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  1. Aug 2022
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    1. Events of every description, changes, alienations, removals

      But as Anne observes later in the book, her own life has not changed much, she lives in the same house with the same companions, she does not seem to travel. The only change is Uppercross becoming more part of her social life than previously now her sister lives there. If she were a modern woman she would be going to work each day, seeing different people but her society is probably very small.

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    1. knowing our own nothingness beyond our own circle

      This feels sad - Anne is considered nothing in her own circle, although there are different concerns at Uppercross I do believe the Musgroves really accept her. They are lovely people and I think had Anne married Charles she would have been happy in their family life

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    1. three miles

      The same distance of Netherfield from Longbourn in Pride and Prejudice but for some reason Uppercross feels much further from Kellynch Hall.