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  1. May 2024
    1. there is a neuron in a seans that responds to temperature and if you take a normal temperature worm 00:36:26 and you put it in high temperature

      for - paradigm shift - evolutionary biology - epigenetic's critical role in inheritance - experimental proof - C. Elegan - Oded Rechavi

  2. Mar 2024
    1. Leaks Happen! But Period Panties Are Your Secret Weapon (Seriously!)

      Article Notes: Leaks Happen! But Period Panties Are Your Secret Weapon

      • The Inevitable: Menstrual leaks are a common, yet often unspoken, occurrence. They can happen to anyone, regardless of how careful they are with their menstrual products.
      • The Solution: Period underwer are a game-changer in the world of menstrual products. They’re designed to be absorbent, leak-proof, and offer odor control, making them a reliable ally during your cycle.
      • The Benefits: These panties allow for a more sustainable menstrual cycle management by reducing the need for disposable products. They also provide a sense of security and comfort, knowing you’re protected from unexpected leaks.
      • The Variety: There’s a wide range of period panties available to suit different needs and preferences. Whether it’s for light or heavy flow days, for overnight protection, or even for use during exercise, there’s a style that fits every scenario.
      • The Assurance: Embracing period panties means you can say goodbye to the anxiety of leaks. They’re your secret weapon, giving you the confidence to go about your day without the worry of accidents.
      • The Takeaway: Leaks might happen, but they don’t have to be a disaster. With period panties, you’re equipped to handle whatever your period throws at you—comfortably, confidently, and sustainably.


  3. Dec 2023
    1. collectively solve a local environ-mental problem
      • for: community organization - proof of concept

      • comment

        • Solving a particular problem that is salient in the community is the best entry point into demonstrating the benefits of such a community organization.
        • The particular problem needs to be:
          • salient
          • feasible to solve with existing resources
        • Having solved this using the emergent, new methodologies, they can have more confidence to tackle bigger and more complex problems _ This gradually eases them into tackling rapid whole system change.
  4. Sep 2023
  5. Apr 2023
    1. According to the pragma-dialectical theory of vanEemeren and Grootendorst, Blair noted, "sufficiency is a function of appropriatelymeeting the critics' challenges to premises and inferences" (p. 3 32) . Blair alsonoted that this means that an argument can rightly be said to be sufficient for itsconclusion in this sense when it meets its burden of proof3 relying on "what maybe presumed without or accepted without further question" (p. 333)
      • Argument Generative Statement Based on proof.
      • Critical Statement test Burden of Proof and Generative Efficiency.
      • Meeting and Satisfying Criticism is part of Generative Process.
      • Pragma-Dialectical Theory
    2. According to this type of analysis, each of the types of argumentation modelled will have a distinctive argumentation scheme (structure, form) that allows itto function as a way of making a point or shifting a burden of proof in a dialogue.
      • Argument and Proof
  6. Mar 2023
    1. An augmentation on arc (i, j) might, however,create an additional arc (j, i) with rji > 0 and therefore also create an additionalinequality d(j) ~ d(i) + 1 that the distanceJabels must satisfy.

      This is just using the inductive hypothesis. The indecutive hypothesis hold for all the neighbours of the curren node \(i\), after the delection of the arcs, the neigboring vertices decreased, therefore, valid distance label condition still holds.

    2. Proof

      The proof uses the algorithm.

  7. Sep 2022
    1. ‖Ax‖2 = (Ax)>(Ax) = x>A>Ax = x>Ix = x>x = ‖x‖2

      this is an important proof of dot product for an orthogonal matrix

  8. Aug 2022
  9. Jun 2022
    1. NY and NJ share the same bay, NJ will not join the Oyster program in fear people will eat them and get sick or die. Great post it actually cleaned up our waters where we now have all year visitors including whales, dolphins,tuna, seals all within sight of NYC.

