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    1. олег собрал большое войскои воевать идет за мира николай не хочет мираи не явился на войну(с)
    1. Kang v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2022 FC 1296 (CanLII), <https://canlii.ca/t/jrzb8>

      H&C with past misrepresentation must consider context of past misrepresentation

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    1. Each of those slices plays a role in influencing the thoughts and behavior of the individuals, and in turn, each person plays a small part in influencing the giants they’re a part of.

      How do we. Under start this?

    1. In the text of what follows the writer has profited much fromsuggestions by two friends on whom it seemed possible to impose ,Professors A. C. McLaughlin, University of Chicago, and A. C.Krey, University of Minnesota. They are not chargeable, however ,- eit

      Dow's methods were profited by advice from historians Andrew C. Mclaughlin and August C. Krey.





    1. James 11.Hanford, Malcolm McLeod, and E d g a r C. Knowlton, TheNelaon handbook of English, New York, 1931.

      I can't help but wonder about a possible familial connection between Edgard C. Knowlton (1921 - 2016) and Charles Knowlton (1800 - 1850). Grandson perhaps?


      cc: @danallosso



    1. Heteronormativity operates the ‘regime of the normal’, throughwhich heterosexuality is privileged and dominates as the natural, obligatory and normal basisof all social relations and in which sexualities are valued and devalued (Adams 2002)

      Can be used for a definition

    2. ‘queered’: a ‘radical process of disruption’(Ruffolo 2009, p.3) which seeks to destabilise the heterosexual/ homosexual binary andchallenge heteronormativity




  5. Jul 2022
    1. Conflicts between national identity and sexual orientation played a factor for some, suchas Zelda, who explained that while she wanted to participate in GSA, she feared that she might beseen by other students from her home country

      Conflict mention

    2. promote safe sex, stating “they areknown for giving free condoms and free kind of like sex ed and training for LGBT.”

      Student wellness services

    3. onlineresources are resources that are publicly available on the internet and accessed through a computer orsmart phone;

      Online resources that are not provided by HEIs

    4. need to avoid engaging in any activities in the United Statesthat could out them and lead to individuals in their home country learning about their sexual orienta-tion due to being required to return to their home country upon graduation.

      Visa policy mention

    5. Additional call for participant announcements were emailed to internationalcenter directors at all public institutions in the state of Texas and through the national research emaillistserv with the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals.

      Other potential recruitment methods

    6. The research team shared a weekly call for participants through their institution’sannouncement listserv.

      Potential recruitment method

    7. discussing some of the current policies within the United States that may hinder protectionof members of the LGBTQIA community,

      Should mention in relevance to research - may not necessarily focus on visa policies but policies nonetheless

    8. examine the experiences of international LGB studentsand the resources they utilize on campuses to ease their transition to college.

      Foci: during abroad experience, potentially with additions of motivations to go abroad

    9. Garvey, Taylor, & Rankin, 2015).

      Someone to cite from for definition



    1. It has beenfound that “female [international] students are more likely than their male counterpartsto experience discrimination (even within the international student community), phys-ical abuse, sexual harassment and social exclusion during their stay in Australia”

      Reason to pay attention to role of gender in past students' time abroad

      Add to additional significance to research

    2. incorporate vulnerabilities associated with international student status.These vulnerabilities include being in a foreign environment, often without adequatehost country language and cultural skills, being separated from family and friends, andfrequently having inadequate financial resources

      Move to "issues" for student section - being in a foreign environment, without adequate host country language skills and cultural skills, separation from family and friends, inadequate financial resources, not having the knowledge and comfortableness to navigate legal systems ---> more vulnerable to violence

    3. Poststructuralist approaches insist that different categorizations are pervasivelyinterrelated without the possibility of separate analysis

      Take note - one of traditions identified in another paper

    4. True(2010) described “gender-based violence” as violence directed against a womanbecause of her gender or as forms of violence in which women are overrepresented asvictims.

      Another defintion

    5. “gendered violence.” Morley used the term “gendered vio-lence” to incorporate crime and sexual exploitation and harassment.

      Potential definition of gendered violence to use

    6. Being safe from crime and violence is important to international students

      Safety important - something to pay attention to during interviews and coding

    7. education and support programs

      Practitioner focused

    8. We argue that intersecting inequalities relating togender, race, and class are often compounded by the status of “international student.”

      I feel that the term "international student" has the possibility of only situating national origin as the only facet of int'l student's identity -- at the expense of their other identities and how those identities interact with new external environments (race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, etc.)



