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    1. Ainsi la surveillance de la qualité de l'air intérieur est obligatoire dans les écoles maternelles et élémentaires ainsi que dans les crèches depuis 1er janvier 2018, et dans les centres de loisir, les collèges et les lycées depuis le 1er janvier 2020.
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    1. les Régions ont désormais la responsabilité d'organiser des actions d'information auprès des élèves, des étudiants et des apprentis sur les métiers et les formations, notamment dans les établissements scolaires et universitaires ;
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    1. as IT staff - who craft and maintain those screens - we lack concrete requirements as to what actually needs to be changed or added at our existing user "touch points" to achieve and demonstrate compliance.
    1. Though not always legally required, terms & conditions (also called ToS – terms of service, terms of use, or EULA – end user license agreement) are pragmatically required
    2. Under EU law (specifically the GDPR) you must keep and maintain “full and extensive” up-to-date records of your business processing activities, both internal and external, where the processing is carried out on personal data.
    3. However, even if your processing activities somehow fall outside of these situations, your information duties to users make it necessary for you to keep basic records relating to which data you collect, its purpose, all parties involved in its processing and the data retention period — this is mandatory for everyone.
    1. Firstly, it’s critical to note that even where this exception to the consent requirement applies, you’ll still need to inform the user of your use of cookies via a cookie policy
    1. Ils s’engagent, notamment, à ne pas metre leursenfants à l’éSole en Sas d’appariton de symptômes évoquant un Covid-19 Shez l’élève ou dans lafamille de l’élève. Les parents sont notamment invités à prendre la température de leur enfant avantle départ pour l’éSole. En Sas de symptômes ou de fèvre (37,8°C), l’enfant ne devra pas se rendre àl’éSole. Les personnels devront proSéder de la même manière

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    1. The Cookie Law does not require that records of consent be kept but instead indicates that you should be able to prove that consent occurred (even if that consent has been withdrawn). The simple way to do this would be to use a cookie management solution that employs a prior blocking mechanism as under such circumstances, cookie installing scripts will only be run after consent is attained. In this way, the very fact that scripts were run may be used as sufficient proof of consent.
    1. You are legally obliged to list all websites/companies belonging to one group.
    1. If a website/app collects personal data, the Data Owner must inform users of this fact by way of a privacy policy. All that is required to trigger this obligation is the presence of a simple contact form, Google Analytics, a cookie or even a social widget; if you’re processing any kind of personal data, you definitely need one.
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    1. must place 1,Jl>'u.,<I himself in lhe same situation as the audience, in order to form a true judgment of the oration.

      Me: But Hume, why can't I write about Las Meninas without mentioning Foucault?

      Hume: My child, "before [you] enter upon the subject, [you] must endeavor to conciliate [the peer reviewer's] affection, and acquire their good graces."

      Me: But why can't we just move on?!?!

      Hume: My child, you "must place [yourself] in the same situation as the audience, in order to form a true judgment."

      Me: Yeah I'm just gonna cut the reference.

      I mean, you guys might have read that differently.