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    1. I think the demand is so insatiable, and the out-of-town investment money so big, that we’ll end up building 50,000 pied a terres and second homes that will do very little to bring prices down to the level where a middle-class worker in one of the city’s biggest industries (government, health care, or hospitality) will be able to afford the rent.
      1. Requiring more affordable housing would make many of these units affordable. Of course.
      2. The result would be more density, which is better for small businesses because they get more customers.

      Of course, if the developers don't want to build housing at all, or not with those restrictions, then we can return to the other points of this article and play with zoning. Then go back to the steps above.

      Probably, we should do all the things. Because whether or not we can "solve" the housing "crisis" without a whole lot more density, I want density anyway. That's why I live in a city and not the suburbs.