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  1. Feb 2021
    1. There are many ways to incorporate social proof on your pricing page, including the following: Case studies Reviews Testimonials
  2. Oct 2020
    1. Almost every social network of note had an early signature proof of work hurdle. For Facebook it was posting some witty text-based status update. For Instagram, it was posting an interesting square photo. For Vine, an entertaining 6-second video. For Twitter, it was writing an amusing bit of text of 140 characters or fewer. Pinterest? Pinning a compelling photo. You can likely derive the proof of work for other networks like Quora and Reddit and Twitch and so on. Successful social networks don't pose trick questions at the start, it’s usually clear what they want from you.

      And this is likely the reason that the longer form blogs never went out of style in areas of higher education where people are still posting long form content. This "proof of work" is something they ultimately end up using in other areas.

      Jessifer example of three part post written for a journal that was later put back into long form for publication.

  3. Sep 2020
  4. Jan 2017
    1. DENNIS WEIS Co-author of Mass and Raw Muscle; former champion body builder and powerlifter. “…Serious Growth can’t help but take a bodybuilder into a 4th dimension of fresh new muscle growth.”
    2. EDMUND ENOS, Ph.D. Associate professor of exercise science - Concordia University; leading authority on bodybuilding and strength training “…thanks to serious growth, America has again become a world leader in developing advanced bodybuilding and strength training programs.”
    3. What bodybuilding professionals are saying about serious growth…
    4. Tony Chillino – West Nyack, NY “I was skeptical at first, but I decided to go for it. The results are phenomenal. Serious Growth put 30 pounds of muscle on my frame. My strength jumped in all exercises. About 90 pounds was put on my bench, 70 on the military and back. My body went through changes that my peers couldn’t believe, they accused me of doing drugs, but I plainly said ‘never’. You’ll feel yourself growing and getting stronger during the duration of the Serious Growth training. Your body is brought to a new level of accomplishment. You’ve made my dreams come true, keep it up.”
    5. Jared Jensen – Brigham, UT “I was ready to quit weight training but I decided to give this system a try. On the 3rd week my bench jumped 40 lbs. I was hooked. …I've seen guys in the gym who are using steroids. I get just as good gains as they do without killing myself. I couldn’t imagine working out without this program. Thanks Leo!”
    6. Bill Becker – Mt. Morris, PA “The Bulgarian System is amazing. In just 3 weeks my bench press went from 245 lbs. to 280 lbs. I didn’t think a natural training program could deliver results like this. Thanks OTS.”
    7. David Harper – Stone Mountain, GA “I have never been able to re-create the gains made by the use of anabolics and lifting extremely heavy weights, until now! …In just two months of dedication to this idea my maximum bench went from 260 pounds to 325 pounds which is just 15 pounds from when I was 19 and using anabolics. My body weight has gone from 195 to 225 and I seem to have less of that unwanted spare tire.”
    8. Peter Giaardini – Age 16 New Rochelle, NY “I could literally feel my body growing. I started out a measly 140 lbs. with 14½ inch arms. Now I’m 175 lbs. With 17½ inch arms and growing. My bench press went from 160 lbs. max to 325 lbs. Thanks Leo.”
    9. Mark Zollitsch – Newport Beach, CA “I’m training for the Olympics, and in just two weeks on the Bulgarian System, I added 50 lbs. to my bench. I used to hate doing pullups, now I’m doing five sets of twelve with a 15 lb. dumbbell hanging from my waist. This system is fantastic.”
    10. B. Laswell – Age 40 – Texas “I've been bodybuilding since I was 14. I’ve always been a hardgainer, but after 90 days on the Bulgarian System, I’ve added 140 lbs. to my squad and 20 lbs. of weight without it going to my waist. The Bulgarian System is the best that I have ever used. I only wish I had your course a long time ago; it would have saved me years of slow progress.”
    11. Eric Litster – Brigham City, UT “Thanks to OTS. In the last nine months I’ve added at least 100 pounds to my squat, seventy odd pounds to my bench, and 20 plus pounds to number of other movements. …And it gets better with every trip to the gym.”
    12. Dr. Mark Radermacher – Age 35 Management Consultant – Heartford, WI “I had never seriously lifted weights before in my life, but I wanted a sculptured aesthetic looking physique. Since I started the Bulgarian System I’ve made on believable size and strength gains. I started off struggling with squats at 135 lbs. Now just 3½ months later, I’m using 300 lbs. My chest, legs, and shoulders have gotten so big that I’ve outgrown all my suits.”
    13. Clyde Holland – Florence, AZ “Wow, the Burst program is awesome! It’s the best work out I've ever been exposed to. At the beginning I weighed 195 lbs. Now, I’m 217 lbs. and strong. I’ve been accused of using steroids. 12 weeks has added about 20 lbs. I have never seen anything which looked so wrong but is so right. I have a pile of muscle magazines and books written by Arnold, and others. None compares to this workout.”
    14. Michael Pinheiro – Age 15 High School Student – Hanford, CA Michael came to me weighing only 99 pounds and bench pressing 85 pounds, and he had a sincere desire to get big and strong. I put him on the Bulgarian system, and in the short time he's been using it he's made the most impressive gains of any young guy I've ever seen. Michael now bench presses 205 pounds (up from 85–that's more than double) and front squats 215 pounds (up from one of the 125). He weighs in at 130 pounds (up from 99) and his body fat has increased by only 1.5%. That's an incredible ratio of fat-to-muscle gain.
    15. Eric Poole – Age 33 Sales Manager – Visalia, CA Eric had only been working out sporadically off-and-on for a year. Nothing serious. Then he saw what I and some of my other clients had done with the Bulgarian system and he wanted to be a part of. When he began, he could only bench press 175 pounds for three reps maximum. Four weeks later, he was bench pressing 315 pounds! His squats went from 190 pounds (5 reps max) to 265 pounds.


