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  1. Apr 2019
    1. behave appropriately

      Students feed off of adult behavior. If they see that a teacher is having positive interactions and supporting others, they will respond accordingly. If they see the opposite, they will think that mal-adaptive behavior and negative interactions are appropriate.

    2. A school-wide component centered on training, awareness, monitoringand assessment of bullying;

      I like the idea of having a school-wide component. Even though teachers may be required to teach and train the students, each teacher will teach the material differently. This may give some information to a group of students while other information will be given to another group. There is nothing wrong with different teaching styles, but I feel for something such as this, there needs to be some uniformity so that everyone gets the same information and is on the same page.

    3. solving

      Students have higher requirements put on them these days. There is so much pressure from others which stems from technology. It is important to focus on growth mindset, resiliency, and social-emotional learning in order for students to be set up for success and given the tools to help them.

    4. environments

      Classroom and school environment is so important. Students need to have a sense of belonging and safety and it starts the moment they get onto the bus. If students feel safe and comfortable in their environment and also have the tools to use if a situation arises, they will have behaviors that are appropriate for the situations.

    5. Training

      Training for HIB is so important because the development of technology greatly affects how schools approach HIB situations. It previously stated that online and off school grounds conduct can have consequences, but social media is making it so hard to contain.

    6. A parent of a student in the school; a

      I think it is interesting that a parent must be part of SST. I feel like it may become a conflict of interest at some point whether there are rules in place or not. I know they are not allowed to have records, but then maybe there needs to be a separate parent outreach team?

    7. 43%

      This statistic surprised me at first, but after thinking about it, it makes sense. The bathroom is an unsupervised location (of course for privacy reasons), but a student should not feel unsafe from harassment in the bathroom. It is a basic human necessity and if a student does not feel safe, they won't go. I pose the question: how can we keep students safe in places that are meant for privacy? I am not sure I know the answer to this as monitoring the bathrooms becomes costly and time consuming and using technology to monitor may be considered an invasion of privacy.

    8. ut are not required

      I find it interesting that schools are not required to impose consequences for off premise conduct and are only required to if it interferes with the students daily operation at school. If a student is being bullied it still may really effect the student even if they are not showing signs of it in the classroom. If something starts off school grounds and then follows into schools it will keep snowballing. I think that more often, schools should be imposing consequences for off-campus conduct.