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    1. if the woman who had been sensible of Captain Wentworth’s merits could be allowed to prefer another man

      Interesting echo to Lady Russell's thoughts about "the man who at twenty-three had seemed to understand somewhat of the value of an Anne Elliot, should, eight years afterwards, be charmed by a Louisa Musgrove" (Persuasion Chapter 13). She thinks it speaks badly of him to find someone superior to Anne, just as Anne almost can't believe that Louise prefers anyone to Captain Wentworth.

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    1. all the children, and seen the very last

      It's never clear how many children the Musgroves have. Charles, Louisa and Henrietta are the only "grown up"

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    1. End of volume one

      This is a great cliff hanger to end the first volume. Will Louisa live? It seems like Captain Wentworth intends to marry her but what about Anne? and what of the mysterious cousin and heir?

    2. nothing

      Mary's selfishness knows no bounds. Anne is a much more capable person and does care for Louisa, it sounds rude to refer to their connection as "nothing" it echoes how Anne's family seem to regard her. It also leaves the two unmarried women to travel unaccompanied with an unrelated male - perhaps had they appealed to Mary with her importance as a married woman they may have had success

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    1. it was her great friend Lady Russell’s doing

      Weird that Louisa says this, which is exactly what happened to Wentworth, but he doesn't believe that's the case

    2. idle interference

      He almost certainly has Anne and their broken engagement in mind during this interaction. He has no idea what the consequences of this speech will be - Louisa's accident is a direct result of his words

    3. I have no idea of being so easily persuaded

      Even if things don't work out between Henrietta and Mr Hayter, Louisa is shit talking her enough to ruin her chances with Captain Wentworth, all the while ensuing he knows that Louisa herself isn't like that

    4. Louisa seemed the principal arranger

      It seems like Louisa is determined to patch things up between Mr Hayter and Henrietta...potentially so she can have Captain Wentworth to herself

    5. I would always be with him

      Louisa may be reflecting back to Mrs Croft's words about preferring to be on board ship with her husband than alone on shore