      Despite those findings, Morris is optimistic about nature-based living reefs, which, she says, offer a much better economic and environmental investment than artificial counterparts. “You build these hard seawalls to withstand certain storms, certain events, certain future conditions,” she says, “But once these conditions are reached, they are not adaptive. You have to either build another seawall, or build the seawall higher, or repair them if they’re damaged in a storm.”

    1. Blockchains address this problem in two ways. First, they enforce a complete ordering on all transactions, which generates a tree of alternative views of history. Second, they define canon for histories, along with a fork-choice rule that selects the canonical branch from the tree of histories.

      Blockchains solve the double spending problem in two ways.

      (1) They enforce a complete ordering of all transactions, which results in a tree of possible histories. (2) They define a fork-choice rule that selects the canonical branch from the tree of all possible histories.

  10. Apr 2022
    1. It's always a good idea to avoid things like 'both', since it's not future-proof — if we decided we wanted to support method overrides via headers, for example (which is sometimes used to get around firewalls that disallow non-GET/POST requests), then 'both' would need to become 'all', which would be a breaking change.
  11. Feb 2022
  12. Dec 2021
    1. “proof of stake” where the design literally becomes “he who has the gold makes the rules”.
  13. Nov 2021
    1. POC vs MVP: What to Choose to Build a Great ProductDmitryCEOMVPHomeBlogEntrepreneurshipPOC vs MVP: What to Choose to Build a Great ProductPublishedNov 10, 2021UpdatedNov 11, 202115 min readWhen it comes to creating a new product or implementing a new feature, you need to test it first. The best way to do so is to check your idea with the appropriate steps. There are several software product stages: PoC, prototype, MVP, etc. What is the difference between proof of concept vs. MVP? Why are these stages essential? When should you build a Minimum Viable Product? This article focuses on two fundamental approaches that help test your idea quickly and create a successful solution.

      When it comes to creating a new product or implementing a new feature, you need to test it first. The best way to do so is to check your idea with the appropriate steps. There are several software product stages: PoC, prototype, MVP, etc.

      What is the difference between proof of concept vs. MVP? Why are these stages essential? When should you build a Minimum Viable Product?

      This article focuses on two fundamental approaches that help test your idea quickly and create a successful solution.

  14. Oct 2021
  15. Jul 2021
    1. If you want to understand why I’ve made these arguments, you first need to recognize that for decades, right-wing thinkers and judges have argued that policies that lead to racial inequities are “not racist” or are “race neutral.” That was the position of the conservative Supreme Court justices who recently upheld Arizona’s voting-restriction policies. Those who wish to conserve racial inequity want us to focus on intent—which is hard to prove—rather than the outcome of inequity, which is rather easy to prove.
  16. Jun 2021
  17. May 2021
    1. Lawrence Gostin. (2021, April 30). Insightful talk by @doctorsoumya @P4HR webinar on #VaccinePassports @WHO is developing smart Int’l Vaccine Certificates Proof of vac Confidential & Secure Open Access Interoperable But @WHO doesn’t support requiring vacs for int’l travel until the world is more equal [Tweet]. @lawrencegostin. https://twitter.com/lawrencegostin/status/1388215713328943104

  18. Mar 2021
    1. One day last August 2018, I stumbled upon an online petition that sparked my curiosity - We Want Serverless Ruby. At that time, none of the major cloud providers had first-class support for Ruby in their serverless products. There were ~1400 devs signing that petition, and I wondered if there was something about Ruby that made it unsuitable for FaaS. I decided to roll the sleeves and start building what would be the first PoC of faastRuby.
  19. Feb 2021
    1. There are many ways to incorporate social proof on your pricing page, including the following: Case studies Reviews Testimonials
    1. 𝐵∪(⋂𝑖∈𝐼𝐴𝑖)=⋂𝑖∈𝐼𝐵∪𝐴𝑖B∪(⋂i∈IAi)=⋂i∈IB∪AiB \cup\left(\bigcap_{i \in I} A_{i}\right)=\bigcap_{i \in I} B \cup A_{i};

