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  1. Aug 2022
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    1. a little quiet cheerfulness at home

      The scene is chaos but it's what the Musgroves enjoy, it's not to Anne's temperament and considering what we hear of Louisa after her accident it's unlikely to suit her either

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    1. all the children, and seen the very last

      It's never clear how many children the Musgroves have. Charles, Louisa and Henrietta are the only "grown up"

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    1. I have always heard of Lady Russell as a woman of the greatest influence

      It was obviously the Musgrove family story that Lady Russell persuaded Anne to not marry Charles. But it hints that they may have somehow or other heard of her influence over Anne previously otherwise it's a very big coincidence

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    1. everything most bewitching in his reception there; the old were so hospitable, the young so agreeable,

      It's not mentioned but you have to wonder if in the back of his mind he likes Anne seeing the Miss Musgroves flirting him and that is an unspoken reason he wants to stay, to get a petty revenge

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    1. I do assure you

      Is she telling Mrs Musgrove this because she thinks Wentworth will marry one of the Miss Musgroves?

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    1. Dick

      I'm not sure if this word had any of the same connotations during Austen's time as it does now. But Dick Musgrove does sound like a dick. It's a weird piece for such a loving close family, to have a son they didn't much care for or mourn when he died.

    2. the sight of Mr and Mrs Musgrove’s respectable forms in the usual places

      There is a steadiness in the Musgrove parents, a constancy, real parental figures which Anne craves

    3. knowing our own nothingness beyond our own circle

      This feels sad - Anne is considered nothing in her own circle, although there are different concerns at Uppercross I do believe the Musgroves really accept her. They are lovely people and I think had Anne married Charles she would have been happy in their family life