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  1. Aug 2023
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  3. Mar 2021
  4. Dec 2016
    1. If you are with the world's evolution, you will comprehend what needs to be done by you individually, and you will not condemn the world for its inevitable course. There are many people who think, "I want the world to be fun for me, and I hate the world because it is not fun for me! I will not be happy until the world is fun for me!" So, you have another miserable person in the world, blaming the world for being itself. You are the architects of the next century. The results of your labors will be experienced by your offspring. That is how each generation builds for the next.
  5. Feb 2014
    1. e can think of no condemnation more damning than to say of a student, \He do esn't even know what a pro of is". Yet he is able to give no coherent explanation of what is meant by rigor, or what is required to make a pro of rigorous.