      Here's a simpler (hopefully similarly rigorous) proof I made for 1.1.3.a.

      $$\bigcup_{i \in I}A_{i} \cup B =(B \cup A_{1}) \cap (B \cup A_{2}) \cap ... \cap(B \cup A_{i})$$

      because distributive property of union over intersection $$= B \cup (A{1} \cap A{2}\cap ... \cap A_{i})$$

      $$= B \cup (\bigcap_{i \in I}A_{i})$$

  20. Dec 2020
    1. The more I think about this, the more I think that using the context API (for all the stores — page, preloading and session) is the most regret-proof approach, using the proposal above

      Looks like this is the approach that they went with

  21. Nov 2020
    1. This plugin was designed as a proof-of-concept for a feature that's destined for Rails 4. It has only been tested on Rails 3.2+, but may work on earlier versions as well.
  22. Oct 2020
    1. Almost every social network of note had an early signature proof of work hurdle. For Facebook it was posting some witty text-based status update. For Instagram, it was posting an interesting square photo. For Vine, an entertaining 6-second video. For Twitter, it was writing an amusing bit of text of 140 characters or fewer. Pinterest? Pinning a compelling photo. You can likely derive the proof of work for other networks like Quora and Reddit and Twitch and so on. Successful social networks don't pose trick questions at the start, it’s usually clear what they want from you.

      And this is likely the reason that the longer form blogs never went out of style in areas of higher education where people are still posting long form content. This "proof of work" is something they ultimately end up using in other areas.

      Jessifer example of three part post written for a journal that was later put back into long form for publication.

  23. Sep 2020
    1. Whether this be true or not, I cannot prevail upon myself to become his accuser–and I think with good reason. If I made the matter public, I have no evidence but moral evidence to bring forward. I have not only no proof that he killed the two men at the door; I cannot even declare that he killed the third man inside–for I cannot say that my own eyes saw the deed committed

      I think this is a very effective way to introduce the idea of proof which (presumably) will loom throughout the rest of the novel. The narrator's bemoaning of the difficulty of genuinely proving guilt, and the sheer amount of concrete evidence required - information which is increasingly scarce in the ambiguous fog of the later chapters - is highly effective foreshadowing.

  24. Aug 2020
    1. Ohhh, never thought of this hypothesis: that the act of getting drunk together might be a social technology that helps us verify the trustworthiness of others by inhibiting their higher cognitive functions and thus making it harder to consciously fake things.

      Proof of trustworthiness

  25. Jul 2020
    1. he GDPR does notpreclude all incentives but the onus would be on the controller to demonstrate that consent was stillfreely given in allthe circumstances.
    2. Controllers are free to develop methods to comply with this provision in a way that is fitting in theirdaily operations. At the same time, the duty to demonstrate that valid consent has been obtained bya controller, should not in itself lead to excessive amounts of additional data processing. This meansthat controllers should have enough data to show a link to the processing (to show consent wasobtained) but they shouldn’t be collecting any more information than necessary.
    3. t is up to the controller to prove that valid consent was obtained from the data subject. The GDPRdoes not prescribe exactly how this must be done. However, the controller must be able to prove thata data subject in a given case has consented. As long as a data processing activity in question lasts, the
  26. May 2020
    1. In order to comply with privacy laws, especially the GDPR, companies need to store proof of consent so that they can demonstrate that consent was collected. These records must show: when consent was provided;who provided the consent;what their preferences were at the time of the collection;which legal or privacy notice they were presented with at the time of the consent collection;which consent collection form they were presented with at the time of the collection.
    2. Because consent under the GDPR is such an important issue, it’s mandatory that you keep clear records and that you’re able to demonstrate that the user has given consent; should problems arise, the burden of proof lies with the data controller, so keeping accurate records is vital.
    3. Keeping comprehensive records that include a user ID and the data submitted together with a timestamp. You also keep a copy of the version of the data-capture form and any other relevant documents in use on that date.
  27. Apr 2020
    1. Furthermore, the consent-based regime creates an obligation to document that consent was lawfully given.
  28. Mar 2020
    1. See a full history of user consents and data requests. Use the records to prove your compliance in case of an audit by data protection authorities.
    1. These records should include a userid, timestamp, consent proof, record of the consenting action, and the legal documents available to the user at the time of consent, among other things.
  29. Dec 2019
    1. A simple and timeless format Plain text is the simplest file format there is. It will always be accessible, by some kind of application, forever.
  30. burnsoftware.wordpress.com burnsoftware.wordpress.com
    1. Future proofs your journal entries by saving them as plain text and organizing them as you go. This means you can read or create entries when you don’t have DayJournal.
  31. Sep 2019
  32. Oct 2018
    1. he anti-relativists counter that the very notion of a “faultless” disagreement is incompatible with our common understanding of what it means to disagree. It is a hallmark of disagreement, as commonly understood, that the parties involved find fault with the other sides’ views.

