost an end in itself. Recall Thomas Edison’s famous line that genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration and contrast it with our contemporary enthusiasm for machine-like efficiency

      Interesting connection here between the efficiency mandate and the "talent means no effort required" attitude we see in many school settings.

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    1. A stamp in the passport, Portrait, a place I must visit without ever feeling it necessary to return, though I might want to wander out now and then to drop in on Joyce’s poetry, roughly contemporary with the first novel, those curious “pomes,” wearing their spats and dandyish nosegays, occasionally taking up a putative lute to croon promises of theoretical love to unconvincing maidens in the windows of canvas-flat donjons.

      This is relevant.

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