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  1. Apr 2022
    1. I now realize that this is dangerous and poor logic. Can Christianity provide satisfactory answers explaining exactly how Jesus can be both fully God and fully man? Can Christianity provide a truly satisfactory answer for explaining the Trinity, one God in three persons? Yet, Christians hold both of these doctrines to be unnegotiably true. There are many mysteries in Christian doctrine, but this does not mean Christianity is false.

      the skepticism position can be a gateway to mistrusting many things that are beyond one's comprehension... a default mode to refuse to accept that there are some things one cannot understand, or need a firm conviction upon, can be counter to the sense of wonder & awe... such peaceful acceptance & awe that may enhance our living from the ever-looming terror of death.

  2. Dec 2021
    1. There’s also a lot to learn from other countries where single populations thrive. Denmark, for example, has offered three cycles of IVF to residents up to the age of 40 since 2007, leading to a sharp increase in “solomor” or elective single mothers.

      Thus far in the article conceiving or finding a sperm donor has not been the main problem - the main problem being financial. So the example given here is sloppy. In fact IVF offers in Denmark are just the cherry on top of a strong social welfare system. So there are more pertinent policy examples from Denmark to point to.

    2. Today, people want options for partnership that are more flexible and more like actual partnerships. You can cultivate that within a marriage, sure, but it, perhaps ironically, often takes more work than trying to figure out your own rules outside one.

      this statement is a bit floating out there - not supported or built up to. Why would working out a partnership be more difficult inside a marriage? Seems more like a personal opinion.

    3. financially stable white men

      this statement stands alone as thus far argument has not built up to this properly with statistics - expanding the statement to refer mainly to white men is a bit of a jump at this point in the argument. Could have not included the word "white" - there are still many non-white married couples who benefit. Just one word weakened the argument by making assumption of the reader's allegiance to a "common sense".

    4. Marriage is stabilizing, then, but largely for people who are already stable or on the route to it.

      argument thus far builds up to this statement.

  3. Apr 2021
    1. It takes about twelve thousand storyboard drawings to make one 90-minute reel, and because of the iterative nature of the process I’m describing, story teams commonly create ten times that number by the time their work is done.

      just like scientific research, creating multiple hypotheses allows for more possibility testing & less biased identification with falling in love with your own work - as there are several which to work on.

    2. Notably, they do not prescribe how to fix the problems they diagnose. They test weak points, they make suggestions, but it is up to the director to settle on a path forward.

      this is very different from what we generally view as the necessity of comments being constructive - that they propose an alternative. However, the problem with this is that people might have good taste, but not the actual expertise to do things.

    3. Apple’s Creative Selection process is driven by a demo-first culture — you are invited to sit in demos only if you have demonstrated good taste in product development in the past.

      Taste is another criteria. Collective wisdom of the crowds is a misconception - there will be many opinions, only some are closer to reality. Most people are not actually aware of their own motivations, nor the weigh of them in the scheme of things... and this biases the validity of their judgement.

    4. by forcing multiple iterations on a PR/FAQ, you implicitly gain the approval of everyone who reviews it, demands iterations on it, and subsequently approves it. This then means that when a product passes the PR/FAQ process but subsequently fails in the market, people are more likely to take collective responsibility.When you see it like this, the PR/FAQ begins to look like a nice political tool — but the good kind, the kind that aligns incentives between execs and inventors.

      collective ownership. No scapegoats & sideliners.

    5. And so the end result of a PR/FAQ meeting is often a decision to continue working on the … PR/FAQ.

      sounds frustrating, unless one realizes that it costs more to invest in a product where reworking may be more expensive, & where failure-possibility is not sufficiently accounted for.

    6. The total document — both PR and FAQ — should not exceed six pages in length.

      succinctness as a means.

  4. Mar 2021
    1. preserves your company’s resources to build products that will yield the highest impact for customers and your business.

      makes it cheaper for us ultimately to not have a wasteful process with a lot of change-orders for developers.

  5. Oct 2019
  6. www-oxfordscholarship-com.vu-nl.idm.oclc.org www-oxfordscholarship-com.vu-nl.idm.oclc.org
    1. although there have been many speculations about the role of compensation in adult development (e.g., see Dixon & Backman, 1995), there is still very little empirical evidence documenting the existence of age-related compensation in cognitive activities.

      here it may be useful to look towards current research on aging of ASD individuals for compensating development in adulthood.