      Negative for relativism

    2. If well-informed, honest and intelligent people are unable to resolve conflicts of opinion, we should, some relativists argue, accept that all parties to such disputes could be right and their conflicting positions have equal claims to truth, each according to their own perspective or point of view.

      Good point to use

    3. To take an example, moral relativism, according to this approach, is the claim that the truth or justification of beliefs with moral content is relative to specific moral codes. So the sentence “It is wrong to sell people as slaves” is elliptical for “It is wrong to sell people as slaves relative to the moral code of …”. Or alternatively, as Kusch (2010) formulates the idea on behalf of the relativist: “It is wrong-relative-to-the-moral-code-of-…” to sell people as slaves. The resulting sentence(s) turns out to be true, according to the relativist, depending on how we fill in the “…”. So, “It is wrong to sell people as slaves” comes out true relative to the moral code of the United Nations Charter of Human Rights and false relative to the moral code of ancient Greece.

      This is an excellent way of summarizing moral relativism with a great example.

    4. A second approach to defining relativism casts its net more widely by focusing primarily on what relativists deny. Defined negatively, relativism amounts to the rejection of a number of interconnected philosophical positions. Traditionally, relativism is contrasted with:

      Could use some of these as proofs

  33. Sep 2017
  34. Apr 2017
    1. We would be left floundering in conflicting nonsensical schemes if we accepted all the views that we can't really disprove.

      Booth quotes Russell a lot, so I'll link Russell's teapot here. Basically, maybe there's a teapot orbiting the Earth? But if a believer in that teapot was trying to persuade someone to believe in the teapot, the burden of proof is to prove it, not disprove it.

  35. Feb 2017
    1. It evidently means only that the "burden of proof" lies with the accusers;-that he is not to be called on to prove his innocence, or to be dealt with as a criminal till he has done so; but that they arc to bring their charges against him, which if he can repel, he stands acquiltt!d.

      I quite like this. A man is not "innocent or guilty" during his trial, but is instead just an observer to his accusers and the evidence that is put against him. We shouldn't determine one's innocence or guilt by their argument or appearance alone, but instead look at the total case and find the more logically supported argument. We should use similar presumption in rhetoric, and challenge those presumptions only when our Burden of Proof is too big to ignore.

      It's basically a call to support the more sound arguments.

  36. Jan 2017
    1. flipped classroom model

      This story is a proof for the efficiency of flipped classroom.




