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    1. Open SBCGlobal on your web browser and enter your credentials to log into your account. Click on the Profile and then open Contact info. Click on the Email option next. On the new page, locate and click on free email account tab. The next step to remove SBCGlobal email account is to click on Manage followed by Next. Now, go to the Member ID and select Delete an account. Now click on OK and wait till you receive a verification message. For more details: sbc toll free number

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    1. While you could program this little piece of logic and flow yourself using a bunch of Ruby methods along with a considerable amount of ifs and elses, and maybe elsif, if you’re feeling fancy, a Trailblazer activity provides you a simple API for creating such flow without having to write and maintain any control code. It is an abstraction.
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    1. try to

      REMOVE Why: Weakens the intention to really do it

    2. try to

      REMOVE Why: Weakens the intention to really do it

    3. Supper is cooked for 7:30pm

      REMOVE Why: no need to be this specific

    1. This is easily solved by extracting components, either as template partials/JavaScript components, or using Tailwind's @apply feature to create abstractions around common utility patterns.
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