    1. So what can we make of politicians who continue to argue that ‘1.5°C is still alive’? Are they misinformed or are they simply lying?I believe many are in denial about the types of solutions the climate crisis demands. Rather than do the – admittedly – very difficult political work of eking out our supplies of fossil fuels while accelerating a just transition to post-carbon societies, politicians are going all out on technological salvation. This is a new form of climate denial, which involves imagining large-scale carbon dioxide removal that will clean up the carbon pollution that we continue to pump into the atmosphere. While it may seem much safer to stick to the script and say that it is still physically possible to limit warming to no more than 1.5°C, while pointing out that the scale of change demands much more political will, I believe that this can no longer be a credible response to the climate crisis.We have warmed the climate by 1.2°C since pre-industrial periods. If emissions stay flat at current levels, then in around nine years the carbon budget for 1.5°C will be exhausted. And, of course, emissions are not flat – they are surging. 2021 saw the second-largest annual increase ever recorded, driven by the rebound in economic activity after Coronavirus lockdowns. We did not ‘build back better’.The clock has been stuck at five minutes to midnight for decades. Alarms have been continuing to sound. There are only so many times you can hit the snooze button.

      Going all out on technological salvation is a form of climate denialism.

      We are at 1.2 Deg C and emissions have climbed after rebounding after Covid. If they flatline for the next nine years, we will hit 1.5 Deg C.

    2. We Need to Stop Pretending we can Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C

      Title: We Need to Stop Pretending we can Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C Author: James Dyke Date: 6 July 2022

    1. constrained by citizenship andmigration policies that directly or indirectly place sexual minorities at a disadvantage

      Policy focus

    2. trajectories of their migration andthe factors that propelled their decision to change destinations globally.

      Focus - where men moved and why



    1. perceived public stigmais a critical and stable correlate of internalized homophobia.

      Perceived public stigma is tied to internalized homophobia

    2. nstead of internalizing par-ents’ negative response, children who endorse high reciprocalfilial piety are more likely to protect their sexual orientationfrom being stigmatized.

      Reciprocal filial piety "protects" children from internalized homophobia to some extent - children don't feel forced and obligated to meet all of their parent's expectations, especially when it conflicts with their personal happiness

    3. being a sexual minority mem-ber in many Asian countries is viewed as a violation ofheteronormative values and a betrayal of filial piety

      Being LGBTQ+ is a betrayal of filial piety - children expected to continue the family line

      Children from authoritarian filial piety families may express more remorse at not being able to meet their parent's expectations and blame their gender/sexual identity as the reason why

    4. Confucian culture plays a more im-portant role in Chinese people’s worldview

      This is separated from religion

    5. social learning theory

      Could be useful to add...how int'l LGBTQ+ students learn/absorb social/environmental (society, family, school) perceptions about their identity?

    6. distal stressors, which refer toobjective stressors (e.g., prejudiced events) independent ofone’s sexual identity, and proximal personal processes, whichrefer to subjective experiences connected with one’s sexualidentity, such as the expectation of rejection, concealment ofsexual identity, and internalized homophobia

      Add terms to glossary

    7. investigate the variables that could amplify ormitigate the impact of social homophobia on internalized ho-mophobia.

      i.e. filial piety

    8. hatred of personal sexual identity

      Could use this as a definition for internalized _phobia

    9. social homophobia

      Could use for glossary

    10. perceived public stigma and authoritarianfilial piety had comparable and positive association with internalized homophobia.

      Public stigma and authoritarian (not reciprocal) filial piety was associated with higher likelihood of internalized homophobia



  6. Jun 2022
    1. high school students realized their sex-ual orientation or gender identity and came out to others earlier than allthe other three groups of students within various educational levels—thatis, vocational students, college/university students, and graduate students.

      High school students more likely to come out than undergraduate, graduate, and vocational students

    2. male students’ initial awarenesswas earlier than females’, at an average of 14.9 vs. 15.4, but female studentscame out earlier than male at an average of 17.5 vs. 18.2.

      Males more likely to be aware of identity early on, but females more likely to come out earlier

    3. Bronfenbrenner’s social-ecological framework suggests, the immediate envi-ronments in which growing adolescents live are crucial to understandinghealthy development for that individual

      Looks at environment and impact on development of individual

    4. most LGBTQ students felt comfortable abouttheir sexual orientation and had come out to someone; how-ever, the majority remained closeted with their siblings,parents, or teachers.

      Students are comfortable with their identities, don't come out to relatives (parents, siblings) and authority figures (teachers) - friends, most likely



    1. ar-right parties and movements differentiatebetween LGBTQ people who abide by Serbian norms by keepingtheir sexual and gender identities private and those who publiclyexpress their identities and seek reforms to advance their rights andequality

      Seeking reforms to advance LGBTQ+ rights and equality makes you a bad LBGTQ+ person

    2. This theme contrasts “bad” LGBTQ rights activistswith “good” LGBTQ people who conform to social standards bykeeping their sexual and gender identities private

      i.e. Only considered good when they stay in the closet

    3. unite the LGBTQ rights movement with foreign threats to Kosovo’sstatus.