    1. DENNIS WEIS Co-author of Mass and Raw Muscle; former champion body builder and powerlifter. “…Serious Growth can’t help but take a bodybuilder into a 4th dimension of fresh new muscle growth.”
    2. EDMUND ENOS, Ph.D. Associate professor of exercise science - Concordia University; leading authority on bodybuilding and strength training “…thanks to serious growth, America has again become a world leader in developing advanced bodybuilding and strength training programs.”
    3. What bodybuilding professionals are saying about serious growth…
    4. Tony Chillino – West Nyack, NY “I was skeptical at first, but I decided to go for it. The results are phenomenal. Serious Growth put 30 pounds of muscle on my frame. My strength jumped in all exercises. About 90 pounds was put on my bench, 70 on the military and back. My body went through changes that my peers couldn’t believe, they accused me of doing drugs, but I plainly said ‘never’. You’ll feel yourself growing and getting stronger during the duration of the Serious Growth training. Your body is brought to a new level of accomplishment. You’ve made my dreams come true, keep it up.”
    5. Jared Jensen – Brigham, UT “I was ready to quit weight training but I decided to give this system a try. On the 3rd week my bench jumped 40 lbs. I was hooked. …I've seen guys in the gym who are using steroids. I get just as good gains as they do without killing myself. I couldn’t imagine working out without this program. Thanks Leo!”
    6. Bill Becker – Mt. Morris, PA “The Bulgarian System is amazing. In just 3 weeks my bench press went from 245 lbs. to 280 lbs. I didn’t think a natural training program could deliver results like this. Thanks OTS.”
    7. David Harper – Stone Mountain, GA “I have never been able to re-create the gains made by the use of anabolics and lifting extremely heavy weights, until now! …In just two months of dedication to this idea my maximum bench went from 260 pounds to 325 pounds which is just 15 pounds from when I was 19 and using anabolics. My body weight has gone from 195 to 225 and I seem to have less of that unwanted spare tire.”
    8. Peter Giaardini – Age 16 New Rochelle, NY “I could literally feel my body growing. I started out a measly 140 lbs. with 14½ inch arms. Now I’m 175 lbs. With 17½ inch arms and growing. My bench press went from 160 lbs. max to 325 lbs. Thanks Leo.”
    9. Mark Zollitsch – Newport Beach, CA “I’m training for the Olympics, and in just two weeks on the Bulgarian System, I added 50 lbs. to my bench. I used to hate doing pullups, now I’m doing five sets of twelve with a 15 lb. dumbbell hanging from my waist. This system is fantastic.”
    10. B. Laswell – Age 40 – Texas “I've been bodybuilding since I was 14. I’ve always been a hardgainer, but after 90 days on the Bulgarian System, I’ve added 140 lbs. to my squad and 20 lbs. of weight without it going to my waist. The Bulgarian System is the best that I have ever used. I only wish I had your course a long time ago; it would have saved me years of slow progress.”
    11. Eric Litster – Brigham City, UT “Thanks to OTS. In the last nine months I’ve added at least 100 pounds to my squat, seventy odd pounds to my bench, and 20 plus pounds to number of other movements. …And it gets better with every trip to the gym.”
    12. Dr. Mark Radermacher – Age 35 Management Consultant – Heartford, WI “I had never seriously lifted weights before in my life, but I wanted a sculptured aesthetic looking physique. Since I started the Bulgarian System I’ve made on believable size and strength gains. I started off struggling with squats at 135 lbs. Now just 3½ months later, I’m using 300 lbs. My chest, legs, and shoulders have gotten so big that I’ve outgrown all my suits.”
    13. Clyde Holland – Florence, AZ “Wow, the Burst program is awesome! It’s the best work out I've ever been exposed to. At the beginning I weighed 195 lbs. Now, I’m 217 lbs. and strong. I’ve been accused of using steroids. 12 weeks has added about 20 lbs. I have never seen anything which looked so wrong but is so right. I have a pile of muscle magazines and books written by Arnold, and others. None compares to this workout.”
    14. Michael Pinheiro – Age 15 High School Student – Hanford, CA Michael came to me weighing only 99 pounds and bench pressing 85 pounds, and he had a sincere desire to get big and strong. I put him on the Bulgarian system, and in the short time he's been using it he's made the most impressive gains of any young guy I've ever seen. Michael now bench presses 205 pounds (up from 85–that's more than double) and front squats 215 pounds (up from one of the 125). He weighs in at 130 pounds (up from 99) and his body fat has increased by only 1.5%. That's an incredible ratio of fat-to-muscle gain.
    15. Eric Poole – Age 33 Sales Manager – Visalia, CA Eric had only been working out sporadically off-and-on for a year. Nothing serious. Then he saw what I and some of my other clients had done with the Bulgarian system and he wanted to be a part of. When he began, he could only bench press 175 pounds for three reps maximum. Four weeks later, he was bench pressing 315 pounds! His squats went from 190 pounds (5 reps max) to 265 pounds.