    16. Bob Pierce – Age 20 College football player – Tulare, CA Bob started this program weighing 234 pounds (his heaviest weight ever), but he desperately needed to gain more weight for his lineman position on the football team. He had already tried lots of other systems for putting on weight and muscle mass, but nothing seemed to work. What's more, he had been training for over 5 years, which means his body was near its peak–and that's why he was having trouble putting on lean meat. (Or so he thought.) I put him on the Bulgarian system and in only 10 weeks, Bob gained 20 pounds of new muscle, with no increase in body fat! His bench press went from 315 pounds to 415 pounds in only 10 weeks. His legs don't fit into his old blue jeans anymore, and his friends at the gym swear he must be on steroids. (He's not. I don't allow any of my clients to use steroids.)


    17. I Tested It And It Works! I train really hard. Most athletes couldn't hold a candle to me. At 250 pounds and 5'10", I thought I was pretty darn developed. But when I return from the Eastern Bloc, I immediately put their methods to the test on my own body. And I'm happy (and embarrassed) to say that their training system runs rings around everything else I've tried here in the U.S. After just four months on their program, I pared 15 pounds of fat and replaced it with 20 pounds of rock-hard muscle. My neck size is now 20 inches and my arms are 20 ¾ inches. (And that's a cold measurement. What's more, I've never used a steroid in my life, and I don't allow my clients to either.) And I'm just the first example of how amazingly effective the SERIOUS GROWTH system is.
    18. Literally hundreds of experiments were done over several years to determine what worked best and what didn't. They put their best scientists to work determining how the body builds strength, power, and large muscles.
    19. Men, women, and sports teams throughout California come to me when they need to rapidly improve their strength, performance, endurance, or appearance.
    20. Probably my most famous (though not best built) client is Hollywood film star Kevin Costner. Another client of Hollywood fame is Steve Ruether, Producer of Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, and other top motion pictures.
    21. Over 40,000 hard-core bodybuilders already used this system with the most spectacular results I've ever seen. Many of the most respected professional athletes are raving about this training breakthrough
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