      Tying LGBTQ+ community to already negatively perceived groups -- individuals suffer because of national politics, nationalism, and nationalist myths

    4. Inductive codes werecreated throughout the analysis for text that did not match the deductivecodes.

      Reminder: refresh on inductive vs. deductive reasoning and inductive vs. deductive codes

    5. ymbolicboundaries are conceptual forms of intergroup differentiation basedon norms, values, and beliefs (Lamont et al., 2015). Moral boundariesrefer to claimed or attributed intergroup differences in virtues

      Words to add to glossary: symbolic and moral boundaries

    6. RWA, which is characterized by socialconformity, adherence to traditions, and the attribution of threats topeople seen as social deviants

      Shares traits with collectivism

    7. Threat perception is a predictor of support for human rights.

      Reminder: Add term threat perception to glossary draft, make note of connections to threat perception, social identity theory (and name authors), and conflict/human rights

    8. ocial identity theory, which posits that people seek positivedistinctiveness for their social groups (Tajfel & Turner, 1986).

      Theory to think about when thinking about domestic and local contexts for int'l LGBTQ+ students - LGBTQ+ perceived to cause negative distinctiveness for social groups - therefore considered a threat to the social group

    9. realistic threats to the existence, power,and well-being of the ingroup

      Types of perceived threats to in-groups

    10. These groups portray the movement as a Westerncultural threat, stressing the need to defend their country from aWestern conspiracy to “destroy” Serbia

      LGBTQ+ community positioned as an outgroup and outside/external threat, Western cultural imperialism..is this also a view in historically colonized countries as well?



    1. The duty of care extends to ensuring that all necessary steps have beentaken to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and students and forthe latter this includes providing pastoral care.

      Ethics framework

    2. using open social networks ledto concerns, with McPhail and Fisher reporting one research participant speaking of agay colleague being discouraged from joining an LGBTQ+ Facebook support network,for ‘fear that career progression may be impeded

      Conflict between identity and career prospects

    3. GBTQ+ travellers used ‘closed’ social media networks, availableonly following approval by an administrator, in a positive matter to aid ‘acculturation’

      May want to consider role of technology and social media in LGBTQ+ int'l student experiences while abroad and after returning home

    4. barriers to international academic mobility warrant close examination. The literatureon this point remains heteronormative in nature – often omitting the challenges facingLGBTQ+ travellers, discussed below

      Barriers to international academic mobility do not include LGBTQ+ students



    1. First, intersectionality rejects the postpositivist assumptions of an additiveapproach to social inequality, in which oppression is measured by addingtogether the effects of identifying with more than one marginalized group

      Postpositivist approach implies the separation of identities rather than looking at them holistically when combined

    2. used to deconstruct or “work the ruins” of everydaycircumstances in social life. Whereas scholars use the critical tradition toilluminate inequitable conditions, the poststructural tradition deconstructsthese inequities, often at the level of discourse (a term that refers to howlanguage and social practices regulate power and knowledge).

      Differences between poststructuralist and critical:

      Critical - highlighting inequitable conditions -- just identification?

      Poststructural - discusses those inequities, identifies implications of discussion findings

    3. Critical Trans Politics

      Look into what this is

    4. knowledge is coconstructed by socialactors, including participants and researchers

      Knowledge created by information from both researchers and participants, information gained through experience

    5. dichotomous,independent variable.

      Issue with approach - can lead to upholding binaries and implies an underlying assumption that biology is the deciding factor in sexual and gender identity (common form of thought in the West/U.S.)

    6. although observationis a subjective process, researchers should strive for neutrality and comeas close to objectivity as possible

      Ways to approach conducting research and communicating findings

    7. https://www.apa.org/pi/lgbt/resources/sexuality-definitions.pdf).

      Additional source to look at for terms - APA

    8. (a) gender cannot be understood in isolation from other so-cial identities; (b) gender is inextricable from sexism, genderism, and theirintersections with other social structural conditions; and (c) gender isa socially constructed, interactive process.

      Pay attention to (c) specifically -not sure what it means



    1. ack of LGBTQ+ people of colour being represented within theLGBTQ+ community and in media.

      In the higher ed space, could be improved by LGBTQ+ student involvement in leadership roles and in academia-esque roles (ex. in research)



    1. Amala expressed that being a part of the LGBTQA program at the university madeher want to bring change and be more visible about her identity to allow other internationalstudents to see that it is okay to be open and that there are programs and resources for them.

      Students in leadership positions and relationship to visibility

    2. involvement with programs at the university provided heropportunities to develop friendships with people who were supportive and accepting of heridentity.

      Developing social network

    3. visible with his identity at the university

      Student involvement and ties to visibility of their identity?

    4. My teacher thought I was gay or something so he had told my parents.

      Possibility of educators disclosing identities of students without consent? Something tied to educational policy in that country? Or cultural influence? Where to capture something like this in the research?

    5. Triangulation is a method used in qualitative studies to contribute to validation andverification throughout the qualitative analysis

      Will validifying and verifying research results be a part of the research process?

    6. The analysis of this study was conducted in accordance with the principles of IPA(Smith et al., 2009).

      Standard practice to describe data analysis process

    7. Atlas.ti version

      Qualitative data analysis software

    8. snowball and purposive sampling technique.

