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  1. Feb 2017
    1. People believe that they know way more than they actually do.

      Set this in relation to "Too Big to Know" and it is clear why so many people can speak so authoritatively about so many things they know very little about.

  2. Aug 2015
    1. If I'm in the Spotify app's UI in Auto, Auto will try to open Google Play Music if I give a voice command to play a specific track or album without specifying an app, and I don't use Google Play Music, which leads to a dead end. That's exceptionally annoying.
  3. Feb 2015
    1. However, there is such an obvious conflict of interest in a researcher investigating her own, commercially available (£645 for a set) material, coupled with a complete lack of regard for other key elements of research, such as matched control groups, make this a seriously flawed piece of work.

      This example shows why we need an objective assessment over a large sample of learners on the effectiveness of the Global Learning XPRIZE entrants.

  4. Jan 2015
    1. Complex economies are those that can weave vast quantities of relevant knowledge together, across large networks of people, to generate a diverse mix of knowledge-intensive products.

      This idea of "complexity" could also be a way of comparing different Global Learning XPRIZE teams.

    1. the Learning Xprize vanguards are forming a Meta-Team to build a free common software development kit

      The Global Learning XPRIZE Meta-Team aims to deliver a common platform for competitors. This could be used in many types of education/learning.

    1. I intend to protect a free and open internet, extend its reach to every classroom, and every community, and help folks build the fastest networks, so that the next generation of digital innovators and entrepreneurs have the platform to keep reshaping our world.

      Comments of Barack Obama in the State of the Union 2015. This was preceded by a YouTube video about Affordable High-Speed Broadband for All Americans

    1. put the cooperation into the infrastructure, to design systems that coordinate the output of the group as a by-product of the operating of the system

      Clay Shirky TED Talk . Collaboration

    1. They had understood that their role with myBO.com was to convene their supporters but not to control their supporters.

      Clay Shirky TED Talk . Social Media

    1. Design solutions for families. Help us become equal partners in supporting our children’s learning.

      VC funding addresses parent communications

    1. perhaps discussions about course content could take place directly on the content pages using http://hypothes.is/

      This is what it would look like. ;-)

      Markdown works here.

    1. The core problem with our education system isn’t the technology or even the companies. It’s how we deform teaching and learning in the name of accountability in education.

      Interesting that the Global Learning XPRIZE aims to measure who learns most.

    2. the difference between improving learning and improving education

      Michael Feldstein's blog post . January 1, 2015

    1. Just ran across this interesting collaborative web annotation tool

      Of course, I had to make a self-referential comment on my own posting here just to show what you can do with this tool.

      Cool, eh?