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  1. Nov 2021
  2. Apr 2019
    1. headaches, dizziness and stomachaches

      Especially at the elementary level, it is important to dig deeper into what is going on with a student if they are constantly complaining about these physical problems. The teacher may just send the student to the nurse to take care of their illness, but the illness may actually be caused by an act of bullying, intimidation, or violence. Therefore, teachers should be aware of the students that constantly complaining of physical problems.

    2. Bullyingis not a conflictbetween students or among groups of students. Conflictis a mutuallycompetitive or opposing action or engagement, including a disagreement, an argument ora fightwhich is a normal part of human development

      I think it is very important for students to understand the difference between conflict and bullying. Many students may dismiss their bullying behavior by claiming that they were just having an argument or disagreement with another student, when in fact that was not the case. Therefore, students need to understand when the argument or disagreement is not mutual and that they can be at risk of and H.I.B. investigation.

    3. A parent who is a member of the SST is not permitted to participate in the first three activities identified above or in any other activities of the team which may compromise the confidentiality of a student, consistent with, at a minimum,the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (

      I find this so important, I find that parent's gossip so much in my current placement and I'm happy that the confidentiality of students are protected in these activities. Sharing that an HIB incidence has occurred and is being investigated could potentially lead to more harassment and intimidations by the perpetrators.

    4. solving

      Students have higher requirements put on them these days. There is so much pressure from others which stems from technology. It is important to focus on growth mindset, resiliency, and social-emotional learning in order for students to be set up for success and given the tools to help them.

    5. Training

      Training for HIB is so important because the development of technology greatly affects how schools approach HIB situations. It previously stated that online and off school grounds conduct can have consequences, but social media is making it so hard to contain.

    6. A parent of a student in the school; a

      I think it is interesting that a parent must be part of SST. I feel like it may become a conflict of interest at some point whether there are rules in place or not. I know they are not allowed to have records, but then maybe there needs to be a separate parent outreach team?

    7. Provide opportunities for students to respectfully hold each other accountable for the rules. This can be done, for example,through in-class discussions, hand signals that indicate a rule has been broken, or infusing social-emotional learning lessons regarding specific rules into a few lessons a month

      I really enjoy and appreciate this point because allowing students to hold each other accountable for their actions and reactions can keep emotions and behaviors in check. I think it is hard for one student to stand up to another independently because it can be intimidating. However when they have the classroom environment, and their peers, to support them and recognize when intimidation or inappropriate behaviors are occurring can keep the situation from escalating and establish a sense of respect.