      Recruitment techniques

    9. (Beaty, 1999; Cass, 1979; Coleman, 1982; Harperet al., 2004; Kahn, 1991; Kuper, Coleman, & Mustanski, 2013; Troiden, 1989).

      May help to look into these theories for research

    10. a coming out model

      There are theories and models specific to the LGBTQ+ community

    11. When discussingidentity and its influence on the coming out experience, it is important to recognize theinfluences of culture, social constructs, and social roles on identity.

      Wonder if these factors should be made into interview questions?

    12. rural community

      May be a factor to think about in perceptions and experiences of LGBTQ+ int'l students

    13. significant factor in their decisions to reveal their identity.

      May be something to pay attention to in research

    14. institutional support programs,policies, practices, and resources provided in U.S. higher education for LGBTQinternational students.

      Might also be something to look for in research project during interviews - role of institutional support programs, policies, and resources in experiences abroad

    15. or example, undergraduate students were 45%less likely to come out to family compared to 70% of graduate students

      Undergraduate students less likely to be out to their families than graduate students, why? More reliant upon familial support? May be important to capture this demographic information in research interview participants

    16. changes in self-identification and labeling as the students change what words andterms they use to define their sexualities; changes in self-acceptance as their opinions onsexuality and their own homosexual identities shift; changes in self-understanding as theyadjust the degree to which they are open to expressing their sexuality in a reexamination oftheir own identities; and changes in their perceptions of their own potential professionaland romantic future as queer individuals

      Thinking about identity development as something to ask about in the research?

    17. marriage due to cultural and religious norms to be substantially important based on thesignificance of procreation to assist with family status and the economic growth withinthese communities

      Reasons why LGBTQ+ discrimination may be worse in African and Middle Eastern countries

    18. cultural values regarding sexual orientation, access to healthcare, discrimination and coping

      Additional issues of concern for LGBTQ+ int'l students that int'l students may not be as concerned about

    19. Journey to Community; Journey to aDestination of Diversity; Journey to Visibility; and Journey to Interiority

      How participants found/felt: community, diversity, visibility, and inferiority

    20. four major themes that emerged from the study that captured thecoming out experiences of the participants

      Thematic analysis?

    21. theoretical framework focused on identity was also utilized to develop a betterunderstanding of the participants’ coming out experiences and identity development.

      Take note -- see how author uses theoretical framework in their research

    22. interpretative phenomenological analytic approach

      Potential research methodology to use in research project

    23. limited research that addresses the coming outexperiences or identities of these students while they are studying in the U.S.

      Focus of paper and scope of research on focus of paper

    24. there is little to no research focused on international LGBTQ students’experiences in the U.S.

      Scope of research field



    1. A selective improvement technique for fastening Neuro-Dynamic Programming in Water Resources NetworkManagementDaniele de Rigo, Politecnico di Milano, ItalyAndrea Castelletti, Politecnico di Milano, ItalyAndrea Emilio Rizzoli, IDSIA, SwitzerlandRodolfo Soncini-Sessa, Politecnico di Milano, ItalyEnrico Weber, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

      Cite as:

      de Rigo, D., Castelletti, A., Rizzoli, A.E., Soncini-Sessa, R., Weber, E., 2005. A selective improvement technique for fastening neuro-dynamic programming in water resources network management. In: Źıtek, P. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 16th IFAC World Congress, IFAC-PapersOnLine. International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), pp. 7-12. https://purl.org/INRMM-MiD/c-10793225

    1. "LGBT students canonly access the support they need if they feel comfortable to disclose their sexualorientation and gender identity"(Pasterny,2017).

      HEIs need to find ways to make LGBTQ+ students feel comfortable on campus, and off campus when possible



    1. Many students require some form of individual support from their university before and during their studies abroad.

      Not after as well?

    2. Consult LGBT student societies when developing and marketing study abroad opportunities

      Important. I don't think LGBTQ+ support groups are factored into decision-making in equity and DEI initiatives often enough

    3. Homophobia, biphobia and transphobiaare often state sponsored

      External context on LGBTQ+ discrimination

    4. concerns about personal well-being can deter students from doing so

      Push factor for studying abroad

    5. xperience they gain from studying abroad increases theiremployability.4

      Pull factor for studying abroad



    1. (ESL) instructors and international student office staff, about the experiencesof these students that might be otherwise overlooked. It is important thatsuch faculty and staff show openness to discuss LGBT issues and also tohelp them smoothly refer students to counseling services as needed

      More referrals could mean more students having access to LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming mental health and counseling services that can impact their experiences upon returning home

    2. LGBT international students go back to theirhome countries for various reasons including for their families, for betterjobs, and because of their felt calling to contribute to their home and peo-ple.

      Reasons why LGBTQ+ students may choose to return to their home country: family, better job prospects, contributing to their home and country

    3. Most LGBT support groups and resourcesare designed for people who are Americans, and international students mighthave a hard time understanding what is going on because of language andcultural issues as well as how to socialize with strangers.

