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    1. 1997 年,Reed Hastings创立 Netflix,这家公司经过了 24 年的发展,至今始终保持着极高的人才密度和极强的创新生长力,Netflix 出品的原创内容在 2020 年获得 24 项奥斯卡提名。

      此前,Reed 分享过奈飞的管理哲学,他与时任 Netflix 的首席人才官 Patty McCord 一起做了一份 127 页的 PPT,命名为《自由&责任的文化》,在网上产生巨大影响力,点击量超过 600 万次。Facebook 的 COO 桑德伯格称为硅谷最重要的文件之一,并认为 Netflix 独特的企业文化是近年来硅谷最重要的创新。

  4. Apr 2021
    1. What lies behind a service like Netflix?

      The demand for video streaming services is ever-increasing. It is especially true in the context of the coronavirus outbreak. That is why many entrepreneurs want to know how to create a video-streaming website like Netflix!

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    1. Where the series goes horribly, offensively awry is in the lurid packaging of the very solid interviews with the police, journalists, surviving victims, and families. Real crime-scene photos are used throughout the series, a choice that is profoundly upsetting but necessary to illustrate the animalistic horror. (As wild as your imagination is, it would not be enough.) What is not necessary, at all, are director Tiller Russell’s re-enactments of the crimes supported by cheesy B-movie grade visuals. We do not need to see a single drop of blood in slow-motion as it falls to the ground. We do not need to see a blood-covered hammer drop alongside it. (This shot repeats multiple times.) We do not need to see scenes of ominous animals looming in the dark — it’s not symbolism, it’s tawdry, scare-tactic filler. We do not need Ramirez’s recorded words bulleted across the scene in hot pink over scenes of nighttime Los Angeles traffic. This isn’t a Patrick Nagel exhibition. In the last episode, when Ramirez is finally identified as a suspect, his name and photograph are splashed all over the media. Arriving back from Arizona on a Greyhound bus, Ramirez soon realizes he’s at real risk of being apprehended and starts on a frantic chase through East Los Angeles, including running across all the lanes — in both directions — of the 5 freeway. The tale of this final, desperate bid for freedom is intercut with, God help me, a scene of Pac-Man chasing and about to eat a ghost. (It’s the ‘80s, get it?) blogherads.adq.push(function () { blogherads .defineSlot( 'medrec', 'gpt-iw-article-mid-article2-uid1' ) .setTargeting( 'pos', ["mid","mid-article2","mid-articleX"] ) .setSubAdUnitPath("ros\/mid-article2") .addSize([[300,250],[300,251],[620,350],[2,4],[4,2]]) ; }); It’s profoundly, jarringly tone-deaf, and it’s a problem throughout the series. When you use the actual photo of a bloodied bedspread of a 16-year-old girl who was beaten almost to death with a tire iron, you don’t get cute. 

      I fully agree with this analysis of where the Netflix-documentary series about Richard Ramirez goes wrong.

      Also: why did the filmmakers not feature more about Ramirez' childhood? Bad work.

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    1. Did Netflix revive the rom-com? And why did it go dormant, if not dead, in the first place?

      80 million subscribers watched Netflix’s “Summer of Love” series, which included films like *Set It Up, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, The Kissing Booth, Like Father, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before in 2019.

    2. Netflix

      About two-thirds of its subscribers watched a romance film on Netflix sometime between March 2019 and March 2020

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    1. Online Video Streaming Application

      Netflix app is one of the most downloaded & popular videos streaming apps across the globe. Looking at its success we have kept it our App of the Week space.

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    1. entertainment industry. Hence, following their footsteps with an Amazon Prime or Netflix clone script app solutions approach seems a very lucrative decision. So, we’ll be talking about this option and why you should consider a Netflix Clone as your next business venture.

      Amazon Prime and Netflix are one of the biggest phenomena of our times in the entertainment industry. Hence, following their footsteps with an Amazon Prime or Netflix clone script app solutions approach seems a very lucrative decision.

    2. Amazon Prime/Netflix Clone Script: Create a Video Streaming App

      Build a video streaming app for iOS & Android with Amazon Prime or Netflix Clone Script. Learn difference between Netflix clone app & custom app development

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    1. Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Which platform is the best for you? So in order to find out which platform is suitable for you, I would be comparing them both on price, features, UI and content. 

      Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Which platform is the best for you? So in order to find out which platform is suitable for you, I would be comparing them both on price, features, UI and content.

    1. I think Netflix would’ve avoided this controversy if it had plainly told subscribers what it was doing somewhere in the app or with a notification. Instead, people discovered that Netflix was utilizing Android’s physical activity permission, which is strange behavior from a video streaming app. In some instances, it was doing this without asking users to approve the move first, as was the case for The Next Web’s Ivan Mehta. You’ve got to be transparent if you want to monitor anyone’s movements. Netflix was unable to immediately answer whether it will be removing the physical activity recognition permission from its app now that the test is done.

      It's great that sites like The Verge and The Next Web are calling surveillance capitalists out.

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    1. Set on a space station in the 23rd century, the show revolves around galactic politics, epic alien battles, and secret agendas from a variety of factions

      Maybe I will watch more of it this time around.

  16. Apr 2017
    1. Use d3-annotation with built-in annotation types, or extend it to make custom annotations. It is made for d3-v4 in SVG.

      data annotation from Susie Lu at Netflix

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    1. The tech company is still preparing itself for what’s next—whether it’s virtual reality or a Matrix-like pill with which one could hallucinate entertainment.

      Would love to be in those meetings...

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    1. But don’t discount Netflix for beautifully shot science documentaries on everything from microbes to food to the mysteries of space.

      Need to check these out!

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    1. 67. In the Loop Year: 2009 Director: Armando Iannucci If clever verbal humor were easy, we’d have more comedies like In the Loop. But it’s not, and this one stands in a class of its own. It’s the most quotable film of the decade—by miles—and the cynical potty mouths on screen are so articulate and creative that, after the avalanche of witticisms, you’re left with the lingering sense that you’ve seen not just a funny movie but also a wicked political satire of the highest order, the kind where the absurdity speaks for itself.—Robert Davis
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    1. Engineers who worked on a lot of open source projects had high levels of creativity
    2. Developers felt more ownership over their work, and pride in it
    3. Open source developers work well together because of their similar ways of thinking
    4. Peer pressure from GitHub—having their name on a project—was a big motivator for engineers to work harder and not let the community of users down.
    5. If they leave, they're likely to keep working on the project, so you're still getting value for free!