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  1. Jan 2017
    1. The Languages we are living in or English Speaking Cities (i.e. London, Edimburgh or New York): Google Sites, Audio guides, croma key effects, infographics, poems, QR-codes...etc.

      This sentence is hard for me to understand.

    2. Miguel Ángel Pereira

      HI Miguel, you can affiliate your profile to the CEDEC profile by using the "affiliation" field! Best Jan

    3. OERde 14, OERde 15 and OERde Festival

      It would be great if this would link to the related WM-entries automatically.

    4. flipped classroom model

      This story is a proof for the efficiency of flipped classroom.

    5. The reason is very simple and evident: learning doesn't happen at school any longer.

      This is a strong statement. I`m afraid this is true much too often.

    6. Due to this fact, I believe that teachers should develop new skills, new abilities to connect the curriculum with the way they are offered to our students.

      Sentence hard to understand for me.