      LGBTQ+ international students can feel isolated even in LGBTQ+ support groups in the U.S.

    4. gay internationalstudents face much fear in disclosing their identities to their families. Theirenvironment will not allow coming out in their sexual identity, and thereare social and familial expectations that they marry someone of the oppositegender.

      Note: general fears when returning to home country from abroad: social and familial stigma, expectations of being forced into partnerships with opposite sex (gay, lesbian). death in some countries

    5. returning to their home countries.

      Focus for purpose of research project

    6. When using counselingservices, international students report a high dropout rate more often thandomestic students because of their negative view of seeking professionalhelp and a lack of understanding in using counseling services

      International students are more likely to dropout than domestic students



  7. May 2022
    1. Such a highly non-linear problem would clearly benefitfrom the computational power of many layers. Unfortu-nately, back-propagation learning generally slows downby an order of magnitude every time a layer is added toa network.

      The problem in 1988

    1. 您可以使用 typedef 为一个已有的类型取一个新的名字。下面是使用 typedef 定义一个新类型的语法:
    1. 下一行 using namespace std; 告诉编译器使用 std 命名空间。命名空间是 C++ 中一个相对新的概念。
    1. DICER1 syndrome encompasses a variety of benign and malignant manifestations including multinodular goitre

      Gene: DICER1 PMCID: PMC8451242 PMID: 34552563 Pathogenic Inheritance Pattern: Autosomal Dominant MultipleDiseaseEntities Disease Entity: DICER1 syndrome, multinodular goitre, cystic nephroma, anaplastic renal sarcoma, Wilms tumour, differentiated thyroid carcinoma, gynandroblastoma, ciliary body medulloepithelioma, embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, pineoblastoma, pituitary blastoma, kidney cyst, pulmonary cyst, Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor. Mutation: Germline MultipleGeneVariants Variant & Clinvar IDs: c.3452_3453del (485534), c.316del (no ClinVar ID), c.171_172insAC (no ClinVar ID), c.3434del (no ClinVar ID), c.988C>T (933007), c.5388dup (no ClinVar ID) Zygosity: None provided. Case: At time of operation, the goitre patients living in Denmark were ages 21, 12, 21, 8, 14, and 16. Four underwent total thyroidectomies, and two underwent partial thyroidectomies. The patient originally aged 21 previously had a kidney cyst at age 14 and a pulmonary cyst at an unknown age. The patient aged 14 at time of partial thyroidectomy later manifested a Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor at age 15. All six patients were female. CasePresentingHPO: None provided. CasePreviousTesting: thyroidectomy gnomAD: ENSG00000100697.10, https://gnomad.broadinstitute.org/gene/ENSG00000100697 Mutation Type: Frameshift, Nonsense

    1. DICER1 syndrome is an autosomal-dominant, pleiotropic, tumor-predisposition disorder arising from pathogenic germline variants in DICER1, which encodes an endoribonuclease integral to processing microRNAs (1).

      Gene Name: DICER1 PMCID: PMC5443331 PMID: 28323992 HGNCID: not found Inheritance Pattern: autosomal dominant Disease Entity: thyroid cancer and familial multinodular doiter Mutation: germline loss-of-function mutation Zygosity: not provided Variant: c.1870C>T; p.Arg624a, c.1870C>T; p.Arg624a, c.1870C>T; p.Arg624a, c.1870C>T; p.Arg624a, c.3726C>A; p.Tyr1242a, c.3675C>G; p.Tyr1225a, c.3675C>G; p.Tyr1225a Family Information: 145 individuals with a DICER1 germline mutation and 135 controls from 48 families Case: family members used; both males and females used and no significant differences seen among sex; ages range from 20-40 with carriers being significantly younger than controls; no significant differences seen among ethnicity but participants located from the US, UK, and Great Britain CasePresentingHPOs: thyroid cancer or MNG diagnosis common to those with a DICER! mutation but with no chemotherapy or radiation treatment yet CasePreviousTesting: tested levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, thyroxine, thyroxine-binding globulin, and serum albumin; thyroid palpation; thyroid ultrasound; Sanger or next-generation sequencing assays gnomAD: n/a Mutation Type: missense

  8. Apr 2022
    1. La gran C de Copiray tiene como función decirnos quienes son los creadores de una obra y los derechos sobre esta, pero aun así esta no es muy conocida o identificada a simple vista entonces esto podría hacer que cualquiera cayera en plagio si no tiene en cuenta en el momento de editar una obra ya previamente creada ya que esta c nos remite a un entorno privado donde no se puede editar simplemente por editar esto también causa controversia en cuanto a los elementos que están en internet y nos interesan porque previamente va existir información que tal ves deseamos modificar pero que no se puede hacer.

      min: 2:20 [(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUblaElbybE)]

    2. La gran C tiene mucha relevancia porque esta impuesta en cualquier garabato que hagamos entonces esto hace que cualquier obra realizada tome la propiedad de su autor original dándole voz y voto a quien en verdad lo merece