    16. Bob Pierce – Age 20 College football player – Tulare, CA Bob started this program weighing 234 pounds (his heaviest weight ever), but he desperately needed to gain more weight for his lineman position on the football team. He had already tried lots of other systems for putting on weight and muscle mass, but nothing seemed to work. What's more, he had been training for over 5 years, which means his body was near its peak–and that's why he was having trouble putting on lean meat. (Or so he thought.) I put him on the Bulgarian system and in only 10 weeks, Bob gained 20 pounds of new muscle, with no increase in body fat! His bench press went from 315 pounds to 415 pounds in only 10 weeks. His legs don't fit into his old blue jeans anymore, and his friends at the gym swear he must be on steroids. (He's not. I don't allow any of my clients to use steroids.)


    17. I Tested It And It Works! I train really hard. Most athletes couldn't hold a candle to me. At 250 pounds and 5'10", I thought I was pretty darn developed. But when I return from the Eastern Bloc, I immediately put their methods to the test on my own body. And I'm happy (and embarrassed) to say that their training system runs rings around everything else I've tried here in the U.S. After just four months on their program, I pared 15 pounds of fat and replaced it with 20 pounds of rock-hard muscle. My neck size is now 20 inches and my arms are 20 ¾ inches. (And that's a cold measurement. What's more, I've never used a steroid in my life, and I don't allow my clients to either.) And I'm just the first example of how amazingly effective the SERIOUS GROWTH system is.
    18. Literally hundreds of experiments were done over several years to determine what worked best and what didn't. They put their best scientists to work determining how the body builds strength, power, and large muscles.
    19. Men, women, and sports teams throughout California come to me when they need to rapidly improve their strength, performance, endurance, or appearance.
    20. Probably my most famous (though not best built) client is Hollywood film star Kevin Costner. Another client of Hollywood fame is Steve Ruether, Producer of Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, and other top motion pictures.
    21. Over 40,000 hard-core bodybuilders already used this system with the most spectacular results I've ever seen. Many of the most respected professional athletes are raving about this training breakthrough
  37. Dec 2016
  38. Nov 2014
    1. mobile device

      is it also worth mentioning that some network graph controls are (currently) unavailable on touch screen devices?

    2. showing

      shows? (otherwise not a sentence)

    3. the project drew on the addressee information from letters that are currently sealed

      Not quite accurate - we don't have letter-by-letter addressee information, but are relying instead on the summary the processing archivists created. There's still a point to be made here... We're relying on the existence of letters rather than thinking about and digging into the content of the correspondence. So the fact that the letters are sealed isn't a blocker to this approach.

    4. difficult simply from archival research

      maybe here we emphasize the strength of automation? what we did would be possible through other means - just really tedious

    1. hypothes.is won't let me annotate the text in the help modal window, so I'll make notes here.

      turn the labels on or off, making it easier which may make it easier ?

      you can hover over wording a bit awkward; user isn't hovering; hover your mouse over? (wonder if there is standard language for this we can borrow?)

      degree/betweenness/centrality - can we bold these instead of putting them in quotes?

