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    1. Coding Scheme for Comments

      The process of coding is transparent and detailed. The explanations for the first coding dimension of observation, rewrite, rewrite with explanation, the second dimension as content versus mechanics, and the third as the length of the comment (more than or less than 10 words)

  7. Aug 2020
  8. Oct 2018
    1. Thus in the winter stands the lonely tree,

      second stanza is a sestet, rhyme scheme cdedce

    2. What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why,

      italian sonnet, first stanza is an octet First stanza rhyme scheme abbaabba

    1. No


    2. say


    3. As virtuous men pass mildly away
        • / - / - / - /<br> As virtuous men pass mildly away,

      Iambic Tetrameter- This meter is consistent (as well as the Rhyme Scheme ABAB) throughout the poem in order to covey the message to Anne More that Donne's love for her is constant and never changing; this is used in order to comfort the upset More.

    4. go


    5. away


  9. Aug 2018
    1. The Ministry has developed a support scheme to support pilot testing of innovative solutions in practice directly on the territory of the city and, with the help of active targeted counseling, to improve the managementof the transition towards administrative and fi nancially more demanding activities. In the framework of the pilot testing of the proposed support mechanism, 5 projects are to be supported, with the allocation for one project covering the costs of preparing a feasibility study of the solution and using a certain share of co-fi nancing of the Ministry resources and City resources for pilot testing in practice. We expect the launch of the pilot call in the 4th quarter of 2017.
  10. Mar 2018
    1. In a let expression, the initial values are computed before any of the variables become bound.
      • let binding 先在当前环境中计算所有 init 表达式的值, 再 bind varible, 最后在扩展的环境中计算 expression

      • let* 按顺序依次计算 init 并进行 binding

      • letrec 则先 binding 后再计算 init 允许递归定义

  11. Sep 2017
    1. anxiety about her economic future and a conviction that marriage was a social necessity for young women

      Let's not also forget that Charlotte is older than Mr. Collins by two years He is 25 (99) and she is 27, as Moe's later quote states. This makes her "scheme" even more successful, as he would still marry her despite her burgeoning "old maid" status.

  12. Nov 2016
    1. This alternative ``fully expand and then reduce'' evaluation method is known as normal-order evaluation

      Expand until you have basic operations

    2. (define (<name> <formal parameters>) <body>)

      General form of a procedure definition

  13. Apr 2016
    1. slave

      Rhyme Scheme: line1) a slave line2) b pleasure L3) a crave L4) b leisure L5) c beck L6) d liberty L7) c cheque L8) d injury L9) e strong L10) f time L11) e belong L12) f crime L13) g hell L14) g well