      [(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUblaElbybE)] min: 2:40

    1. Prof. Christina Pagel 🇺🇦 [@chrischirp]. (2021, November 24). As well as Tom’s new one (B.1.1.529), C.1.2 seems to be spreading in S Africa—C.1.2 was the one with lots of worrying mutations first reported in August... Plus cases in S Africa suddenly increasing again in the middle of their summer. Https://t.co/fCqfOMcO83 [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/chrischirp/status/1463504890530086917

    1. Thus have been briefly noticed the results obtained by research in the Leipsic laboratory during the past seven years. They prove conclusively that it is possible to apply experimental methods to the study of mind. The positive results are, besides, not insignificant, and will compare favourably with what has been accomplished during the same period in many chemical, physical and physiological laboratories. An increased interest is everywhere being taken in experimental psychology, and we may hope that we shall some day have as accurate and complete knowledge of mind as of the physical world.

      As experimental psychology was being pushed to evolve into new science through development of experimentation, observation, appliance of external stimuli and reaction of the psyche; the results produced equate to the ones in other scientific fields. The importance of having psychology be a natural science is to understand how an individual's psychology functions in response to the stimuli. Experimentation would allow better understanding of conscious beings. The experiments discussed provide value to adapting psychology as an experimental science that would benefit students and provide equality to psychology in comparison to a field like chemistry.

  9. Mar 2022
    1. 初始大小以宏 LEPT_PARSE_STACK_INIT_SIZE 的形式定义,使用 #ifndef X #define X ... #endif 方式的好处是,使用者可在编译选项中自行设置宏,没设置的话就用缺省值。
  10. Jan 2022
    1. Des initiatives pour protéger ces espaces :

      Arg3: Malgré les risques environnementaux qui pèsent sur les EM, il existe des initiatives pour protéger ces espaces

      • Réduction des émissions de CO2 GAS + niveau CO2 atm + température ++ océans = phytoplanctons moins utiles à l'homme Absorber 30% du CO2 généré par l'homme Produire 50% oxygène = indispensables pour la vie humaine sur terre.
    2. des espaces menacés par les effets du changement climatique

      Arg2: Le réchauffement climatique est une menace pour les EM

      • La pollution plastique Consommation = 8M tonnes déchets / an => Formation d'une "soupe de plastique" / "continent de plastique" Risque pour biodiversité marine, espèces ingèrent le plastique

      • Les marées noires constituent un risque pour les EM 2010: Explosion de la plateforme "Deepwater" = marée noire sur les côtes de la Louisiane = EU conflits d'usage entre compagnies pétrolière, pêcheurs et employés du tourisme .

    3. des ressources surexploitées :

      Arg1: Il est nécessaire de protéger les EM car des ressources sont surexploitées

      • L'enjeu de la surpêche selon ONU: 1975 - 2021: 10% => 30% des ressources halieutiques surexploitées 90% des espèces maritimes peches ne se renouvellent pas assez vite naturellement Mer Noire, Méditerranée = Peche industrielle, technique du chalutage

      • La pêche illégale et la pêche d'espèces protégées Espèces en voie d'extinction: grand requin: ailerons, chair, thon rouge Surexploitation des ressources maritimes, selon FAO 26M tonnes = 15 % prises totales.

    4. Des espaces inégalement intégrés

      Arg1: Certaines façades maritimes sont inégalement intégrées au processus de mondialisation

      • Concentration sur certains littoraux = pôles de M° Amérique du Nord, Europe, Asie de l'Est (16/20 ports) 11e: Rotterdam 17e: Los Angeles

      • Des Etats tentent de s'intégrer dans les échanges mondiaux Inde, Vietnam, Maroc = 3e terminal construit au port de Tanger.

      • certains espaces demeurent marginalisés isolation des principales routes maritimes (Amérique du Sud, Afrique) territoires enclavés = dépendance échange: PMA (République centre africaine), Afghanistan

    1. 隐式声明(Implicit Declaration)


  11. Dec 2021
    1. main関数のreturnは省略しています。C++のmain関数では、returnを省略すると自動的にreturn 0;がコンパイル時に追加されます。

      [[C++のmain関数のreturnを省略するとreturn 0;がコンパイル時に追加される]]

    1. それ以外の用途において、bits/stdc++.hを用いることは避けるべきだと考えます。これには以下のような理由が考えられます。 libstdc++環境固有のヘッダであり、これを用いることはプログラムの可搬性を大きく損なうため ヘッダのプリコンパイルによるコンパイル高速化を行わない場合、stdc++.hのインクルードは本来の使用目的から外れ、コンパイル時間を増大させる可能性があるため コンパイル後のバイナリに不必要な未使用定数などが含まれ、サイズが増大するため 不必要なヘッダをインクルードすることによってIntellisenseなどIDEの動作を重くする可能性があるため ファイル中で標準ライブラリのどの機能を使用しているかがわかりにくくなり、プログラム全体の見通しが悪くなるため