    1. The final step of the project was the drafting of the site’s text, including analyses of what was learned from the visualizations.

      do we want to revise this at all? (do we think this is still accurate?)

    2. RDF

      we could say "linked data" or "linked open data" - slightly less technical and jargony than RDF, which is an implementation detail

    3. Emory Finding Aids

      add a link to findingaids.library.emory.edu ? or do we have one elsewhere?

    4. EAD and TEI

      links to the websites for these standards?

    5. take provide

      one of these words is extra

    6. more letters

      this seems like a fine example but we're not actually using the volume or count of letters in our data (because we don't have access to that information)

    7. large

      was this supposed to be larger? otherwise it could probably be removed

    8. each

      not quite accurate - the finding aids describe generally who the the correspondence is to; I'm not sure they have this level of detail on the specific letters for any of the restricted content

    9. dedications of the works

      If you mean poem dedications/titles like "to Derek Mahon", there really aren't very many of those. Perhaps we can generalize a bit more here?

    10. have

      redundant word?

    11. including Pat (SGML), Tamino (XML), and eXist (XML). The encoding has been migrated from TEI version P3 (SGML) to P4 (XML) and currently, P5.

      should any of these technologies (TEI, eXist) be linked?

    12. Many of these drafts were held by Special Collections as typescripts or “Group sheets.

      "held ... as typescripts" seems like odd phrasing. Perhaps: "Many of these typescripts, known as "Group sheets" were/are held ... "?

    13. Special Collections Department

      should we add a comment, now MARBL? e.g. "Special Collections Department (now Manuscript, Archives....)" I see now we have a comment like that later, in the next section...

    14. theManuscript

      missing space?

    15. Seamus Heaney, Philip Hobsbaum, Michael Longley, Paul Muldoon, James Simmons, Ciaran Carson

      I know these names were already linked above, but should we go ahead and link them again?

    16. Michael Allen

      we should make sure to address somewhere why we don't have a profile for Michael Allen and why he doesn't show up in our network graphs

    17. Arthur Terry

      should we have a profile for Terry?

    1. wording - relationships around the group also seems a little odd. among the members of the group?

    2. measuring

      measuring seems weird/inaccurate. diagramming maybe?

  39. Feb 2014
    1. Well, this whole thing was cleared up by the logician Tarski, I guess, and some others, mayb e Russell or Peano. Anyhow, what you do is, you write down the axioms of your theory in a formal language with a given list of symb ols or alphab et. Then you write down the hyp othesis of your theorem in the same symb olism. Then you show that you can transform the hyp othesis step by step, using the rules of logic, till you get the conclusion. That's a pro of. Student : Really? That's amazing! I've taken elementary and ad- vanced calculus, basic algebra, and top ology, and I've never seen that done. I:M: : Oh, of course no one ever really do es it. It would take forever! You just show that you could do it, that's sucient.

      QED == 警策

    2. e can think of no condemnation more damning than to say of a student, \He do esn't even know what a pro of is". Yet he is able to give no coherent explanation of what is meant by rigor, or what is required to make a pro of rigorous.
  40. Oct 2013
    1. when people think that what they have said cannot be refuted, they then think that they are bringing forward a "complete proof," meaning that the matter has now been demonstrated and completed (peperhasmeuou ); for the word perhas has the same meaning (of "end" or "boundary") as the word tekmarh in the ancient tongue.

      I think it is interesting when the author talks about the origins of words and why they mean the things they do.

  41. Sep 2013
    1. [1356a] Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word there are three kinds. The first kind depends on the personal character of the speaker; the second on putting the audience into a certain frame of mind; the third on the proof, or apparent proof, provided by the words of the speech itself.

      Modes of persuasion: character of speaker, appeal, proof

    1. Then you must prove that the rhetorician is not a fool, and that rhetoric is an art and not a flattery

      The concessions Socrates led Polus to make allowed him to shift the burden of proof.