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  1. Jan 2024
    1. this is kinda the concept of Patreon and other "tipping" services ... honestly I am pleasantly surprised at how widespread this has become! :) Almost all the YouTubers I follow, who still rely on Google/YouTube ad revenue to some degree, also rely on their Patreon funding to a significant degree. (Crucially the Patreon funding is more dependent on audience desires than advertiser desires, e.g. less sensitive to "The Algorithm.")It's pretty interesting ... given the voluntary dynamic of paying for the media. I personally doubt Hollywood (or any national newspapers or "magazines") would ever adopt this "voluntary" model (instead attempting to enforce per-unit sales via DRM), but without question "pay what you want" is remarkably sustainable for smaller creators.
  2. Aug 2023
    1. Bowers remembers arriving at Diller’s home in 2006 to arrange for the donation. “She was the most organized donor I’d ever met.” “She had a rack of her costumes that she wished to donate. Each costume came with a plastic bag attached to it and inside the bag, she had carefully included not only the props—her cigarette holder, the head-dress, the gloves, the shoes—but also a photograph of her wearing the entire ensemble. She was better at curation than I was,” Bowers jokes.

      Curator Dwight Blocker Bowers on Phyllis Diller's organization.

    1. They were typed and meticulously filed into 48 drawers of a large, beige Steelmaster cabinet on wheels that she donated, along with a few of her wilder getups and wigs to the Smithsonian in 2003—less than a decade before her death in 2012 at 95.

      Phyllis Diller donated her gag file consisting of 51 drawers of Steelmaster card index files (on wheels) along with various dresses, costumes, and wigs to the Smithsonian Institution in 2003.

      Note that this source indicates 48 drawers, which is the primary collection/cabinet, but there is also an additional 3 drawer addition which is often pictured, but apparently not counted here). Compare the actual listing: https://collections.si.edu/search/results.htm?q=phyllis+diller+gag+file

  3. Dec 2022
  4. Nov 2022
    1. dealised utopia

      Possibly, besides web monetization, there can be donation basket like ko-fi beside curation, as well as cleatly linking back to the original that can have a donation basket as well. The options are complementary.

    1. partnerships, networking, and revenue generation such as donations, memberships, pay what you want, and crowdfunding

      I have thought long about the same issue and beyond. The triple (wiki, Hypothesis, donations) could be a working way to search for OER, form a social group processing them, and optionally support the creators.

      I imagine that as follows: a person wants to learn about X. They can head to the wiki site about X and look into its Hypothesis annotations, where relevant OER with their preferred donation method can be linked. Also, study groups interested in the respective resource or topic can list virtual or live meetups there. The date of the meetups could be listed in a format that Hypothesis could search and display on a calendar.

      Wiki is integral as it categorizes knowledge, is comprehensive, and strives to address biases. Hypothesis stitches websites together for the benefit of the site owners and the collective wisdom that emerges from the discussions. Donations support the creators so they can dedicate their time to creating high-quality resources.

      Main inspirations:

      Deschooling Society - Learning Webs

      Building the Global Knowledge Graph

      Schoolhouse calendar

  5. Apr 2022
  6. Feb 2021
    1. When I started Pop!_Planet, I launched it because I saw a need for a centralized community for Pop!_OS. To be frank, I never expected the level of popularity it has achieved. Over the last year, we have gone from under 50 users, to almost 400 users. That's awesome! However... it also comes with a downside. We are rapidly running out of disk space on our server, and the bandwidth costs go up every month. Pop!_Planet is not affiliated with System76 in any way, and is funded completely out of pocket. From day one, I said that I'd never use on-site ads (I hate them as much as you do), so the only monetization we get is through donations. Right now, the donations we receive don't even cover our overhead. I know that most users will ignore this message, and that's ok. However, if even a few of our users are willing and able to donate a few dollars to help offset our expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Jan 2021
    1. For Digital Mirage, a virtual electronic music festival first held in early April, the performers, including Kaskade, A-Trak and Flosstradamus, played for free, while viewer donations raised $300,000 for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

      Also a chance to raise money for funds/charities

  8. Jan 2020