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  1. May 2022
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    1. dplyr in R also lets you use a different syntax for querying SQL databases like Postgres, MySQL and SQLite, which is also in a more logical order
  5. Feb 2020
    1. Now this can be simplified using the new {{}} syntax: summarise_groups <- function(dataframe, grouping_var, column_name){ dataframe %>% group_by({{grouping_var}}) %>% summarise({{column_name}} := mean({{column_name}}, na.rm = TRUE)) } Much easier and cleaner! You still have to use the := operator instead of = for the column name however. Also, from my understanding, if you want to modify the column names, for instance in this case return "mean_height" instead of height you have to keep using the enquo()–!! syntax.

      curly curly syntax