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  1. May 2018
    1. Set on a space station in the 23rd century, the show revolves around galactic politics, epic alien battles, and secret agendas from a variety of factions

      Maybe I will watch more of it this time around.

  2. Jan 2017
    1. Episode list

      My preferred ordering:

      108-War Zone 107-The Long Road 109-The Path of Sorrows: Box first appears. 113-Appearances and Other Deceits: Uniforms first appear. 102-The Memory of War: Uniforms & box. Nanovirus first appears. (This may have to be switched with 110.) 110-Patterns of the Soul: Nanovirus. 103-Racing the Night: Uniforms & box. 101-The Needs of Earth: Uniforms. 104-Visitors from Down the Street: Uniforms. 111-Ruling from the Tomb: Lockley first appears. 105-Each Night I Dream of Home: Nanovirus. 106-The Well of Forever 112-The Rules of the Game: Lockley