    2. 最も致命的なのは、bits/stdc++.hを使うことによって得られる利点が「プログラムが短くなる」という点しか見当たらないことです。私は一般に、「プログラムが短くなる」とか「きれいに見えるようになる」などの理由でプログラムの動作に対する本質的な変更を加えることはバッドプラクティスであると考えます (もちろん、例外もあります)。


    3. でも環境依存って聞いたよ? bits/stdc++.hはlibstdc++固有の機能であり、Clangや CL.exe (VC++) のような他のコンパイラの標準ライブラリには同様のファイルは存在しません。 よって仮想Linux環境なしのWindowsや、自分のことをGCCだと思っている精神異常ClangがインストールされているMacでは通常このテクニックを使用することはできません。


    4. そもそも、bits/stdc++.hって何? GNUが開発するC++の標準ライブラリの実装であるlibstdc++のプリコンパイル済みヘッダを生成するためのソースファイルです。 具体的な中身はgccのソースリポジトリのlibstdc++-v3/include/precompiled/stdc++.hから参照することができます。見ると、CおよびC++の標準ライブラリに含まれるヘッダがすべてインクルードされており、このことから「#include <bits/stdc++.h>と書くとすべての標準ライブラリを一度にインクルードできる」という性質を持ちます。


    1. El derecho a la ciudad es un medio para completar la ciudadanía y especialmente para que los sectores populares adquieran plena y realmente la ciudadanía, ser libres e iguales todos

      Ojo, es un medio para completa ciudadanía, ojo, la ciudadanía tampoco es algo estético

    1. Invoking PostSharp from the command line is no longer supported.

      PostSharp re-deprecated the CLI tool for AOP instrumentation :-(

    1. violencia de género

      «Todo acto de violencia sexista que tiene como resultado posible o real un daño físico, sexual o psíquico, incluidas las amenazas, la coerción o la privación arbitraria de libertad, ya sea que ocurra en la vida pública o en la privada».

    2. Esa “formación” del hombre, que lo conduce a una estructura de la personalidad de tipo psicopático

      No existe un perfil único de maltratador. Tampoco se trata de hombres agresivos ni de psicópatas. Nuestro estudio pone en cuestión los estereotipos relacionados hasta ahora con la conducta y los rasgos del maltratador, como puede ser el consumo de sustancias tóxicas y de alcohol, la vivencia de experiencias traumáticas en la edad infantil o los problemas psíquicos. En este último aspecto, los datos del patrón de personalidad de un grupo de maltratadores basados en el inventario clínico multiaxial Millon-II señalan a la compulsividad como rasgo más destacado de estas personas; no obstante, el percentil no supera el grado de normalidad, por lo que se descarta la posibilidad de una psicopatología.

  12. Nov 2021
    1. reinterpret_cast 运算符并不会改变括号中运算对象的值,而是对该对象从位模式上进行重新解释

      reinterpret_cast 在 c++ 中如何理解?

    1. we see that whatwe call “pointers” in C are simply addresses. Dereferencing a pointer involvescopying that pointer into a register, and then using this register in a memoryreference.

      dereference pointer 在 assembly code 中如何实现?

    2. C declaration Intel data type Assembly-code suffix Size (bytes)

      不同数据类型的 size 以及在 assembly 中的后缀?

  13. Oct 2021
    1. three concentric spheres: consensus, legitimate controversy, and deviance

      Hallin’s spheres

      Hallin divides the world of political discourse into three concentric spheres: consensus, legitimate controversy, and deviance. In the sphere of consensus, journalists assume everyone agrees. The sphere of legitimate controversy includes the standard political debates, and journalists are expected to remain neutral. The sphere of deviance falls outside the bounds of legitimate debate, and journalists can ignore it. These boundaries shift, as public opinion shifts.

    1. Postmodernist Theory. This theory was focus on associated with relativism on ideology in the maintenance of economic and political power. It also generally explain which is claim to be valid for all groups, cultures, traditions, or races.


  14. Sep 2021
    1. Fundamentos pedagógicos. En el PEI de la institución pudimos identificar las tendencias pedagógicas del colegio universitario de socorro como lo son: el aprendizaje significativo- humanista y constructivista, al igual orientan contenidos al estudio del medio ambiente.

  15. Jul 2021
    1. PatientID: None

      KindredID: 1

      Case: Sex Unknown, Age Unknown, Ethnicity Unknown

      DiseaseAssertion: Adrenal pheochromocytoma

      FamilyInfo: The proband was part of a cohort of apparently sporadic cases of pheochromocytoma/ paraganglioma, implying this individual had no family history of VHL disease or pheochromocytoma.

