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  1. Jun 2020
  2. Jan 2020
  3. Dec 2018
    1. 9 cities world wide have 24 hours service on some line every night. 14 cities world wide have 24 hours service on some line every weekends. Which lines, which nights, should it be in KL? https://twitter.com/sabre23t/status/1071943579025661955

  4. Mar 2017
    1. Bringing Bridj to Kansas City seemed like a no-brainer to transit officials. For just $1.50, anyone could use an app to summon a ride downtown in van that would follow a route calculated on the fly by an algorithm. No one within the service area was ever more than a 10 minute walk from a stop, and as an added incentive, your first 10 rides were free.

      Never heard of it.

  5. Oct 2016
    1. Once you pay for 12 full MiWay fares during any one-week (Monday to Sunday) using your PRESTO card, you can then ride free on MiWay for the remainder of that week!

      Those loyalty programs are pretty interesting. Wish the same existed for day and monthly passes.

  6. Sep 2016
    1. (Crazy app uptake + riding data + math wizardry = many surprises in store.)

      Like Waze for public transit? Way to merge official Open Data from municipal authorities with the power of crowdsourcing mass transportation.

  7. Jan 2016
    1. I only skimmed this, but I think I got the point. You move more people faster on escalators when none of them are reserved for walking -- simply because not enough people are willing or able to walk. If you have walking lanes, they are under-used, and the standing lanes are over-crowded.