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  1. Jan 2024
    1. some of the biggest investors in private equity are pension funds. Those are pensions? Do we need to take our money if we have, if we're lucky enough to have a pension, out of the private markets like that? And if so, where do we put it? - Yeah, I would love to see this conversation 00:23:48 happen among institutional investors. I mean, what they have been flocking into private equity and it's the least transparent, the least accountable, the least responsible of the sectors.
      • for: key insight - adjacency - polycrisis - pension funds investing in private equity are a driving force

      • key insight

      • adjacency between
        • polycrisis
        • pension funds
        • private equity
        • inequality
        • climate crisis
      • adjacency statement
        • Pension funds are major investors in private equity, who in turn, through speculative investing are maintaining wealth supremacy and perpetuation inequality and climate crisis
  2. Feb 2021
  3. Nov 2020
    1. A standard example of a non-personalized nudge involves retirement planning. An employer could (i) leave it to employees to set-up their 401K plans and decide how much to save or (ii) set up the plans by default so that a predetermined amount is saved automatically and allow employees to make adjustments. Saving by default is an architected choice that relies on two facts: first, people often fail to set up a retirement plan, which is a social problem, and second, people tend to stick with default rules. Thus, by choosing option (ii), the choice architect nudges people to start with the better position for them and society.

      The non-personalized nudge

      An employer can choose to let their employee set up their own pensions plan or set them up with a default plan and allow them to change. The second scenario is an "architected choice" that relies on two phenomena:

      1. The fact people often fail to set up a retirement plan
      2. The tendency of people to stick with default rules

      The default plan is a non-personalized nudge which (supposedly) benefits the people as well as society.

      This reminds me of Michael Malice's idea of "the people that need leaders are not able to pick good ones".

  4. Jun 2020
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