      CasePresentingHPOs: HP:0006748 (Adrenal Pheochromocytoma)

      CaseHPOFreeText: N/A

      CaseNotHPOs: HP:0002668 (Paraganglioma)

      CaseNotHPOFreeText: N/A

      CasePreviousTesting: RET, SDHB, SDHC, and SDHD

      PreviouslyPublished: N/A

      SupplementalData: N/A

      Variant: ex. p.R161Q (c.482G>A)

      LegacyVariant: N/A

      CaseProblemVariantFreeText: N/A

      ClinVarID: ex. 182983, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/clinvar/variation/182983/

      CAID: N/A

      gnomAD: N/A

      VariantEvidence: N/A

      MutationType: missense_variant;transition

      CivicName: R161Q(c.482G>A)

      MultipleGeneVariants: N/A

  16. May 2021
    1. Ray C. Smallwood

      Smallwood worked as a director for Nazimova from 1914 through 1922, very little info available about him aside from his filmography - unclear how much of the films Nazimova directed herself as she was known for being a "backseat director" often taking over for the studio hired directors.

  17. Apr 2021
  18. Mar 2021
    1. Look no further than C++, where nearly every major software suite has its own strings, vectors, etc. implemented, frequently duplicating functionality already implemented in (1) STL, and (2) Boost. I seem to recall that the original Android Browser, for example, had no fewer than 5 kinds of strings on the C++ side of the code base, because it interfaced with several different systems and each had its own notion of what a string should be.
  19. Feb 2021
  20. Dec 2020
  21. Nov 2020
    1. You’ll learn how to cause stack overflows, illegal memory access, andother common flaws that plague C programs so that you know what you’re upagainst

      When you learn from "Learn C the Hard Way"



    1. Mistakes programmers need to look out for

      • Programming is more about practicising than passive knowledge gain.
      • Understand the solutions solved/suggest by your peers, introspect on why he could solve it better and why you couldn't.
      • Be a perpetual learner.
      • Don't just reuse, reuse and add value.
      • Re-affirm and reconfirm your learning.
    1. Thanks for posting this helpful, well written article. Learning programming, or any other thing one takes up, requires you to sit at one place have a plan of action for your study.

      I was going through my Firefox bookmarks and I found article. I had read this article two years back and had commented that I found it to be useful. I read it back in May 2018. As of now, November 2020, my programming skills are still novice-level. I haven't implemented the ideas or followed suggestions given here.

      It has been 2 years and 5 months since I found this article to be relevant and it baffles me that I haven't taken action by making use of the knowledge given in this article. Two long years flew by. I guess reviewing my bookmarks is something that I will do more often.

      The article was posted on May 23, 2018 and I had stumbled on it the next day itself, i.e., May 24, 2018. This gets me thinking that we could finds solutions for problems(latest ones in this case) once we identify it, articulate it, hit the search button and just read stuff. I could presume that what happened next was that I misunderstood "finding a solution" to "realizing the solution", and perhaps became complacent or maybe there were more problems that didn't come to my awareness to identify and further find solutions. I'm not quite sure. Should I have identified my problems and googled more so that I could have learned C and C++ sooner?

      I wonder what held me back from taking action to accomplish and master something that usually takes not more that 5-6 months maximum.

    2. On learning programming

      • Master one first programming language first, before moving to the next.
      • Learn at a slow for the first two programming languages. This is important for beginners
      • Practising coding is more important than watching tutorials or reading books. You learn more by practising than by reading or watching videos.
      • Apart from tutorials, immitating open source projects is very important
      • Read others code and immitate it. You'll be surprised at how fast you're learning.
      • Make use of StackOverflow, Quora and programming subreddits.Ask questions there. Interact more.
      • Practice more. Write code from time to time. Debugging skills imporove with more coding practice.
      • Test your skills with quizzes, challenges and competitive programming
  22. Oct 2020
  23. Sep 2020
  24. Aug 2020
  25. May 2020
    1. Programming languages These will probably expose my ignorance pretty nicely.

      When to use different programming languages (advice from an Amazon employee):

      • Java - enterprise applications
      • C# - Microsoft's spin on Java (useful in the Microsoft's ecosystem)
      • Ruby - when speed is more important then legibility or debugging
      • Python - same as Ruby but also for ML/AI (don't forget to use type hinting to make life a little saner)
      • Go/Rust - fresh web service where latency and performance were more important than community/library support
      • Haskell/Erlang - for very elegant/mathematical functional approach without a lot of business logic
      • Clojure - in situation when you love Lisp (?)
      • Kotlin/Scala - languages compiling to JVM bytecode (preferable over Clojure). Kotlin works with Java and has great IntelliJ support
      • C - classes of applications (operating systems, language design, low-level programming and hardware)
      • C++ - robotics, video games and high frequency trading where the performance gains from no garbage collection make it preferable to Java
      • PHP/Hack - testing server changes without rebuilding. PHP is banned at Amazon due to security reasons, but its successor, Hack, runs a lot of Facebook and Slack's backends
  26. Jan 2020
    1. Chemically, europium’s reactions are similar to calcium. It is used in some superconductor alloys and in television screens, where it produces the red color.

      europium has been popularly used for the red flash and light in smart phones.