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    1. Grint, D. J., Wing, K., Williamson, E., McDonald, H. I., Bhaskaran, K., Evans, D., Evans, S. J., Walker, A. J., Hickman, G., Nightingale, E., Schultze, A., Rentsch, C. T., Bates, C., Cockburn, J., Curtis, H. J., Morton, C. E., Bacon, S., Davy, S., Wong, A. Y., … Eggo, R. M. (2021). Case fatality risk of the SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern B.1.1.7 in England. MedRxiv, 2021.03.04.21252528. https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.03.04.21252528

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    1. xactly the same idea

      Is this even possible?

      (Cf. Kent's Paralogic Rhetoric, where he discusses the uncodifiable ways that we communicate, particularly in the face of needing to make jumps and guesses to even approach understanding another's meaning)

  7. May 2017
    1. KB 27/482 rex m. 1. Kent. Jurors of various hundreds of the said county (John Skinner, Geoffrey Coventre, William Butcher, John Grvesend, Thomas Machon, John Baker of Eastlane, Joh Piers, Giles Westwood, Peter Gerold, William Master, carpenter, John Borden and Adam Smith of Lose) present that Thomas Harding of Linton, mason, John Munde of Hunton, Thomas Bright of Lose, John Irish of East Farleigh, Robert Emlstead of Frittenden, Richard Bendour of Beddington, Robert Crotehole of Cranbrook, John Crotehole of Cranbrook, Richard Headenne of Staplehurst, Robert Monselowe of Marden, John Cote of Lose, mason, William Delton of Linton, Roger Lundenyssh, Giles de Lose, Colkin Fuller of Lose and John Watte, baker, on 30 September 1381 arose and treasonably and in a hostile fashion imagined the death of the King, John de Freningham, William Topcliff, Thomas Harcheregge, Stephen de Betenham, Sir Thomas de Cobham, and Sir William Septvans sheriff of Kent, and other lieges, and feloniously and treasonably proposed to burn the town of Maidstone, to swear all the people of the town to join their company and conventicle, and made John Startout to swear to join them against his will. And they also took Ralph Rook from his bed by night and forced him to swear in the said form. Thomas Harding, John Munde, Thomas Bright, John Irish, Robert Elmstead, Richard Bendour, Robert Crothole, John Crothole, Richard Headenne, Robert Munselowe, John Startout and Ralph Cook were brought by the Sheriff and say that they are not guilty. They are found to be guilty (continued on next image). Printed in W. E. Flaherty, 'Sequel to the Great Rebellion in Kent of 1381', Archaeologia Cantiana, 4 (1861), 83-6.

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    1. Gotta get down to itSoldiers are cutting us down

      Students today can’t imagine why the students didn’t just leave. They don’t see protesting as part of the First Amendment (Rosenburg, David. Slate Magazine. 4 May 2013.