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    1. in the 📊 business world

      Why do you use a sprinkling of icons in your newsletter. I really like it.

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    1. Are you looking for free social media icons sets to brighten up your website? Still perplexed about finalizing the final layout of the business card? Too many sites for social media icons but nothing is for free? Worry no more as we have got you covered here in this blog. We understand that all businesses have different preferences and unique styles to express themselves and their brand.

      Best Free Social Media Icons Sets for Your Website

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    1. We use svg from font-awesome 5 in our tabs. You can add them in your assets folder and reference them directly <ion-tab icon="/assets/font-awesome/light/bars.svg" label="{{managementTabTitle}}" href="/tabs/tab/(management:management)">
  13. Nov 2015
    1. Strong arguments for abandoning icon fonts in favor of SVG icons, with plenty of links to supporting material.<br> Tyler Sticka

      Font Awesome is an SVG and CSS icon library designed for Bootstrap.

  14. Sep 2015
    1. Useful history of icon authoring techniques on the web and in particular icon fonts vs SVGs