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  1. Apr 2019
    1. Immunity–A BOE member or school employee who promptly reports an HIB incident to the principal or to any school administrator or safe schools resource officer and who makes the report in compliance with the BOE’s policies and procedures is immune from a cause ofaction for damages arising from any failure to remedy the reported incident.

      It is critical to offer immunity to BOE or employees who report an HIB incident. In some cases individuals may feel uncomfortable or unprepared stepping in to remedy an incident for fear of making the situation worse or putting themselves in the line of fire. The most obvious incident that could cause this is a case of violence in the classroom or hallways. Teachers would feel unprepared and unsafe jumping into a fight and they should not be penalized for that if they are calling the appropriate responders to handle the situation appropriately.

    2. A parent who is a member of the SST is not permitted to participate in the first three activities identified above or in any other activities of the team which may compromise the confidentiality of a student, consistent with, at a minimum,the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (

      I find this so important, I find that parent's gossip so much in my current placement and I'm happy that the confidentiality of students are protected in these activities. Sharing that an HIB incidence has occurred and is being investigated could potentially lead to more harassment and intimidations by the perpetrators.

    3. The ABR establishes new roles and responsibilities for central officeand school staff. These requirements are described below:

      I'm wondering where this is shown/available for parents and students to see. I've been at MHS since September and I had not idea this positions exist or who to send a student to. I would assume that teachers that are hired by districts are given this information. But having not seen or heard anything I have to wonder where this information is located.