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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Structure of Automation

      Tuile ┌─────────────┐ ┌──────────┐ │Lansdcape │ 1:N │Type │ 1:N │(déploiement)├──────►│(playbook)├───┐ └─────────────┘ └──────────┘ │ │ ┌──────────────────────────────────┘ │ │ ┌────────┐ ┌───────────────────┐ │ │Function│ 1:N │Component │ └►│(rôle) ├──────►│(task file du rôle)│ └────────┘ └───────────────────┘

    1. collections contain various modules and Ansible Roles that collectively (intentional use here) serve the end user and must (emphasis on this word) collectively work together, be tested together and be released together.

      ...collectively work together, be tested together and be released together.

  2. Jul 2022
  3. May 2019
    1. Allan Moraes - Automatizando o Monitoramento de Infraestrutura

      Docker, Grafana e Ansible fazem parte da palestra do Allan e também são tópicos cobertos na prova DevOps Tools do Linux Professional Institute.

      705.1 IT Operations and Monitoring (weight: 4)

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    1. By default, Ansible 1.3 and later will try to use native OpenSSH for remote communication when possible. This enables ControlPersist (a performance feature), Kerberos, and options in ~/.ssh/config such as Jump Host setup. However, when using Enterprise Linux 6 operating systems as the control machine (Red Hat Enterprise Linux and derivatives such as CentOS), the version of OpenSSH may be too old to support ControlPersist. On these operating systems, Ansible will fallback into using a high-quality Python implementation of OpenSSH called ‘paramiko’. If you wish to use features like Kerberized SSH and more, consider using Fedora, OS X, or Ubuntu as your control machine until a newer version of OpenSSH is available for your platform – or engage ‘accelerated mode’ in Ansible


  10. Feb 2017
    1. The ansible can instantly send information across any distance, defying both time and space. Spanner isn’t the ansible. It can’t shrink space. But it works because those engineers found a way to harness time

      I think there was an ansible in Ender's Game.

  11. Nov 2016
    1. How to generate Inventory Groups: The groups option can be used to pass a hash of group names and group members to be included in the generated inventory file.

      how to define ansible groups in Vagrantfile

  12. Oct 2016
    1. You can also set ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD_FILE environment variable, e.g. ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD_FILE=~/.vault_pass.txt and Ansible will automatically search for the password in that file.

      Using the ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD_FILE environment variable is in my mind the most convenient way to configure the secret for ansible-vault.