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  1. Oct 2023
    1. In recent years, scholars have called for policymakersworking on the environment and other large-scalecollective-action problems to harness social norms andsocial tipping dynamics to “stabilize the earth’s climate”
      • adjacency
        • between
          • policymakers
          • social norms
          • social tipping dynamics
      • adjacency statement
        • researchers have advocated that policymakers should direct their attention to social norms and social tipping dynamics to accelerate adoption of policies to stabilize the earth's climate.
      • for: climate science - for policymakers, climate science - for citizens, leverage point, leverage point - climate science, missed opportunity - citizen movement

      • comment

        • has anyone thought about the idea of writing a science report - FOR THE CITIZEN? It seems that there is a potentially large missed opportunity by NOT seriously engaging the public with climate science and thinking that the policymakers are the only ones who can make the system change.
        • question
          • what if
            • climate science reports and studies can ALSO be written for THE GENERAL PUBLIC?
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