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  1. Jun 2020
  2. Oct 2019
    1. This option is a function which accepts a package as a parameter, and returns a boolean. The following example configuration accepts a package and always returns false: { allowUnfreePredicate = (pkg: false); }

      What is a package in this context? That is, the callback's pkg parameter. Is it a derivation?

      If I understood it correctly, whenever referencing other packages as inputs, those are actually derivations, that are just attribute sets.

  3. Feb 2019
  4. Jan 2019
    1. On the contrary, inspecializationswecan only derive a subset of the original products.Refac-toringsimprove the cohesion betweensplelements with-out changing the product family.
    2. a generic framework that follows aModel DrivenEngineeringapproach to capture the evolution of aspl