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  1. Apr 2024
  2. Dec 2023
    1. “MLX” is more than just a technical solution; it is an innovative and user-friendly framework inspired by popular frameworks like PyTorch, Jax, and ArrayFire. It facilitates the training and deployment of AI models on Apple devices without sacrificing performance or compatibility.

      MLX (high overview)

  3. Jul 2023
    1. sudo softwareupdate -ia installs all available updates.

      Quite handy macOS command

    1. Introduced in September 2017, macOS 10.13 High Sierra brought new updates to the Photos and Safari apps. However, most of the changes happened underneath, including performance improvements and technical updates.
  4. Mar 2023
    1. I could be super-happy with any of Fira Code Retina, Hack, JetBrains Mono, or Inconsolata.

      Recommended fonts for 14" MacBook

  5. Feb 2023
  6. Jan 2023
    1. Points from the comments in support of using Mac

      Reasons why macOS is better than Linux (see below)

    2. Points from the comments in support of using Linux

      Reasons why Linux is better than macOS (see below)

    1. Solution #3: Switch to Conda-Forge

      Yet another possible solution for M1 users, but you need to use conda and expect less packages than in PyPI

    2. In general, the environment variable is too heavy-handed and should be avoided, since it will impact all images you build or run. Given the speed impact, you don’t for example want to run your postgres image with emulation, to no benefit.

      Which options to avoid

    3. The problem with this approach is that the emulation slows down your runtime. How much slower it is? Once benchmark I ran was only 6% of the speed of the host machine!

      Speed is the core problem with emulation

    4. The other option is to run x86_64 Docker images on your ARM64 Mac machine, using emulation. Docker is packaged with software that will translate or emulate x86_64 machine code into ARM64 machine code on the fly; it’s slow, but the code will run.

      Another possible solution for M1 users (see snippets below)

    5. Third, you can pre-compile wheels, store them somewhere, and install those directly instead of downloading the packages from PyPI.

      Third possible solution for M1 users

    6. If you have a compiler installed in your Docker image and any required native libraries and development headers, you can compile a native package from the source code. Basically, you add a RUN apt-get upgrade && apt-get install -y gcc and iterate until the package compiles successfully.

      Second possible solution for M1 users

    7. First, it’s possible the relevant wheels are available in newer versions of the libraries.

      First possible solution for M1 users

    8. When you pip install murmurhash==1.0.6 on a M1/M2 Mac inside Docker, again it looks at the available files

      Other possible steps that pip will do when trying to install a Python package without a relevant CPU instruction set

    9. When you pip install filprofiler==2022.05.0 on a M1/M2 Mac inside Docker, pip will look at the available files for that version, and then

      3 steps that pip will do when trying to install a Python package without a relevant CPU instruction set

    10. In either case, pure Python will Just Work, because it’s interpreted at runtime: there’s no CPU-specific machine code, it’s just text that the Python interpreter knows how to run. The problems start when we start using compiled Python extensions. These are machine code, and therefore you need a version that is specific to your particular CPU instruction set.

      M1 Python issues

    11. on an Intel/AMD PC or Mac, docker pull will pull the linux/amd64 image. On a newer Mac using M1/M2/Silicon chips, docker pull will the pull the linux/arm64/v8 image.

      Reason of all the M1 Docker issues

    12. In order to meet its build-once-run-everywhere promise, Docker typically runs on Linux. Since macOS is not Linux, on macOS this is done by running a virtual machine in the background, and then the Docker images run inside the virtual machine. So whether you’re on a Mac, Linux, or Windows, typically you’ll be running linux Docker images.
  7. Dec 2022
    1. https://hypercardadventures.com/

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Jag Talon</span> in Still Going: A zine on using old technology – Jag Talon (<time class='dt-published'>12/09/2022 15:42:17</time>)</cite></small>

  8. Nov 2022
  9. Jul 2022
    1. sudo killall coreaudiod

      Disable flashing screen on specific sounds, even while pressing backspace in a Python terminal and hitting the left end.

  10. Apr 2022
    1. defaults write NSGlobalDomain WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true defaults write -g WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool YES

      Type these 2 commands to macOS terminal to be able to "Inspect Elements" in a Safari Web Inspector

  11. Mar 2022
  12. Jul 2021
    1. PicGo: 一个用于快速上传图片并获取图片 URL 链接的工具

      Related: uPic for macOS and iOS

    1. All platforms. Professional features. Beautiful UI. Totally free. FontBase is the font manager of the new generation, built by designers, for designers.

    1. 使用“迁移助理”将您的所有文稿、App、用户帐户和设置从一台电脑拷贝到另一台新 Mac 上。

    1. sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Discord.app/Contents/Frameworks/Discord Helper (Renderer).app"

      Run xcode-select --install first. This will fix permissions to create the virtual camera.

  13. Apr 2021
    1. Is there an OS agnostic way of doing this? I like the script command on macOS because you don't have to wrap the command in quotes. The script runs and sends output to the tty which is duplicated in the supplied file, but I can't seem to get the linux version to behave the same way... I'm probably doing something wrong. So what's the equivalent linux script command for this on macOS: script -q -t 0 tmp.out perl -e 'print "Test\n"' Test cat tmp.out Test
    1. i found that for the osx host "gonzo" , the vanished files (not the warning message itself) appear in stdout - for linux hosts they _both_ appear in stderr , but nothing in stdout (rsync.err.#num is stderr, rsync.log is stdout)
  14. Dec 2020
  15. May 2020
    1. Changing a user’s default Shell to bash v5

      The only way that setting bash v5 works after installing with homebrew

  16. Apr 2020
  17. Feb 2020
    1. Update 10/14/19: Proceed at your own risk. The upgrade works, but my iMac runs on high cpu on various services. I arleady disabled photoanalysisd, but now vtencoderxpcservice takes up a lot of CPU. If anywone found a solution, please post it in the comments below.

      I have this same issue. It arises when attempting to do a screen recording...

  18. Nov 2019
    1. We've updated most current apps to 64-bit architecture. The following versions work in Catalina, but have these known issues. 

      My Adobe suites are version 2017, non-subscription, early versions lower than below will have issues, including: acrobat 2017, Premiere 2020, Photoshop CC 2019.. Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4

      Also check below: https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/mac-software/apps-wont-work-catalina-3698142/

      So the choices in account of whether update to Catalina are:

      1. Keep running an older version of MacOS alongside the new version so that you can switch operating systems when necessary.
      2. Consider transitioning to a different app, or upgrading to a newer version.
  19. Oct 2019
    1. Right-click (or Control+Click, or a Two-Finger click on trackpads) on the file or folder in the Mac Finder

      This worked great MacOS 10.15.1 Beta 10/18/2019

  20. Apr 2018
  21. Jan 2017
    1. 注意,经过上面的设置,无法调节系统的声音大小了。等用完了录屏的需求,可以按下面的操作恢复系统音量调节的功能。

      Mac 录屏,收录系统音的解决方案

  22. Nov 2016