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  1. Dec 2022
  2. Jan 2021
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    1. We use "as different as black and white" to mean obviously, undeniably different. But in fact a slightly different context can confuse our brains so completely that we mistake white for black and vice versa.

      is black and and white really obviously different? Couldn't context make think grey is black or grey is which?

    2. So I'm going to try to start a medical practice that provides great health care to uninsured people for 4x less than what anyone else charges. If it works, I plan to be insufferable about it. If it doesn't, I can at least have a fun conversation with Alex Tabarrok about where our theories went wrong. Since I'm no longer protecting my anonymity, I can advertise it here - Lorien Psychiatry - though I'm not currently accepting blog readers as patients, sorry.

      Scott Siskind no longer anonymous blogger opened his own medicat practice (4x cheaper).

    3. No, seriously, it was awful. I deleted my blog of 1,557 posts. I wanted to protect my privacy, but I ended up with articles about me in New Yorker, Reason, and The Daily Beast. I wanted to protect my anonymity, but I Streisand-Effected myself, and a bunch of trolls went around posting my real name everywhere they could find.

      Anonymous blogger deleted blog.

    1. I made a screencast to show how I was using del.icio.us’ tag renaming feature to reorganize my own classification system,

      I love del.icio.us bookmarks, that I used to catalog my web surfings, classify and share them. Upon its demise I went for Keep with good Web & Android client but without easy public sharing. Could hypothes.is be used as I did use del.icio.us? Edit2021: Looking at h. again after two years plus.

    1. Annotate the web, with anyone, anywhere.

      Making notes of the whole web. Can keep them in private group too. Or even post it to "Only me" option.

      This one is in Public group.

  4. Jan 2019
    1. Amazon Cloud Reader unfortunately does not support the collections feature, so you will be unable to view the collections you create through the Kindle app or in your Amazon account.

      no collections in kindle cloud reader

  5. Dec 2018
    1. 9 cities world wide have 24 hours service on some line every night. 14 cities world wide have 24 hours service on some line every weekends. Which lines, which nights, should it be in KL? https://twitter.com/sabre23t/status/1071943579025661955

  6. Nov 2018
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    1. Good morning

      A nice friendly "good morning" greeting. But does it show good morning all day long?