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  1. Jul 2023
  2. Oct 2020
    1. During the SARS coronavirus outbreak, in 2003, a cluster of cases in Hong Kong was attributed to one person with diarrhea in a poorly ventilated apartment building.

      toilet plume, two words everyone just loves!

  3. Sep 2020
  4. Aug 2020
  5. Jul 2020
  6. Jan 2018
    1. Toilet of Diana

      This painting has now been confirmed to be a Vermeer. It is thought be be one of his earliest works.

  7. Nov 2017
    1. A stamp in the passport, Portrait, a place I must visit without ever feeling it necessary to return, though I might want to wander out now and then to drop in on Joyce’s poetry, roughly contemporary with the first novel, those curious “pomes,” wearing their spats and dandyish nosegays, occasionally taking up a putative lute to croon promises of theoretical love to unconvincing maidens in the windows of canvas-flat donjons.

      This is relevant.

    1. Speaking in an interview with Astra Taylor for the film Examined Life (2008), Slavoj Žižek makes a plea for rediscovering poetry in the real of nature (the real, that is, in the Lacanian sense of the term, that which resides in a state beyond or outside of human knowledge or comprehension), in its trash or waste, its chaos, its playing out of mathematical formulae and physical, chemical and biological processes.

      This is interesting!

  8. Feb 2015